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Was invited onto the David Harris Jr. live show and we discussed gun rights and confiscation! In the full interview we discuss race, politics and policing, which I would commend to you on his channel here:

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35 thoughts on “Cops should QUIT before confiscating guns”
  1. Confiscation is a polite word for THEFT !!! Taking guns from peaceful innocent Americans is CRIMINAL THEFT !! Romans 13 verse 4 only gives the government the authority to punish EVIL DOERS ! Anything beyond that is oppression, injustice, injury, and tyranny !! "Those who punish the just and excuse the wicked, both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord." (Proverbs 17:15)

  2. this dude didnt even try to run LMAO because he wouldnt have gotten any vote outside of Crooked Dem states that rig there elections by having dead people vote since they dont clear there voter registry

  3. This is the only time I ever agreed with you. However I still give it a thumbs down because police are the main people who consistently violate the bill of rights. And mass incarceration.

  4. Eric Swalwells campaign lasted about as long as my last shit, same with Beta O'Rourke after he said the same thing. The fact is that the majority of the country still supports the 2nd amendment in some form at least. While i'm much closer to an absolutist, the reality is that even many moderate democrats support the 2nd amendment and the only people that are truly and completely opposed are a very loud but small minority of lunatic leftists. They are not, in my mind, traditional liberals at all, but communist authoritarians who know that an armed populace will never be controlled, and that is all they seek.

  5. Y'all want to hear some confusing stuff?

    So my mother love her to death she has this point of view "only thing you need a rifle with a magazine (or clip not a gun guy) for is to attack people with" now this is the same person who believes that defending ourselves from the government is needed but HAS to be regulated. So I asked "it's a tool right? You give that tool purpose." Again to which she said and used my own inexperiencene with firearms against me "why would you need a fully automatic weapon then? Do you know what the legal amount is for a mag? How far an AR15, M16, etc. Can reach before the bullet begins to drop? How many targets you can kill or wound severely before the mag is empty? Or do you have experience that I don't know about?" To which I replied "it's our 2nd Amendment Right? We're allowed to bear arms in case of a tyranny rising within our government? And usually those who own these tools have training with them. Including since most gun owners are veterans I don't see the problem here. Maybe when you retired you weren't notified that you were still supposed to uphold the constitution but that's how it is." Due to that one sentence her Devil Dog came out put me in my place and ultimately made me stop asking her for her views on anything and also turned my head from the Corps

    Now I'm still stuck living with her but to think a retired Marine actually thinks we as citizens don't have the right to defend ourselves by any means baffles me including since she raised me only to think, behave and speak as if I were a soldier a lot of those years she spent training me instead of raising me I learned that it is the job of every man and woman who serves to protect the Constitution of the United States and it's Citizens from both foreign and domestic enemies and to hear again a Marine a retired Marine say without hesitation say "you don't need that rifle or that Magnum or this because it's not needed nor will it ever be needed and only causes more harm than good" just made me so confused and turned me off from ever serving because if one thinks like that then more think that way too and I'm good I'm not about to throw away my morals so I can be apart of something I spent all my school years preparing to be. If there's vets out there that don't think like her. God bless you. You're awesome thank you for holding up the constitution and already giving a lot for it.

    Now before anyone says "if she raised you to be a soldier then how come you don't know the difference between mag and clip?" No guns ever present in our home.

  6. This is simple. Does ANYONE think the Politicians will disarm the Criminals and those who own illegal guns FIRST? Of Course not, they are under obligation to do that NOW. This is all about Creating and Funding a "Secret Police" armed well enough to go after Millions of Armed Citizens to Disarm them, or something else.

  7. Someone really wants Americans unarmed. Who could possibly want Americans unarmed? I think we all know that this whole fake world economy is living on borrowed time and needs to bottom out. That cannot be allowed to happen if the masses still have weapons. Let's face it. Any law that passes, will have a loophole (as they always do) for the rich and "elite". They will probably still keep access to some kinda security or malitia that needs to put food on their tables. Or else you know what will happen.
    Just give me a candidate that promises to sit on his hands and not fuck with anything.

  8. Hahaha like that's going to happen! They love becoming militarized! They love wielding their power over others! Show me some videos of cops doing actual good things!

  9. Oh and if you are thinking of any type of armed resistance think again. They will come in force, ruin your life, that is if they don't end it, your neighbor is going to see that and meekly hand it over.

  10. Mike the cop is just completely full of sh/t. He has been on wellfare for so long he wouldn't know what to do without it. Let's face it this dude would do anything for a buck, ruin someone's life, lie on a police report, plant evidence all in a days work for the gang. If he has never done that, he knows one of his buddies has. Regardless of what "Mike" says he will do there will be plenty of his gang members that will carry out "our betters" orders. " I don't make the laws I just enforce them" uh inconsistently and subjectively when he's not making them up. Let's face it most of these gang members talk a good game, but when it comes down to it, they love the idea of them being the ONLY ones with the guns.

  11. If 10%of gun owners, veterans, militias decided to take over that would be approximately 25,000,000 men ,most trained with firearms against maybe 900,000 total law enforcement in this country,law enforcement better hire some more people! Or bring alot of body bags

  12. It would break my heart if they tried to take my guns. While I wouldn't fight I know very many likely would. We would lose so many great men and women in blue that day.

  13. Police already take part in confiscation. They enforce laws that are clearly in violation of the constitution everyday using the excuse of we don't interpret law we just enforce it, or we have a warrant and have no choice. Some people think the military is the big threat. The military is bound to the Constitution and is sworn to defend it not the government, president or anyone else. The military is the least of your worries.

  14. If this kind of law were somehow enacted, I would sell all my guns to Jimmy Smith and Bob Jones. And never mind all the remodeling of my house.

  15. “Should cops quit before confiscating guns?”
    No. If they did, the only cops left are the ones willing to violate your rights. We need the good guys to stay to fight and educate the bad ones.

  16. Good luck Mr Swallwell…. Let me apologise on the front end to all of the policeman who are going to break their oath…..your benefit depts are gonna be busy… all the policeman who choose to uphold their oath….I pledge my everything to defend you and yours.

  17. In essence, Swalwell is saying he would conspire to make EVERY police officer in this nation engage in illegal activity.

    Isn't that a criminal offense in and of itself?

  18. It's a simple fucking answer. "Will you ever disarm the American people?" NO. If you have to stop and make some long drawn out answer then you're part of the problem.

  19. Just found your channel but you speak truth my man. Nice to hear it from an officer too. I have some LEO friends that say the same, but they also say some of their comrades would do as directed. I do not own an AR-15 or an AK 47. But my favorite rifle may be considered a "military style" rifle. Either way, I AM NOT giving it up…

  20. The ONLY piece of criminal shit who wants my firearms (of any variety) is the same piece of criminal shit who ONLY wants to victimize me with impunity…

    …only I won't be the only one being victimized. ;o)

  21. You know why most cops would quit? They don’t want to try to face down the largest armed force in North America and tell them to disarm themselves. It’s suicide.

  22. Last time they tried to take our guns,,,, we sent the red coats running back to their own land,,, they thought they were in charge of we the people,,, they learned the hard way,,,, does our government think we won’t stand strong again?? The people taking the guns will be held responsible, accountable, and we will have justice.

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