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CNN’s Jim Acosta did a little on location piece near a steel border fence. You simply cannot make up a walking contradiction like this LOL.

For the record, I abhor the shutdown and think that it’s irresponsible that grown men and women that are representing “we the people” cannot (after decades of border issues) handle this with common sense without “shutting down” and harming the very people who are securing the border to begin with, while there IS no wall. Very frustrating, to be sure. NOTE: I also think Congress and President (who I believe already doesn’t take a salary) should be the first to lose pay if they have a shut down; what’s good for the goose and all.

But, in as much as this impacts law enforcement, here are my brief thoughts!

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48 thoughts on “CNN Comes Out in Support of Border Wall?”
  1. That wall is built near my father used to live in Mission Texas. He was their Chief Of Police and illegals are a problem.

  2. Well catapult what ifs may be silly but ladders are pretty common. I'm not sure how a fence is really going to do anything but slow someone down for a few minutes. I mean, would it stop you? Over 60% of illegal immigrants walked across legally and overstayed their visas. Wall doesn't help there.

    And how is it an emergency when illegal immigration has been going down for twenty years? You can't just declare a national emergency because Congress didn't approve your agenda. That's abusing the constitution and conservatives should be very wary of setting a precedent future presidents may use. "Congress won't approve strict gun control? National emergency."

    To me it feels like the wall is a very simple solution that people latch onto because they want an answer to a problem that just isn't that simple. I'd rather put money into stopping the reasons people are seeking asylum than into a wall I don't think is going to work. Maybe I'm missing something.

  3. The wall cost more than America has.
    Illegal crossing has been at its lowest since the 90s.
    I heard that the wall will cause problems with plants around where it is and flooding.
    There's a site that talks about it better.

  4. Hey man! I love your channel, and how objectively you dissect most things. It’s refreshing to see a law enforcement perspective. Here’s what I’ll say in this case, the wall won’t do anything. Yes, there are a lot of undocumented or illegal immigrants in this country. However, the majority of these individuals enter the country LEGALLY. They then do things such as overstay visas or the like. This is the primary reason I disagree with you saying a wall pays for itself.

    You talk in your videos about attempting to combat ignorance. I would love to see you look into these numbers and give an opinion. Barring that, I’d love to discuss this issue with you as I do think you are missing the mark on what the core issue is

  5. I’m not saying that there should be no land border control, I don’t think it needs to be a Great Wall of China style steel and brick wall but I think border control is important and yes, in terms of human trafficking it takes place a lot over land but when talking about drugs coming from Mexico, cartels are sending it through seaports not by land

  6. I've heard people saying that we should invest more in to immigration services to help those trying to get here legally. I don't think a lot of people realize that once we get a handle on illegal immigration, that will free up time and resources to accept immigrants legally. Illegal immigrants don't just hurt U.S. citizens, but also hurt immigrant in general.

  7. Fact is, the Democrats have always been all about border security- including border fences. Thing is, border security includes Paying the people who secure our borders- and putting in effective technological solutions. A wall alone, which is what The President and his base want- just isn't enough. And then there is the fact that most illegals are people who come in Legally, and then overstay their visas… but that's a reality that the President doesn't believe in- same as with other realities, like climate change.

  8. “But Miiiiike what if they grew wings and flew across it?”

    People seem to confuse immigrating LEGALLY with illegally entering. It blows my mind that there are actually people out there who agree with illegal immigration.

  9. so one asshole was commenting about the few caught digging under a shitty section saying see they will tunnel under it.. 1st.. digging under a section with no footer like a fn rabbit under your yard fence won't work with the Trump wall.. 2nd.. that is not a tunnel and extremely far from being a tunnel..

  10. The $6 billion is better served elsewhere. It could pay for an additional 7500 agents for 10 years at max salary.
    Recent reports have shown the wall hasn't worked with immigrants digging under or cutting through the current structures.

  11. But Mike, the absence of illegal immigrants in broad daylight in an area where there's a secure border proves that a secure border is unnecessary!

  12. immigration reform is long, long overdue. Solutions need to be multifaceted, comprehensive and presented as a single package otherwise the partisan hacks at both ends of the spectrum will never compromise (I'm not sure they'll even do that now) and continue to impede each other while We The People suffer through all the BS and stalemate while they behave like children.

  13. Damn it. I’ve a hard policy of unsubscribing from channels that cover US political bullshit. I’m outta here. Stay safe and be nice to one another.

  14. Mike. smugglers make tunnels all the time. I am sure you heard of the drug war? Now we add more cost to desperate people to do it? Walls don't work. Listen to General Patton on any thing man builds. Problem is the wall cost more then the cost of so called illegal entry into the US would cost. Math. Should there be a gate system in entry points? sure why not. but a wall along the full length of the US Mexico Border would cost more then if we gave everyone IN Mexico free healthcare. So won't save in cost. Will it lower crime. Of coarse not that's long been established.

    so what is the wall? A symbolic political representation. Saying your not making a political statement in support of a political statement is rather hypocritical of you. But lets talk wall as I like your channel still even with this FU.

    In the past 10 year Israel in a attempt to build a massive wall around Jerusalem has spent 2.5 billion dollars in an area less then the San Diego Mexico boarder. It costs 1 Billion a year to maintain. And still guess what real bad guys not just men women and children trying to move to a better life. but REAL bad guys with bombs straps to there nut sacks wanting to kill men women and children still get past it.

    Mexico has a wall in southern Mexico. Called a forest. And was a joint project with Mexico and Guatemala. the brick wall part looks like the entrance to a national park in the US then a paramilitary FU wall to all brown people. And only a few hundred feet long. the rest a forest maintained buy both nations.

    After ww2. sure you kids might have heard of it. was in all the papers. the saying was TEAR down these walls let us build bridges and hope so that all nations will work together.
    So you know why kids? Because the other way didn't F'n work and F'n millions of men women and children died.
    So sorry mike on your political comments on a political subject on a political wall.
    Will it lower crime? Nope. Will it make more jobs? nope. Will it make bigots and racists upset if its not built? Yep. Will it save money for US tax dollars? Nope. Will it create better relationship with our south American allies? Nope. Will it help trade? Nope. Will it income to the US coffers to help with US needs? Nope. Will it protect US families? nope. Will it slow down the number of people trying to get into the US? nope. And if things get worse in the south those numbers will increase even with out a wall and guess what! Crime will go up! as real criminals will take advantage of people in there most desperate hours. woohoo on more crime?

    So what does slows down immigration? People love there homelands. Talk to any person who moved to the US from there formal nations. A Jew from Germany in the late 1930's. why did they leave? Because there a criminal? because there a rapist? No to survive. Just like anyone coming here. I am linking a story to end this comment. read it and learn some thing kids. Anything. you think this is bad where your trying to go is a thousand times worse. History repeats its self. BTW all of the people in this story where classed as criminal buy the German government so there for could not migrate to us as criminals. Many entered illegally. Making them guess what? criminals. You can change it to Spanish speaking Catholics instead of Jews and put today's date on it as well. and still works. Or any other group that is not white. This hole subject is political BS to make Americans afraid so they will vote for one side or the other.

    In the period between 1934 and 1943, the Congress, the Roosevelt Administration, and public opinion expressed concern about the fate of Jews in Europe but consistently refused to permit large-scale immigration of Jewish refugees. In a report issued by the State Department, Undersecretary of State Stuart Eizenstat noted that the United States accepted only 21,000 refugees from Europe and did not significantly raise or even fill its restrictive quotas, accepting far fewer Jews per capita than many of the neutral European countries and fewer in absolute terms than Switzerland.

    According to David Wyman, "The United States and its Allies were willing to attempt almost nothing to save the Jews."

    U.S. opposition to immigration in general in the late 1930s was motivated by the grave economic pressures, the high unemployment rate, and social frustration and disillusionment. The U.S. refusal to support specifically Jewish immigration, however, stemmed from something else, namely antisemitism, which had increased in the late 1930s and continued to rise in the 1940s. It was an important ingredient in America's negative response to Jewish refugees.

    Shall we repeat this again? right now we have large economic growth huge number of unfilled jobs. Low end jobs. a large retiring population. and your worry is a few brown skinned Spanish speaking Catholics might enter the nations threw the desert to ask for help? Even this last caravan went to a port of entry to ask for asylum. And instead was treated like criminals.

    One last things boys and girls. One you Nationalist need to learn. THE US government does not own me. I am a republican. when I joined we talked about our rights to go where we wanted and live where we pleased. Not to show papers. or to even prove are citizenship. Oh fare have we fallen.

    Keep up the good videos mike I think your channel supports cops and you should stay out of political showmanship.

  15. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of tons of drugs coming through remote areas and everywhere…There is a ridiculous quantity of meth alone in our country
    .I mean when you can pretty easily get pounds of the shit anywhere…its insane. That and the herion a large percentage of both are manufactured in and smuggled in through our southern border a wall with close to military check points is what needs to be done. And this is coming from an ex user..I hope they can sieze every bit there is!! Its gotta be stopped from destroying lives

  16. While I agree with you Mike, from my experience the majority of the illegal immigrants we have in the country don't even bother coming in by sneaking by the border. Most illegals just overstay their visa

  17. Skip Watson "love your as not to appear" statement as that's exactly what it is. Trump put his properties into Trusts if which he is still the beneficial interest. He still controls the trusts, but glad you were fooled by it. Cause he's making money lots of other ways even if he donates salary. 1 Mar-a-lago membership is $200,000, just got millions in a tax cut, makes money on his properties every time he golfs and I could go on. Haha

  18. His point isn’t that walls are useless. The point is that there isn’t imminent danger to justify a shut down. Dems have a plan to secure the border with 1.7 billion and MCConnell rejected it. They have also proposed taking the border security up as a separate bill thus allowing the gov to be financed 100%.

  19. I think we should follow madmaxine water's advice & give schmucky schumer, naancy, and the democrat party NO PEACE till the fund the wall & pay federal employees.

  20. Everyone supports appropriate use of a wall. It is the behavior that is unacceptable. We elected a Russian puppet…I feel like I am taking crazy pills. How are more conservatives not freaking out over this?

    Oh, the wall being “immoral” is just nonsense.

  21. I disagree but I see your point Mike. I’m my opinion the wall solution does not tackle a more fundamental problem. A lot of these Central/South American countries are just not good places to live in. The United States on the other hand is a great place to live which means those who live in Central/South America will still try to find a way to seek a better opportunity in this country. I think a better wall would make it harder but people will ALWAYS find a way around it eventually if they want it badly enough. I’n addition, if these countries had a better quality of life then there would be less immigration to the United States.

  22. It should be LEGAL for property owners along the border to shoot anyone trespassing on their land. The sign would say Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again! Stack up the bodies for a human wall. I actually done condone that but rock salt and Buck Shot would change their attitude. Go home and fix your own problems. Suckling 155 Billion $ per year to finance your lazy asses in MY country must come to an end. Sending over 30 Billion per year made in the US back to Mexico must end. That's 30B that could have been invested into the US economy.

  23. Imagine if police did what CNN just did.
    Well, haven’t seen any crimes being committed while we’ve been here. Guess we don’t need any law enforcement in this area. 😅

  24. The reason the Union government was founded was to (in their own words) "protect the borders". The reason a unified military was created was (in the founders words) "secure the borders". Two hundred years, dozens of federal agencies and half a dozen military's later, we're STILL talking about securing / defending our borders. It was literally the first promise made by the U.S. government, and yet it still hasn't been done. Think it's about money? How many taxes have been paid by millions of people over two centuries? We've paid for that border protection many times over again. You simply never got your monies worth. You've been lied to, robbed, and manipulated for generations, and now people are upset that a leader wants to keep the promise nearly every leader has made for centuries?
    That's not a moral issue, nor is it a partisan issue. That's simply evidence of how effective the propaganda machines have gotten at manipulating the public. If it were a moral issue, why is it that those who claim racism at a strong southern border try to move north instead of south? If it were a partisan issue, why wasn't anyone outraged when Obama, or Clinton said they would create physical barriers on the U.S. southern border? The only thing that has changed is the media narrative, and therefore the only people who oppose a wall on the U.S. side of the border are those weak minded enough to be swayed by media propaganda.
    It's called group think, and it's a psychological scientific principle.
    Free your mind and demand to FINALLY get what you and your ancestors have been paying for for generations.

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