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San Luis Obispo, California — On May 10, 2021, at approximately 5 p.m., six SLOPD officers were serving a search warrant to 35-year-old Edward Giron for possible stolen property related to a series of late-night commercial burglaries that have taken place over the week. As the officers approached the apartment, they provided “knock and notice” identifying themselves as law enforcement as required by California Penal Code 844. After an extended period of time and having received no response, they forced open the front door. Giron was laying in wait and began to fire shots at the officers from inside the apartment. The first shot hit and killed Detective Luca Benedetti. In the video, the department redacted the moment using a black square. It’s followed by several ensuing shots, but Giron is not seen.

The surrounding officers quickly ran down the stairs to safety as Giron fired more shots, and the officer behind the body-cam footage radioed to the department “Shots fired, shots fired, he’s got a gun, he’s shooting at us, all units, all units.” After killing Benedetti, Giron came out on the stairwell and continued shooting at officers. One of those shots injured Detective Steve Orozco, who was shot in the arm and head. He did survive his injuries but according to police, he sustained long-term effects from that day. Giron took Benedetti’s rifle from his body and continued shooting at the officers from his elevated position outside his apartment. Two officers, including the one wearing the body camera, returned fire at Giron, striking him, and Giron retreated back inside his apartment. Shortly after, a single shot was heard. Giron shot and killed himself with the officer’s service rifle. Through the investigation, more stolen items were located inside Giron’s home.

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0:00 – Surveillance Footage of the Burglaries
1:13 – Bodycam Footage of OIS
4:51 – Patreon Supporters

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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37 thoughts on “California Police Officer Shot During Gunfight With Burglary Suspect”
  1. That tactical sh!+ show of entry was hard to watch. They were stacked four deep, stood in front of a window and then in the door way for what seemed an eternity. What could possibly go wrong? Sorry to read about the det loss.
    Please train these officers.

  2. I know I don’t see all angles here but if a cop is shot why did that cop with bodycam keep running? Why not stand your ground and possibly save the shot Officer?

  3. I’m not in that situation but I don’t understand running all the way around and behind a building and back in the cars when your buddies have just been fired on. He was not in a line of fire but they were. He was off the the right of the door and could have taken cover just right of the window against the next apartment. I was thinking of that situation as they were waking up t the door. If I were coming up to a door like that I would assume I would be fired upon.

  4. I was born in San Luis Obispo. It has changed a lot from when I was a kid… It's really taken a down turn, you could say the same for the rest of the county. Lots of criminal scum and mentally ill homeless running the streets. But stuff like this rarely ever happens. Paso Robles had a fatal police shooting as well. Our community really showed up in force for both officers and payed their condolences! It made me proud of our community and reminded me what living there used to be like! Rest in peace, Officer Bendetti.

  5. I hope every officer made it out okay but there are a lot of lessons to be learned here. You have a 4 man element serving a search warrant? Officers hanging out in front of a massive window during the knock and announce? Ambulance staging near by? After being shot at is not the time you get your rifle.

  6. maybe if police officers’ maximum IQ wasn’t 99 he wouldnt have stood in the doorway and got dropped

  7. They should of waited outside his house in a unmarked car. Then pulled him over when he leaves his house that would of been a lot safer. RIP detective

  8. "The first shot hit and killed Detective Luca Benedetti." To me, this doesn't look like it was being taken very seriously by the "investigating" officers. Then the one officer ran and hid. TRAINING!

  9. That hurt to see them just standing in front of that window with no shield rip to that officer

  10. Sorry for your loss SLOPD 😢. I would like to think my partners would return fire in a hail of bullets until they dragged my body down the stairs with them…

  11. That dude was scum. The count down was a nice finishing touch. All over property that you can’t take with you when you go. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. As usual we're being ripped off with the indication this was 8 hrs ago. Pathetic method of clickbaiting. Should not be monetized.

  13. Rofl, I've never seen a cop run away as completely as the guy wearing the camera. Forget helping your buddies or providing cover. Nope, he just dipped, lmao

  14. I'm surprised police don't use flashbangs or smoke with thermal scope. These grenades could save so many lives.

  15. Coward? 99 percent of u trolls wouldent dare get in a shootout with a bunch of cops. And to hit the detective he wasnt playing around. Cops kill people all the time but for harrassing people not helping the community just harrassing and pulling triggers yet their lives should be valued more? Why? Because they havent dealt with mental health? What

  16. I dont understand why it was necessary to redact the officer getting shot, when there is no such redaction for people shot by the cops.

  17. You can just see at the beginning of this video where they reveal the burglary locations and with the technique of triangulation you can almost accurately pinpoint where the perpetrator resides. Nice!

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