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Phoenix, Arizona — On December 16, 2023, Phoenix Police officers responded to several calls of an unknown trouble that developed into a man being stabbed. The unknown trouble began near 44th Street and McDowell Road. One caller provided information to 911 that her boyfriend had been stabbed with a metal stick. A police dispatcher relayed that information to officers. Officers spotted the suspect near 49th Street and McDowell Road walking in and out of oncoming traffic holding an object in his hand. Police commands were given to the suspect, but he continued to walk away while shouting back at officers.

One officer used a pepper ball launcher. The suspect continued to walk east towards a strip mall parking lot. Another officer fired his gun striking the suspect. Officers provided medical aid on scene while the Phoenix Fire Department was called. The suspect was transported to the hospital where he later died. The object the suspect was carrying was identified as a cylindrical metal object. The officer who fired his gun during this incident is assigned to the Mountain View Precinct and has approximately 6 years of service with the Department. The stabbing victim from the original call was transported to the hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. No other community members were injured.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Officer #1
1:23 – Bodycam: Officer #2
2:30 – Patreon Supporters

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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41 thoughts on “Bodycam Video Shows Phoenix Police Officers Shooting Stabbing Suspect”
  1. Not sure that opening fire was justified in this situation considering the suspect made no move towards the officer, and the last "kill" shot after the suspect was already down most certainly was not justified.

  2. For those commenting 'why did they shoot him', there are plenty of incidents where the Police follow but 'don't' stop a threat and the suspect encounters and hurts or even kills a civilian. These officers did what you expect them to do "Protect and Serve."

  3. Considering that "D" is for Drive and the gas pedal is on the right, I can't help but wonder how many of those drivers thought they were watching a Police Activity video on their phone.

  4. I don’t know… I didn’t hear a single order to “Stop” or “Don’t Move” during the entire exchange. Just “Hands up”. Also, I’m pretty sure the officer isn’t required to warn the suspect before firing but once he had a safe backdrop past the suspect a stop command and warning about the force he was about to use would have been nice. The incident review will be interesting.

  5. He has a knife, so why shoot him 4 times ? The female officer then says very tamely “drop the knife” it was as if she was duty bound to say it knowing it really meant nothing.

  6. I'm just wondering what that was that hit the side of one of the cars as the first officer was giving verbal commands? Because if it was some kind of less lethal rounds that someone fired, they should be retrained asap.

  7. "Pepper balls no effect…" – yeah ask the poor car which got the whole load >.<
    OFFSET my freinds, OFFSET ^^

  8. If you have a mental problem , well your dead with this kind of policing.. there is a taser for a reason….Damn there still human

  9. so when did public safety seize to exhist? i saw those bullets bouncing off a citizens vehicle, and when is it ok to kill someone who is walking away and not towards the shooter…i get he was a suspect…but now you are a murderer :((

  10. I do question this one. Yes he could become a threat to police or others, I dont dispute that but there were no others in the immediate vicinity. The officers were ready had he advanced toward them but he didnt. At the moment of the first shot what had changed in the situation? I saw no actions at the moment of shooting that werent true 15 seconds prior. So what prompted the officer to fire? These are questions I have and maybe there are good answers.

  11. I’m usually on the cops side here but he didn’t need to shoot there was no imminent threat there… bad shoot. I don’t know if this would have ended with a shooting regardless but there are rules for officers too you don’t just fire when you feel like it

  12. In a civil society we deal with and treat mental illness and drug addiction so why was lethal force the first choice ? Seems as though a taser would have worked just as well. Nobody was in immediate danger at the time so why not try. The cop doesn’t have the authority to end a life when no life is in danger so he’s definitely going up on charges. He’s not allowed to play God.

  13. Sounds like the guy is saying, "Put a real round in there." with a mouth full of grapes.
    So the powder seen on the Black Vehicle at video time marker 0:37 must be one of the Pepper Rounds.

  14. Why are we talking about back drops and shit? The man already stabbed one person. Why wait til he stabs another? Absolutely insane

  15. This irrational man just stabbed someone. He was a danger to the public in this moment. He could have darted out into a busy intersection at any time causing a serious crash or charged at one of the officers. All he had to do was drop the knife and surrender. How hard is it to just do that??

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