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Fairfax County, Virginia — On May 11, 2023, at 4:06 p.m., 38-year-old Brandon Lemagne passed a license plate reader which alerted officers to a stolen U-Haul in the area. An officer saw the U-Haul in the 6300 block of Richmond Highway, in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County. Lemagne pulled the U-Haul into the gas station parking lot, exited the vehicle then walked away. The officer can be seen on surveillance footage speaking with Lemagne then the two walk towards the officer’s cruiser. The officer told Lemagne he was going to be detained for driving the stolen U-Haul. Lemagne then attacked the officer. He immediately grabbed the officer’s firearm and tried to remove it from the holster.

Lemagne held onto the officer’s holstered firearm, assaulted the officer by striking him in the head and pulled him across the parking lot in an attempt to disarm him. Lemagne then opened the officer’s cruiser door and forced the officer into the vehicle. During the assault, the vehicle was placed into gear and rapidly accelerated backwards with the officer trapped underneath Lemagne. The officer radioed for emergency assistance and told dispatch the suspect had his firearm. As the cruiser drove in reverse, two community members’ vehicles were struck. The cruiser then struck a business and came to a stop. Lemagne continued his assault on the officer as two officers arrived on scene. One officer discharged his firearm as Lemagne remained on top of the officer inside the cruiser. A second officer arrived on scene and attempted to remove Lemagne off the officer.

He was able to pull Lemagne off the officer and out of the cruiser. The officer then discharged his firearm. Lemagne was struck in the upper body. He was declared deceased at the scene. The victim officer was taken to a nearby hospital and was treated for his injuries. He was later released. The officer’s duty belt remained on the officer during the assault with the firearm holstered. The holstered firearm was pulled from his hip to the front of the officer’s waistband. The U-Haul was confirmed to be stolen from Richmond on May 3. The officers involved in the shooting have been identified as Master Police Officer Kenyatta Momon, a 24-year veteran, and Police Officer First Class Christopher Grubb, an 8-year veteran of the department discharged their firearms. Both officers are assigned to the Mount Vernon District Station. Both officers are on restricted duty status until the investigation is complete.

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0:00 – Surveillance Footage
2:05 – Bodycam Footage of the Shooting
5:36 – Synchronized Footage
8:40 – Patreon Supporters

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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36 thoughts on “Bodycam Video of Assault and Abduction of Officer That Led to Officers Fatally Shooting The Suspect”
  1. How are we missing the point of Officer #2 recklessly unloading a full mag before identifying the threat/suspect and the victimized officer?

    Officer #1 is VERY blessed to be alive and thankfully he was on the bottom of the suspect, orrrr Officer #2 would’ve killed his own brother in blue…

    Other than that, phenomenal job responding and communicating!!!

  2. WHY THE FK DID THE 2nd COP SPRAY 18 rounds at a cop car that the suspect and fellow officer were fighting in ?? THEN THEY ACT SURPRISED WHEN THE OFFICER WAS SHOT

  3. I think officer #2 should have known better than to shoot so many rounds at a police car with an officer inside. Especially when not having a clear vision of the suspect.

  4. 2 really poorly trained cops. First one didn't handle the situation properly. Should have called for backup first and did a armed felony stop for a stolen vehicle. Instead he half cuffed, then called on radio, left his car running and lost control over the entire situation. Second idiot cop tried to kill the first cop aimlessly shooting into a cruiser, a restaurant, wherever. Then when the perp was unarmed they then decided to shoot him when they had control of the situation. WOW just WOW

  5. That was an entire cop f up. You have a stolen U-Haul and you approach it by yourself and try to guff a big dude. … and get an a$$ whipping. This should be a training video on what NOT to do.

  6. If I had to guess this was probably a screw up w coordinating w FBI, I'm sure this dude had a legit job to do for the feds w that uhaul truck.

  7. “Don’t even bother. Leave him how he is!!”
    Save taxpayers money so we don’t have to house him or provide a lawyer.

  8. Good riddance, I'm glad the guy is deceased or else he would have got released from jail a couple hours later just to do it all over again.

  9. Biden just said George Floyd is the role model of the black community so he just followed the role model to fight the police.

  10. This video is so infuriating, it leaves my blood boiling. How can one have such disregard for others, ready to kill anyone in a blink of an eye to save the day. And how can people not rush to help this officer. All of this is beyond me. Good riddance.

  11. I noticed to all police officers if you hear that voice again just now they're all mentally unstable

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