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Greenville, South Carolina — The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office released body camera footage from an officer involved shooting that happened in mid July. According to the Sheriff’s Office the deputies were doing surveillance on July 11 on an unmarked vehicle on Long Forest Drive while looking for Michael Joseph Culbertson, 26, on multiple active warrants including resisting arrest, failure to stop for blue lights, interfering with police and reckless driving. On July 10th, deputies were called to a residence on Blake Street where Culbertson was reportedly causing a disturbance. Culbertson told family members he wasn’t going to jail, and that he had recently armed himself with a gun.

The video shows Culbertson walking in the road as two uniformed and five special team deputies got out of an unmarked vehicle and gave Culbertson commands to show his hands. Deputies reportedly saw Culbertson holding a cell phone in his left hand and reach for a gun with his right hand. They then shot Culbertson. He was hit with multiple bullets. A 9mm handgun and magazine with multiple rounds were found on scene, officials said. Culbertson was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. No officers were hurt.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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50 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Deputies Shooting Armed Suspect in Greenville, South Carolina”
  1. This is not acceptable… i may have missed things but based on what i saw, a cop was the first to shoot while the guy was panicked and then he made what a normal human would do if he saw armed guys getting out of van and shooting at him…

    tell me if i missed something…

  2. I'm seeing a ton of videos on this channel alone where the cops are faced off with the suspect who has a gun and is threatening them verbally (but not aiming the gun) and they do a standoff for like 15 minutes. Here the guy is clearly running away, not even looking at them, and he still gets the full blast treatment. You could argue that one is black and the other is white, but I'm more suspicious of the tats on the police's arms. The swat guy who murdered Shavers also had a skull tattoo, angel of death or some shit. If the guy running had a gun on him, I can't say that it's legally unjustified, but let's just say on a scale of 0-100 where 100 is giving every last chance to a suspect without seriously compromising safety, and 0 is morally wrong but legally OK, these cops were around 5.

  3. I'm starting to see a pattern. If the cop after you has skull or other large tattoos on their arm, you are pretty much a dead man walking.

  4. Yepp like thought hands 3 times could sounded foreign or summing never said who they were an 5 secs shot first shot prolly 3 secs an stillnnever announced who they were an straight dumped indont know looks very confusing but yea wow never seen police vid like this ever an let's see how long takes to see summing like this again

  5. This is wild hunting him or not when he looked bavk imagine seeing older un.marked van swoop up am back doors open enough to see person but can see cops or markings patches badges am don't anouce there self just say he you there points at ya says stop proceeds to open door more an come after ya …just saying imagine what he seen an thought as he ran then only time looked Backed was a single gun shot an still gonna go back an listen again but nit sure ever said police cause I herd hey stop an that was bout it till he was full holes an dead wow…. I knkw shouldn't have ran on police but thought was post identif there self off top specially in unmarked vehicle dude could had bad vision an even I would looked up to 1 guy back door of unmarked van an told me stop.come here I'd think run too tillmleqst seen police or Herd cops polices or summing but yea very scary situation an almost message to people if run gonna shoot u or summin I hate shorter videos but guess had violent past or weapons charges an been known to carry cause I never seen a gun can say was reaching but how they determined that if running away with bavk turned an never pulled anything out could been way he runs or summing crazy if what happen an sure ot is why didn't he announce police or sherrifs first wow maybe vehicle was marked let's hope lol

  6. That’s scary to know that there is vans out there full of police ready to take you’re ass out! SHEESH…

  7. Would have been justified if he was wanted for murder, but for resisting arrest and not stoping for blue lights, that shit was way out of proportion.

  8. This one was bad honestly, I’m fine with that guy getting shot but it’s clear he’s on the ground motionless and about 15-20 more shots still go off like wtf guys, if he wasn’t dead already he was after that. Unless he was a pedo I’m completely against the way they handled this and I’m a big back the blue guy but I also believe in no man getting to be the judge jury and executioner, we have a legal system for a reason and their goal should be to get him in front of a judge and jury not a mortician but that’s just my opinion.

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