28 thoughts on “Cops vs chicken! Cop Hating Channel Explained

  1. Awesome!! Perfect!!! I know I can never expect a cop to actually know the law or most likely how to even properly read statutes or case law BUT if I ever have an intruder who has taken the form of a Rubber Chicken I can count on them to dispatch it in a Formal and Stoic manner.

    All this does is drive the humanity right out of these recruits. Doing this in the Military where one may find themselves in multiple Fire Fight situation is one thing, doing it to those who we should be able to call on in a time of need is just ridiculous.

  2. Only 'The State' could come up with such an obtuse way to supposedly teach 'composure'. Body language is one of the most critical parts of communication. Having a smile and a softer tone when interacting with someone immediately helps put the person at ease, particularly when it's an Agent of The State that is approaching the individual. But, nope… in this case let's make sure the stressful situation is as stressful as possible. 🀦

  3. Sometimes, having the self discipline and control to remain focused and dispassionate is useful and desirable, but this just looks like robot training. Punishing having a natural response to silly and funny behavior doesn't really reinforce the right mental paths. What they need to be trained to do is be unemotional in the face of anger and stress exhibited by the people they interact with, so that their (the cops) emotions don't become the basis for escalation.

  4. There will always be certain kinda folks that will deny that the police unions are corrupt and that certain psychos join to benefit from qualified immunity. This channel and many others allow the average victim of rogue cops to share their personal experiences openly from all across the country.

  5. James I do not think you have a cop hating channel. That being said right now the corruption bad behavior assaults and murders that the cops are committing are problems that need to be brought to the front. Cops that are behaving………. strangely enough………….should be the norm not the exception. It's like complaining about the weatherman only reporting bad weather when you're in the middle of a hurricane, that's pretty much all there is to report at the moment, duh. As for the rubber chicken incident I love some of the comments. Turning otherwise egomaniacal and narcissistic people into robots with huge egos and narcissistic tendencies, because that's what police academy should be doing, creating robots and drones and non-reactive non-human revenue collecting idiots. I gather that's the recent mission at least of academies as they pump through as many two digit IQ power hungry dipshits as they possibly can to fill the vacancies left by all of the cops that have been fired for corruption assault and murder. Got to fill those gaps with something I guess, even if you're filling in the cracks with shit

  6. So it's true. Our police forces really are a "para-military" force of Order Takers.

    I really miss the good old days of community policing where cops knew everyone and truly cared about the community in which they served.

    Those days are over.

    Now we are all slaves of The State and must Obey.

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