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I was riding through Torrance when I heard a call on the scanner that a person was walking a pitbull and kicking it and dragging it at Spencer and Aimee streets. Just as I approached the intersection two vehicles came around the corner quickly with the first car almost hitting me and missing me by only a few inches. A male subject was following them on foot and yelling for help and asking people to call 9-11.
I dialed 9-11 but a patrol car arrived as I was dialing.
Police were not able to locate the suspects vehicle.
Torrance – Routine Call Turns Into Weird Chain of Events

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  1. All you people saying he doesnt look like a junkie or a junkie wouldn't own a mustang or who would bring their wife to a drug deal obviously have had no exposure to the ongoing opiod epidemic. This is certainly a drug deal turned robbery. Ask yourself this: if someone hit your car so lightly that there was hardly any damage and then flashed a gun at you, would you chase the guy on foot screaming bloody murder while your wife tails him, or would you just pull over, call the police , report it to your insurance, and move on with your life. This guy reeks of the desperation of a junky who just got his last 300 dollars stolen from him without getting his precious oxys.

  2. Hey Katman. I searched for the black SUV. Just left the VFW hall. HERMOSA still sports there flags at night with no illumination, flag code. Redondo has their rope rapped around the US flag preventing movement. If police ask if they can help you, yes. They are in violation of flag code. I got HBPD to sport the flag on Pier.

  3. Why you need to invest in a gun and get you cc license and learn how to use it. If anyone pulls a gun on me and I'm carrying, I'm gonna open fire because I feared for my life!

  4. Looking at these old videos, I thought "Onus" hated Torrance police but helped in this case? haha. I know it was for that one dude, but it's weird how different Torrance police see Onus, once they want his help they are so friendly to him…

  5. Amazing how fast they give up the chase for a hit and run with a deadly weapon, but to get the license plate of an innocent photographer they will spend hours following you.

  6. I’m the one that called the police regarding the pitbull being abused and was actually hiding in my car when this all went down. We left the neighborhood shortly after.

    When I moved out of that neighborhood the guy still had the pit. If anyone lives on Amie in the 90503 area, it’s some douche covered in tattoos, he’s about 5’8”, white, skinny. Looks like a tweaker. He walks it on a chain link leash.

  7. The guys wife is chasing a car that just hit his and the driver in the car being chased displayed a gun? Dang the wife must really like that car.

  8. I really enjoy these videos. So nice when the cops are friendly.. it was so funny , they were looking at you lije you were an alien…thats what i saw.
    Great video

  9. Drug deal gone bad the guy took their money and hauled ass and the kid was screaming murderer probably high on meth

  10. This is a really great video Katman. How many nights does a guy have to ride the streets to come up with something like this and the numerous others you've recorded? I think I know the answer. A lifetime and there is no guarantees you ever get it.

  11. Never know what you'll run into when cruising the streets after dark. Right place at the right time and you've got an interesting story. Wrong place and wrong time then you're a victim. Great work and I hope you keep it up, but most importantly, stay safe.

  12. why would he want to call the cops if it was a drug deal gone bad? but at the same time why is he wife chasing a murderer with a gun?

  13. This is an incredibly amazing video. Keep up the amazing work. That's like a one in a thousand chance to have an encounter like you did and to document it as professionally as you did. I'm very very impressed with your work.

  14. ok, what REALLY happened. The husband let the guy being chased bang his wife, welll she really enjoyed it. He knew he was just in it for a nutt. Guy being chased gets done and gets ready to leave and the couple was like, wait pal your not going ANYWHERE. The husband/bf wanted the guy to bang HIM in the booty and the guy being chased wasn't having nooo part in that. So the reason the husband/bf said he was a murderer was bc… he straight murdered his wife's pu$$y

  15. Dude got bunt on a drug deal. Dude couldn't get his sequence of event correct first he said to first cop . dude pulled gun out on me and hit our car and we followed him to….. which doesn't explain how he got out of the car and foot chased him… running screaming bloody murder. Police must of been tired becuase they knew shit didn't add up but had no real evidence to suggest dude was lying since other dude got away

  16. That mustang that ran was a newer one than the one in the parking lot that you thought btw. it was a convertible mustang of the 2005+ newer. Cant tell much more than that. The one that got hit was 2004 or older.. You can tell by the headlights and you can see the top where he turns in around the corner.

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