Cop Says He Wants To “Duke It Out” With Man For Asserting His Rights! – Moriarty New Mexico Police

Police department in Moriarty, New Mexico
Address: 202 Broadway, Moriarty, NM 87035
Phone: (505) 832-6060

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45 thoughts on “Cop Says He Wants To “Duke It Out” With Man For Asserting His Rights! – Moriarty New Mexico Police

  1. Documentation outweighs conversation. The fact is that anything of business or legal importance MUST be documented or it will be difficult to hold anyone to account. When someone calls police, their number and likely call are recorded as well as their information is likely requested as well- it is documented.

  2. Chief seemed like a good dude but I agree that IF he saw the video (as he indicated), then he should have also seen that his cop not only made a threat but also handled the call illegally by trying to ID (the driver) a person who did nothing wrong AND violated search and seizure laws by entering the car to take the knife and car keys. At the very least, the cop should have gotten some time off without pay so he could do some soul searching about his behavior as well as some financial punishment that might influence him the next time he comes in contact with a citizen….especially one who knows his rights.

  3. FBI needs to get a written complaint, a copy of this, FBI may take interest in it. Laughing it off they won't be if something gets out of hand.

  4. How do you even understand that man with that freaking mask on his face I would tell him can you repeat that every time he said something I would say can you repeat that you can't hear you with that crap in your mouth .

  5. a few days ago i was standind with two of my buddies in a apartment's parkiing lot because one of my buddies was working on his truck. the all the sudden two duputies walk up asking if one of us was some dude name Chad (none of us were) and then the clowns ask my buddy for for ID—- to which my buddy gives him… then the clown turns to me and asked me for my ID. i reply " i dont answer questions and what articulable suspicions of any crime ive committed— he had nothing. he asks again if some truck was mine— "dont answer questions" was my reply. then clown asked why im being an asshole? I broke silence to say "if standing on my rights is being an asshole, then you should find other employment." after the pigs had this truck towed/stealing (for expired tags) the clown walks up to me with the paperwork in attempt to get me to accept it— my guess is he actually thought it was my vehicle. i said " what are you handing that to me for?'it aint mine, but if it was you would know cause ivwouldnt be cool with my prooerty being stolen." he said its not being stolen" to which i said, " does it belong to you, did the owner cause any harm to another?" if not you people are thieves." he said nothing and left.
    stand on your rights ppl fk these traitorous pirates!

  6. James if you haven't covered the recent incident in Adair, OK, I HIGHLY suggest you do. The man got his gun seized as "evidence", got his concealed carry license REVOKED, all for saying "you're the reason good cops get hurt". He was fined nearly $1,000 for "threats" (that's all it said on the ticket). The moment the cop said he was speeding, the passenger said bullshit, then the cop went into Insta-fucking-RAGE mode on the guy. You GOTTA check it out, it's huge in the scene rn. Yet this freaking cop can say "if I wasn't in uniform I'd beat your ass". WTF!

  7. Hope the young man Files a FOIA for that cops body cam, the 911 call , civilian complaint for illegal search seizure of property & constitutional rights violations…&…a civil tort for pain and suffering for the psychological trauma the cops inflicted during false imprisonment aka illegal detainment & 4th amendment violation.

  8. And like the coward the guy behind the camera is just as big a coward for not taking the officer up on his offer let alone file a Federalcase and see it through instead of settling and stealing citizens money. Wow your pathetic idiots that want this to continue and deserve it! Your all talk and no action!

  9. This lieutenant knew exactly why the auditor was there they are going to let this cop slide with his bad attitude they are going to wait until he murders somebody in that City to see if the city will allow him to get away with that also to see what judge, district attorney, public defender, investigators are on the side of these bad cops

  10. Whoever filmed this shouldve manned up and set up an opportunity to "duke it out". I plan to offer up that opportunity to the coward deputy who tased me in the back while I was on my knees with my hands up. I'll "duke it out" with any LEO anytime. Especially the scum that I've encountered.

  11. At least Moriarty Police Chief Adan was likable enough and could laugh at your “Bitch Muzzle” comment…
    He seems like a decent Chief. Maybe he’ll finally get around to do the right thing and suspend that VIOLENT THUG PIG parading around as a Law Enforcement “professional.” Maybe…🤷🏼‍♂️

  12. This is exactly what happens , when they give guns and qualified immunity to people that pay no price for being wrong. It won't ever stop , until that changes. Why would it?
    Our hard earned tax dollars , go toward paying the price for the IGNORANCE of the people that we pay to protect us.
    HOW CRAZY IS THAT ? Its like buying a broken TV , over and over again. Who does that?

  13. chief adan looks like such a friendly guy, i wanna like him. but if you're going to go up to bat for shit cops under your rank you're immediately demoted to pig. come on man, have some standards.

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