Cop arrested a man for not walking on a sidewalk, but he didn’t know anyone would see this video

When a Terre Haute, Indiana, man was arrested for not walking on a sidewalk on a street that doesn’t have one, the Police Accountability Report investigated. We obtained body camera and dashcam video evidence that offers a rare glimpse into the indifference of American law enforcement—evidence that not only contradicts the allegations made by the arresting officer, but that also reveals how difficult it is to escape the tendrils of this country’s law enforcement-industrial complex. Please join journalists Taya Graham and Stephen Janis for this important episode of the Police Accountability Report!

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50 thoughts on “Cop arrested a man for not walking on a sidewalk, but he didn’t know anyone would see this video

  1. Well, thank you. It is so nice to know that it is illegal to walk in the street. With growing numbers of people choosing to step off the sidewalk in the street with oncoming traffic. I'm tired of getting stared at for someone choosing to put themselves in harm's way.

  2. Bs wit the failing to identify charge cause I literally tell u my name and then you don’t even take the time to actually look like my name up and I arrest me for not walkin on the side walk that doesn’t even exist on that street

  3. I empathize with this man I have been stopped walking around 10:00 . There are parts where there's no side walk and questioned by police. They ask if I have been drinking and where I was going. I even had to take a breath test. There was no probable cause or reason of suspicion to stop me. This is harassment.😢

  4. And for how long you will be watching and recording police.? Thousands of people already in the Jail and can do anyting about what.
    how long we will be watching them from the side.? And what can we do.?

  5. Listen I live in Terre Haute… I have Jay walked, walked on the road, down the middle of it… This cop recognized him and wanted to nab him up. That's all I am saying. Pretty disgusting for real. They are here to protect and serve this guy is NOT COMMITING A CRIME.

  6. The idea that you have to be careful of hurting the cops feelings because of retaliation. We give them weapons, if anything, that makes it more important. They have guns, tazers, clubs, batons and the protection of their costumes! What do the cops think, they think correctly that their little club is above the law. For the amount of video proof we see this is a very big part of an organization that get away with this bullshite. It should be important to hold those with weapons accountable!

  7. Who gets arrested for not walking on the sidewalk. That's an absurd arrest. Obviously the type of arrest to just feed the system.

    The fact that this stuff even gets process and make it to court proves our system is broken and need revision. The way its is now, anybody can become a criminal even when you're totally innocent and assert your constitutional rights.

  8. Dude, you are so right and well spoken, you can see by the way you talk that you are not a dumb person. It's not constitutionally right!!! It buggs me because my grandpa stood up in ww2 my dad joined the national guard in 73 and I joined the usar in 89

  9. Steven is a weak man, you should fire him. I have watched 3 videos of this man saying "I tried calling, but nobody answered". Find someone who will push back and get things done. If I see another one like this it will be the last.

  10. How does this not infuriate cops in these departments. Absolute corrupt police ruining people’s lives. These cops need personally sued. Homes taken, jobs lost etc. ruin their lives also. They have absolutely zero issue with doing the same

  11. I hope you get justice this is wrong this needs to stop the cops needs to go get the people that doing wrong not going after people that are not doing anything wrong ❤

  12. This cop didn’t have grounds to ID this guy. That’s what they are hiding. Pull this pigs jacket and see how many bogus arrests of black men he has committed. He was arrested for WWB…. Walking while black. Bullshit arrest

  13. If theres so many good apples, why do we never see them? None ever put a gun to their partners head for rights violations or assault, none saving kids none defending the innocent in court. None. If you want to stay a good person, never join the gov

  14. He was Arrested for Being Black, And These White Officers Have Never Truly Been Held Accountable So They Continue To Do So! When will they make a public example out of these White Cops who are really the Criminals picking people for Being Black is something I wanna Know!?!?

  15. I got arrested for the same think a couple years back, not using sidewalk where one didn't exist. I have my own video. In the video he said I didn't cross at 90 degrees

  16. Why do people arm themselves for bears and wolves but not cops amazes me.

    I'd watch cop bleed out and film it.

    Next time they finish what Brian Glenn started but I was never prosecuted for

  17. The union preaches the thin blue line…They fought against body cams because they knew they would be used against bad cops more than for good cops.

  18. Retaliation.. because the cop didn't get his way, and the cop asked questions he didn't get the answers he wanted. so this is retaliation. And this officer should serve every day in a jail cell that this guy has to serve, in jail. Just take away somebody's freedom because you're pissed off? Just take away somebody's freedom because they didn't do what you wanted them to? Just kidnap somebody and put them in jail, take away their freedom because they didn't jump as high as you wanted them to? Sorry ass cop. You would think they would want to make friendly with as many people as possible. Because there are a slue of people that HATE THEM. You need people on your side to watch your back. Instead you guys are making enemies left and Right. If you understand what I mean

  19. I liked Joseph's commentaries about his self conflict about watching police abuse their authority, and what he can do about it. This program gave Joseph a opportunity to speak his mind and he used his time well.

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