Climate Change Fuels Hellfire in the City of Angels

California’s fire season isn’t over yet, but megafire events have already taken a major toll on the state and its inhabitants, forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands of people. Warm, dry climate change conditions have made housing in LA’s “Wildland-Urban Interface” dangerous.

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50 thoughts on “Climate Change Fuels Hellfire in the City of Angels

  1. And, that thing called electromagnetic radiation. Then, throw in all the oil refineries, methane gas leaks, car exhaust, electrostatic radiation and income inequality–forcing people into stealing cars and parking them in dry grass–or, angering them into committing arson.

  2. This is all probably caused by the invasion of migrants from Mexico. Climate change is a hoax. The country's only stable genius says so. It must be true. That's why he stopped California from imposing more strict emissions standards on the poor little car companies. Anyway, no one knows why you guys are complaining, there's plenty of prisoners available to fight the fires at extremely low cost and of course nobody cares if they are burned alive. SERIOUSLY THOUGH, DOES THE STUPIDITY AND PRIMITIVE BRUTALITY OF THE US HAVE NO END?

  3. No such thing as climate change, it's been changing for thousands of years ….. This is caused by humans because obviously they don't even tell you how they are caused because if you tell me dry conditions cause this then Arizona would have them constantly ….. And why only California???

  4. Sure, climate change, but this planet has gone through many natural CC's. Question is what the main cause is today and I don't know that anyone can thoroughly answer this Q. Sure, our activities, since the start of the " Industrial Revolution " contribute, but how much is due to IR, as opposed to natural is something we evidently still don't have an authoritative answer for. We definitely need to " clean up our act ", but would that, alone, stop CC? We DON'T have an authoritative answer for this, either. Nonetheless, we still need to correct our ways with this planet. I don't think there can be any valid argument against that principle. We now have been LONG damaging our natural environment in plenty of ways; not only climate. F.e., we've badly polluted our waters, rendored the natural fish toxic, something most people seem to not talk about but which definitely "bothers" me. People don't CAREFULLY think about the environment.

  5. Clearing brush will not help wildfires. There will just be more erosion, landslides and more fires. Mesquite and other chaparral flora help raise the water table, shade the soil and undergrowth, and as a system, help prevent the conditions that lead to wildfires. Even if you leave nothing but grass, you get grass fires. Plant cover is not the cause of fires, but the solution.

  6. seems we where warned years ago that preventing fires we make the big one worse ,,, fires are natural in some of these areas and we have disturbed the natural order, in fact some pine trees will not begin growing their seeds , with out fire, sorry to inconvenience humanity that lives in areas unsafe

  7. ……..if you are aboard with climate change , check out the Pope's encyclical , Laudato Si , which includes Sunday laws ! JESUS kept the Bible Sabbath not the day of the son…..Sunday ! Check out ProphecyAgain T V on YouTube ! Maranatha !

  8. Climate change has been around since the beginning. Please stop the babble that this or that is because of CC.
    If you believe that then you might also believe CO2 is bad.
    It is not bad. It is good
    There are many questions one should have when you hear consensus or fixed science.
    Global warming it's an agenda that is about control

  9. Housing and "sprawl" isn't the problem, land management is. Most of California's wildfires occur in remote and sparsely populated regions. Paradise was a small and remote village that burnt to the ground claiming 83 lives with it.

    If anything, sprawl assures that there will be less victims of fire as opposed to the alternative of a fire in a dense urban environment. Remember when the city of Chicago burned? Lots of damage there.

    Ever since man discovered fire we've had a love/hate relationship with it!

  10. Summer heats the great planes and the large temperature difference with the Humboldt current in the Pacific Ocean generates east to west winds causing "Fire Storms". Last year was wet…lots of growth… poor management of fuel by man did not help.

  11. By the way California is the same state that Carmella Harris was keeping black men in prison for low level crimes and keeping them there longer as a slave force to fight these fires do's anyone worry if these unfortunate's make it home California is getting exactly what it deserves

    and it's coming from Karma'God,Alah. Yah or what ever other name you wish to call the almighty

  12. Lots of reasonable comments already, like: folks built their houses in high-wind fire-prone areas, aren't building with fire resistant materials, aren't keeping brush down, etc. Fires happen every year in CA due to cans, glass, cigarettes, campers, sparks, or PG&E's non-maintenance program.

  13. Every person in LA should be working along with those firefighters, especially useless politicians, illegal aliens and able-bodied welfare recipients. Get all combustible materials & non-native species of plants & trees out of the area & clean up your streets so people can leave quickly if overcome by fire. This happens every year, so do something different. There are fireproof structures that can be built instead of re-building the same flammable structures again.

  14. How about looking at the FaHQs of weather warfare NOT climate change, or climate changing due to geoengineered storms n dew weapons? Paradise lost in California, only neighborhood with sentient beings living topside amongst hueMans that were decimated by dew weapons! Or PG&E deliberately setting fires in efforts to destroy their satanic ritual sacrificing sites and hotels aka The standard hotel in SchiffHeads district, or feinchinasteins and pelosi pissantz and mad Maxine warrens! Lets talk about geostorms effecting climate changes! Just asking the #Q #WWG1WGA4Truth #WrathOfGOD #NotByFloodsButByFIRE #IAMcoming2getHer4Truth #JesusIScoming2getHer4TheRapture don't fall for the #GreatAlienDeception the missing bride will have been taken UP not abducted by lil grey beings or them annunakis demons! #JesusLIVES #ChristJesusONLYWayOffThisPrisonPlanet love u all n blessings be beloveds! Peace n amazing Grace! Hosana and HalleluYah #AlasJesusCome

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