Catching Shoplifters at Walmart, Part II

From the report of Las Cruces Police Officer David Rodriguez, edited for clarity and brevity:

Through dispatch notes, I learned that there were two males and a female who were possibly shoplifting from Walmart at 1550 South Valley. One of the male subjects had concealed items on his person, in the front of his waistband, hidden under his shirt.

On arrival, I made contact with loss prevention in the front of the store. Gabe Diaz with loss prevention stated that a female who he was speaking with was involved. I asked her to step to the side of the door so I could speak to her. As I was standing with the female, Diaz stated that the subject who had concealed items on his person was exiting the grocery side doors where we were standing.

Diaz walked toward the subject, and the subject, later identified as Hoyt Inman, looked in my direction and immediately took off running. I shouted that I was the police and for him to stop, but he continued to run. I gave chase as Inman continued to run through the Walmart parking lot and eventually caught up to him at 1500 Hickory. Once I caught up to Inman I told him to get on the ground. He did not comply, so I performed a mule kick sweep to take him to the ground in order to apprehend him, since he had already run away from me for an extended distance without stopping.

Once I performed the mule kick sweep I was able to get him down to his hands and knees. Once on his hands and knees I told him not to move, placed his hands behind his back, and I was able to place handcuffs on him. I then stood him up and walked him over to Walmart, where I checked the handcuffs for tightness and double-locked them for safety.

I relayed the information that I learned from Mr. Diaz, who stated that there is another male subject who is wearing all black with a black cap who was also involved and who had left. I relayed this information to officer Joshua Milks (l863) who had observed a male matching the description running away from his location.

I then advised Mr. Inman that he was under arrest. I walked him over to the front of my unit and performed a search incident to arrest on his person, where I found that he had concealed items in his pockets, as well as in the front of his waistband.

Once I removed the items from Inman’s person, I placed him in the back of my unit. I confirmed that Mr. Inman had previously been trespassed from Walmart and learned that the stolen items totaled $18.02. Charges were requested for resisting/obstructing, shoplifting, and trespass. After running Mr. Inman’s information through central dispatch, I learned that Mr. Inman had five outstanding municipal court warrants and one outstanding NMSU warrant.

This series presents the story of how the police got into a foot chase with the wrong guy… who ended up giving being uninvolved, but still gave the police a fake name… and was eventually arrested for that anyway. Stay tuned.




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34 thoughts on “Catching Shoplifters at Walmart, Part II

  1. In comments on part one of this series, a surprising number of people claimed that shoplifting is no longer illegal in California. When pressed, a few of those people responded by citing "Proposition 47." According to them, in California you now have to steal $950 before you can be prosecuted.

    All of those people are wrong. Facebook posts are not a reliable source of information.

    First, Proposition 47 was passed in 2014. It's hardly new. More significantly, it did not legalize shoplifting, which in California is punishable by up to six months in jail. No law enforcement agency in California has a policy of not arresting shoplifters.

    Proposition 47 increased the dollar threshold after which theft can be prosecuted as a felony. It had been $400 and now it’s $950. Most shoplifting cases are under $400 to begin with. They were – and still are – being prosecuted as misdemeanors. For context, the same threshold in Texas is $2,500. Proof –>

    Social media posts are not a reliable source of information. Particularly when it doesn't make any sense. Be skeptical.

    And yes, fact-check me all day. If you have evidence that I got something wrong, I want to know about it. I care about the truth. And so should you.

    Edit: English.

  2. I've worked at Walmart and can say crazy things like these happen every week. Also just last night a shoplifter was being stopped by a security guard. When the shoplifter pulled a gun and fired 3 or 4 shots. The incident happened in OKC.

  3. You know,, there are millions and millions of people that never steal, or get into any trouble.. not even a parking ticket,, and they don't even need to practice or go to night school.. it comes natural to them.. I guess some people just can't figure it out

  4. I worked for Walmart some years back and the police told them they a got tired coming up there all the time and the mayor finally got pissed and started fining them for all the runs to that Walmart and told the police depart not to go anymore that they needed to take care of it themselves.

  5. Most of today's Law Enforcers at the Street Level are in Top Cardio shape.
    Thieves need to work out and practice long distance running. I know a few Officers that can run for 1 – 2 hrs. and they are the women. hahaha

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