Car thief bananas k9

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  1. When cops kill our pets (family) it's justified (we investigated ourselves) but if we kill their dog it's the same as killing a cop…
    I think it's okay to use dogs to locate a suspect, but not to attack citizens. we have the right to protect ourselves, period!

  2. I fail to see why everyone in the comment section is mad that an officer is trying to save the life of an animal. Granted, you all have your grievances but this dog has nothing to do with your issues with other human beings. I'd bet dollars to donuts you sort of people would be this upset about your animals getting injured.

  3. I am sorry about the dog. Look at the cops in military gear. I thought the Army was called out to assist. Police departments throughout the United States are being trained by private security contractors ( military contractors)

  4. Cops shoot peoples pet dogs all the time, and use dogs as equipment. Abusing the s hit out off them for “training”. They Put dogs in bad situations and train them to attack people. Pretty sure cops hate dogs.

  5. Without a careful viewing which I intend to do my knowledge of human nature hears guilt in that "oh so traumatized " cop's voice. Is that fair? Of course not. But it's what I hear. Plus I do dog training. No control. Guy should Not be responsible for a dog, as a weapon or canine officer (nm omg a dog owner)

  6. Notice how quick they got the dog to the vet , yet there is another video of when a cop shot a pup and wouldn’t let the woman get near the dog and delayed it getting to the vet which ultermatley led to the pups death .

  7. If human LEOs are not above the law, and a K9 is considered a LEO, who will initiate a lawsuit for excessive force when a human is seriously injured by a K9 "officer"?

  8. Dogs do not 'get to chose'. Dogs cannot be 'witnesses'. Dogs cannot communicate 'what they see/saw'. Dogs have NO COMPREHENSION of the danger they're putting themselves into. DOGS cannot make 'snap judgements'. Dogs CANNOT make compassionate choices or change their behavior (or commands currently performing) on the fly. Dogs CANNOT determine that someone is innocent until proven guilty. Dogs CANNOT appear on a witness stand. DOGS are not equipped with 'defensive tools and armor'. Dogs are not equipped with technology and force enhancing devices. Simply from EVERY logical and conceivable comprehension dogs are abused in this form of 'duty'. Dogs CANNOT COMPREHEND DUTY. Dogs do not know that self-preservation could be an option at any time (ala they don't know when it's wiser to disengage and take cover). YOU ARE AN ABUSIVE AHOLE if you deploy a dog. Dogs are weapons of WAR – designed to ATTACK at THEIR expense to save a human life. They are tools to attack KNOWN enemies and kill on sight targets. Now if you value one life over another – and/or determine that yours is greater than an animals, that's another discussion. Officers using dogs against civilians is guilty until proven innocent. It is cruel and unusual punishment not only to the INNOCENT suspect but to the unsuspecting animal. I'd rather my taxes go to 10,000 electronic drones/tools than ONE ANIMAL. Any department deploying them should be DEFUNDED (and I hate that f'ing term). Dogs for search and rescue, yes. Dogs for 'sniffing' perhaps. Dogs for detainment, sure (ala guarding). Dogs for hunt and capture IS WRONG. If an officer has to take a human life in defense of themselves or another PEW PEW PEW away – I'll support you til the cows come home. We have surpassed the technological point where animals have to be used/abused to achieve our goals.

  9. When something bad happens to a cop they release the video immediately but when the do bad things they fight for months or years to 'protect the investigation" what a joke🐷🐷👎

  10. Take the damn dogs away! They don't deserve them. A dog is never in more danger than when it is near a cop. Horrible handler too, he got his dog killed. Should know by now not to let go of the leash when there is a pig pile like that coming.

  11. Looks like this department has their own computer editing software, multi angles, blurry pictures, stop and start, make up a story that fits the narrative. Looks like these guys train at paintballing sites instead of gun ranges, dont see the need to empty the whole magazine just because the magazine is full. It kinda looked to me like the dog was hit blue on blue.

  12. The use of police dogs is sickening. The dogs very often are used to needlessly savage people (everything looks like a nail to a man with a hammer) and theyre very often harmed in the line of duty.

    In responsible hands i believe such employment of dogs can be morally justifiable. Too bad there are so few such hands among police, or really, humanity in general.

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