Can Land Value Tax Give Baltimore’s Neighborhoods Back To Their Residents?

Joshua Vincent of the Center for the Study of Economics talks about how a land value tax could give Baltimore residents relief from the wealth extraction that absentee landlords perpetrate.

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18 thoughts on “Can Land Value Tax Give Baltimore’s Neighborhoods Back To Their Residents?

  1. Great video ! There are so many economic advantages to land value taxes, and this is obviously the reason why the tax is favoured by both left and right wing economists. With a land value tax in place, landowners will face a loss if they sit on empty land, and so they will be encouraged to – either sell the land or use it to produce value (in order to avoid a loss).

  2. Very ok interview. I hadn't previously known of land value tax vs property tax, but it's easy to understand, once we have the explanation, which we got with this interview. Seems to get a little complicated one or two times, but it's overall easy to understand. I wish the poor, EVERYWHERE, well, as well as can be achieved. And that brings up another problem. How the heck to succeed against socio-economic injustice. How? I don't know the answer.

  3. I'm kind of curious as to what problem this really solves. In many municipalities, the property tax is the basis for income. If you reduce the property tax by just solely taxing land, that revenue is going to have to come from somewhere else in order to fund schools, police, fire and other public needs. It may solve one problem but create another. I'm also concerned that it would encourage other people who have more Capital to buy up land and then rent it out.

  4. This the issue with education

    Of course it's more expensive to build in a cramped city than in open rural or less urban area

    If agriculture is not the top sector for budget than an economy is doomed

    Especially a fiat one

    No more money for military complex

    But yall still black tho

    Gotta shake that off humans of planet earth

  5. Land value only, not the activity of people living on the land, should be taxed. Get rid of all sales taxes and significantly reduce parking and trafic fines, what I call Serfs Going About Their Daily Lives Taxes. Also, double and triple up the rates out of state and foreign buyers pay. We do this with public college tuition. Let's do the opposite and make the public college tuition free, while implementing a real land tax that stops speculative bubbles.

  6. Were the American people not so misinformed and/or ignorant on the science of economics, they would already understand that nationwide implementation of Henry George's "single tax" or LVT (land value tax) means the 100% elimination of income taxes. Thank you to The Real News Network. Please do go all the way with advocating for this immensely powerful #1 economic model whose time has come.

  7. Noticed that a 0.2 acre vacant lot in my city just went for 1.5 million in 2016. Lot sold for 44k in 1976. 34x increase yet still vacant. Question is, where did all that free money come from? Who paid it, who pocketed it?

  8. Nice vid TRNN!
    Those interested in LVT can also check out: Real Estate 4 Ransom, The Taxing Question of Land, Milton Friedman talks about property taxes and Case Studies in NYC property development.

  9. Taxing rental income at a higher rate than earned income seems like it would be a simpler solution to slum landlords. Taxing rental income at a higher rate would take the profits away from landlords and encourage them to sell. Capital gains tax is too low and too easily avoided, which is what fuels real estate speculation and rentier capitalism according to economist Michael Hudson. Property tax should also be progressive instead of flat so that single home owners pay lower rates than landlords, speculators, developers and corporations.
    The biggest problem with economically depressed areas are our monopolistic large businesses that suppress wages (often while avoiding paying any taxes) and neoliberal trade policies that export all the good jobs out of the country.
    There are solutions to the labor suppressing effects of neoliberalism that would have more impact than increasing land tax.

  10. Let's talk about TAXES period!

    Bottom line is we are getting tired of making other people rich. These politicians are too greedy and hurting the working class. We are tired of working, so a group of young people just have babies and benefit from our taxed money or claim disabilities when they are able to work.

    It is wrong for working people get injured or struck with chronic illness and must get lawyers to fight for what is rightfully theirs, disability benefits while people who just refuse to work get it free of charge. This is Wrong. God said if you do not work, you do not eat. Why are the elders still working when they paid into this corrupted tax system? They are the ones who should be at home. It hurts my heart to see an elder still working and 20 year old females with their bellies stuck out due to 2nd or 3rd pregnancy and not working or married. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    This tax system is only helping those in power and those young people who refuse to work when they can. Who is standing up for the elders. I do not want to keep helping a generation whose parents lived off the system and now their children expecting the same treatment. The hell with that.

    By the way, both of my grandfathers' had massive lands that was taken from them or forced to sell their lands for little of nothing. They were hassled by White men and police officers. Now, businesses are on those lands.A local school was built on one. I do know God will make that right for each family side of my parents in due time. Karma is coming.

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