26 thoughts on “BUSTED! This man is angry at a parked tesla. Caught on camera

  1. I need those cameras on the side of my truck to catch people's reactions after they hit my rock sliders. You'd be surprised how many people believe that's my fault.

  2. Yeah, we call these types "Trump supporters". I generally refer to them as MAGAts. They're all for LAW AND ORDER except when they want to break the law and damage private property.


  3. He looks like Officer Velez with some make up on 😂. Maybe he thought it was you , JMA. I looked through my yearbook, don’t know him 😂😂

  4. Haaaa. He messed up his own car. I need some Tesla cameras. I just don’t want a Tesla. After the battery dies there worthless. Definitely not green.

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