Bodycam Shows Armed Man Retreat Up Stairs And Point Gun At Police Before Being Shot

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Pittsburg, California — Pittsburg police on Thursday released body cam video and the names of the officers who killed a Man who had been banging on his ex-girlfriend’s door and then pointed a gun at them while retreating up an apartment complex stairwell. The man was identified as 31-year-old Patrick Williams. On May 20 at about 9:30 p.m., Pittsburg Police Officers were called to an apartment complex in the 2300 block of Loveridge Road regarding Watkins holding a handgun, banging on the front door of the apartment of his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child. When officers arrived, they contacted Watkins as he was seated on a stairway leading to the second-floor apartment. Officers asked Watkins to walk down the stairs and speak with them, but he ignored their commands and began walking back up the stairs away from the officers.

Officers followed Watkins up the stairs and continued to ask him to stop and not walk away. As Watkins reached the top of the stairs, officers observed he was in possession of a handgun in his right hand. Officers directed Watkins to get on the ground and drop the handgun. Watkins turned towards the officers and pointed the handgun directly at them. Officer Odell then used his service weapon, striking Watkins in the upper torso, and causing Watkins immediately to fall to the ground, still holding the handgun in his right hand. After Officer Odell used his service weapon, he (Officer Odell) dropped down onto the stairway. As Officer Simpson approached the top of the stairway, he observed Watkins still pointing the handgun at officers. Officer Simpson then used his service weapon. Officers moved to a safe location at the bottom of the stairway. Following the shooting, officers continued speaking with Watkins, asking him to drop the handgun so they could provide him with medical attention.

Watkins did not respond. After nearly 40 minutes of attempting to get Watkins to put down the handgun, officers used ballistic shields to safely walk up to Watkins and take the handgun from his right hand. Officers then started life saving measures with paramedics. Watkins died at the scene due to his injuries. A Walther .22 Caliber handgun was recovered from Watkins’s right hand. While the handgun Watkins had in his possession was found to be unloaded, there was a live round for the handgun located next to him. The officers involved in the incident are members of the Pittsburg Police Department Patrol Team and identified as Officer John Odell and Office r Greg Simpson. Officer Odell has been a Pittsburg Police Officer for two and a half years and Officer Simpson has been a Pittsburg Police Officer for over five years.

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0:00 – 911 Call
0:59 – Bodycam: Officer Odell
2:06 – Bodycam: Officer Simpson
2:51 – Bodycam: Sgt. Dumpa
3:46 – Apartment Complex Security Camera
5:03 – Bodycam: Officer Harvey

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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46 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Armed Man Retreat Up Stairs And Point Gun At Police Before Being Shot

  1. Why is it I keep seeing all these Glocks jamming when watching these videos, like geez if it’s that common with it then switch to a Colt or Beretta.

  2. For crap's sake what a time for a weapon malfunction. The officer did fantastic, he got out of point position so it could be re-assumed by another officer with a working firearm, let his team know his weapon was jammed, and got himself hard cover then immediately started the Tap-Rap-Bang clear process. Unfortunately it was too severe a double feed to clear this way but seeing him fall naturally into his training practices was very impressive. The felon's actions reek of suicide by cop. He brandishes a gun, beats on and kicks at a door, drawing the attention and 911 calls of not only his victim but neighbors, and then sits down on the staircase apparently waiting for the police to show? He then draws and points at the police an unloaded weapon that they must assume is loaded. Why do so many people that off themselves have to create such violent drama beforehand?

  3. First cops malfunction requires the mag to be taken out…. he's reaching into the chamber like a dummy… and before you say I'm MMQBing it, I teach firearms safety and demo guns for a manufacturer, I"m not talking stress here (can't EVEN imagine) but damn man you gotta know your gun better before you go out with it!

  4. Bad training almost cost this LEO his life. Glad they didn’t get hurt. Tap rack and bang doesn’t work for all malfunctions. Basically failures to feed. A double feed requires dropping the magazine, racking the slide two or three times to clear the weapon, inserting a fresh mag and charge the weapon again.

  5. I know little about guns, but the gun jamming on the officer I've seen more than a couple times. Heard they are glocks? That they jam too often, isn't there a firearm these men can carry that is dependable?
    How about the old time police 38 special?

  6. Why do so many people do this? Is it the shock of having to face up to what they are currently doing? I think that it is utter stupidity. Why? Why? why would you pull a gun on a cop or cops? This. Is. what. they. train. for.

  7. Idk if that's a glock or not but whatever manufacturer gun it is most likely shitty ammo or his magazine spring is wore out from being fully loaded all the time. Not always the gun u fuckin ppl that know everything lmao

  8. 1st Officer GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND = Let me help you after you pull a gun out and point it at me. Not sure why I guess people have a death wish or are playing to much GTA.

  9. lock slide to the rear, drop magazine, rack slide 3 times, re insert magazine or load a new one. screaming double feed will never fix a double feed. even if you scream it loudly

  10. Phenomenal application of the Mozambique Drill by the point officer, seems like that ended the threat before the suspect had a chance to act. Great shoot guys.

  11. Perfect timing to upload this as I just started eating lunch. Now some good action to watch while I eat.

  12. How to clear a double feed malfunction:

    1. Lock slide to rear.
    2. Remove magazine.
    3. Rack the slide at least twice or until rounds are dislodged.
    4. Re-insert magazine.
    5. Rack slide to chamber a round.

    Glad the officer was okay!

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