Big Agriculture’s bleak future for all of us

A proposed concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) in Burnett County, Wisconsin, is slated to house 26,000 hogs and produce millions of gallons of liquid manure every year. Residents fear the irreparable damage an operation of that size could do to their air, land, and waterways, as well as to their property values and the local economy, and many fear there’s nothing they can do to stop it. As part of TRNN’s special collaboration with In These Times magazine for “The Wisconsin Idea,” TRNN Editor-in-Chief Maximillian Alvarez traveled with Cameron Granadino (TRNN) and Hannah Faris (In These Times) to Burnett County and neighboring Polk County to speak with farmers and residents in the area about their underreported struggle to protect their communities from the powerful and well-funded factory farming industry. In this interview, we speak with Polk County hay farmer Lisa Doerr about how her farm would be impacted by the proposed “hog factory,” which she fears will be the first of many in the area. We also discuss the David-and-Goliath battle Doerr and residents in her county have been waging to halt, research, and regulate the CAFO before it’s too late. #BigAgriculture #FactoryFarms #RuralAmerica #Farmer

Maximillian Alvarez
Simon Davis-Cohen
Hannah Faris
Cameron Granadino

Cameron Granadino
Stephen Frank

Cameron Granadino
Stephen Frank
Kayla Rivara

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20 thoughts on “Big Agriculture’s bleak future for all of us

  1. The deadbeat had to liken CAFO's to 45! She put him right though 8 yrs working for Obama, 4 years working for CAFO's then working for Biden, swinging doors Democrat style. How's that working out for y'all? Should just counted properly???

  2. The United States was founded on big agriculture and banking. The mythology of the little-guy, hard working, family farmer is just that: a myth. It's a blanket of camoflauge draped over the truth and fed to school children year after year so it begins imbedded in the collective conscience. Eventually it will get her farm and every farm it wants and there is nothing that can be done about it.

  3. I was right there with this lady until she talked about the Muslim people in Northwest China. That's NED propaganda that should have been pushed back on, Maximillian.

  4. The problem with farmers is that they cannot seem to keep their shit on their property. If I were king I would make them dig a moat around their property and fine the hard for anything that escaped the moat . Keep your shit and chemicals on " your " land not in " our " water .

  5. Excellent interview. Articulate, passionate and knowledgeable interviewee covering huge range of intersecting problems. Well done TRNN and ITT. We never see these stories on MSM, for obvious reasons.

  6. Thanks for this. It's so wonderful to hear intelligent articulate individuals telling it like it is.
    The sellouts are in for a rude awakening down the road when they experience the fall they have been set up for. They should watch the Intercept's video Chicken Farming is the 21st Century's Sharecropping before they sign any papers.

  7. Until the People who live in those County's who are suffering from Big Ag and vote their Representative's OUT OF OFFICE for GIVING Big Ag the PERMISSION to destroy their Environment, then they do NOT want change, because they keep re-electing their very Reps who gave Big Ag the permission to do what they do! Better yet, if these States would REQUIRE the CEO'S of Big Ag to LIVE right in the County that is destroying their air, water & environment, its the only way these greedy, selfish individuals will change their behavior!
    More importantly, all of America must realize those who we voted to Represent us, learn over the years, that they have SOLD US out for their very own personal wealth and BETRAYED US! THEY ALL MUST BE FIRED, and their LIFE-TIME PENSIONS & PERKS STRIPPED from them, because they sold us out and left us hanging & surviving by our fingertips! THEM MUST BE PUNISHED, AS THEY HAVE PUNISHED the Majority of us, who are FORCED to pay their Salaries and Life-time Benefits after serving only 2 Terms!

  8. During March Against Monsanto, 8 years ago, our biggest challenge was SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas, a former Monsanto Lawyer. Not once has he abstained from any decision regarding Monsanto when cases were taken to the Supreme Court. Justice Thomas voted against the People every time!

  9. Most scientists agree the earth could support 11 billion people for just a short period. Check the world population at the time you read this and you will get a pretty good idea how long we have left. It is far too late for anything but seeking God.

  10. Fun fact, since the first farmers 10,000 years ago, agriculture has LITERALLY NEVER BEEN ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE. The first farmers literally turned the fertile crescent I to desert and it's still desert. Also, every civilization, and civilization cannot exist without agriculture, has collapsed largely due to ecological degradation, if not entirely. Current agricultural practices are incredibly unsustainable and experts now admit that whether agriculture is rudimentary with zero technology applied, or as advanced as we can make it with all technology applied, it cannot be sustainable.

  11. but NO one cares about the small farmer!!! i am proof a wisconsin dairy inspector caused injury to me in july 2018. i met with head inspectors they admitted the inspector WAS at fault!! i sent in my bills like i was told to do i was denied!! ok so i went to my local law and local health department they would do NOTHING!!! ok so i was a member of farm bureau 11 calls to them NO return calls from them so i called the usda the datcp wisconsin milk board farm first many state senators and i KNOW for a FACT that NO one gives a damn about farmers!!! as of 8/13/21 NO one will talk to me cause i believe 100% it was a state employee and they are protecting her. i am trying to get rid of a county ordinance where your septic has to be ppumped every 3 years or the county will condemn you with out proof thats GUILTY till you prove your own innocence. and my friend in a big city has 3 acres he grew a garden in 2019 and was fined from the city cause their is a ordinance that says NO gardens over so many square feet in city limits.

  12. This is going to sound crazy, but a carbon tax really would kick the chair out from under the CAFO business model. They are built entirely on cheap fossil fuels: for fertilizers, feed processing, feed transportation, hog transportation, cheap electricity. A carbon tax would compound all their costs , breaking the model.
    Meanwhile, traditional farmers using local (or own-grown) food and selling locally would be largely unaffected.

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