Biden Wins SC Primary, But Voters Have Doubts

Biden won his first primary, but the Democratic electorate is more divided on him than mainstream media suggests. TRNN spoke with voters at the polls and on the ground in South Carolina, and some of Biden’s voters are still conflicted.

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20 thoughts on “Biden Wins SC Primary, But Voters Have Doubts

  1. Biden is SENILE!!! He can't put together a coherent sentence & he's no "moderate" either, he's just another OLIGARCH WARMONGER & due to his obvious cognitive decline, a puppet for the military industrial congressional complex that Eisenhower tried to warn us about but which now has total control of this country. NONE of the candidates with the possible exception of Bernie will end these ENDLESS, OBSCENE, ILLEGAL, IMMORAL WARS!

  2. A lot of idiots in S.C. Glad to not be there. If people are going to be this stupid, then they couldn't be good neighbors. UPDATE : It's very saddening, esp. when " beyond a shadow of a doubt " Biden is a WAR CRIMINAL. I guess this win for him illustrates depravity of voters, not caring to CAREFULLY consider the actions of people they vote for, so just disregarding VERY important facts that weigh AGAINST their "preferred" candidates. Woman who questions how a Sanders presidency would be able to provide for free ed. and/or healthcare clearly is idiot, for Bernie has explained a number of times how this would be do-able and I like the explanation. Such a program could work WONDERS for the country and, as an "incidental" consequence, would benefit this world. Voters like these ones in S.C. surely can't be beneficial for the country. Again, very glad to not reside in S.C. ; but, with that said, life is not good where I presently reside, which is the province of Quebec, Canada. Oh, there are matters for me to criticize ALL OVER THE (DAMN) PLACE, Earth. Blatantly, obviously voting for war criminals who SHOULD be prosecuted is laughable, in a sickening way. It's seeming like Americans wanting Trump OUT, so replaced, are so un-united that their splitting up of the votes will "help" ensure that he consequentially becomes re-elected. Will be 63 later this month and these types of voters are sickening. They clearly don't care about electing, voting for proven war criminals who just need to be PROSECUTED to the fullest extent. AMAZING! Not in any welcome way, for it's sickening, but we could also think of it as humans being amazingly MORONIC.

  3. Their vote has been heard, believe me, but if Biden is president, there will be NO change at the top. Biden said so, which means South Carolinians really didn't know Joe. We'll see…

  4. how do you get "change at the top" if you insist on supporting those who are bound and determined to maintain the status quo? Establishment democrats, Biden, Warren, Bloomberg, etc. are ALL establishment democrats. No "change" there. And the voter who said Steyer was working for years and years…a BILLIONAIRE for the ordinary people? Hasen't he heard that there is a real fighter who has been fighting for the people longer than Steyer has been in politics? I don't understand people like him.

  5. Watching and hearing these "Folks" talk is the reason I no longer vote, to say the American electorate has been dumb down is an understatement , Biden wins, on what? this is the reason our Republic is no more, Biden has been an establishment politician for over 40 years and no one in South Carolina can point to a single thing he has done for the common person NOT ONE. Some can even pronounce the name of the person they voted for "I'm with Mr. Tomas Stryder" a billionaire , because he has a lot in common with most black folk.

  6. Trump is the perfect dnc choice for 2020. He does everything they want to do and takes the blame off of them at the same time. Why would they not want to throw the fight? Hell, they'll fake it if they have to, because if a corporate democrat is in office the country will realize once and for all how shitty this single party with just a right and a left masks really is.

  7. LoL 🤣
    The US democratic system is beyond a joke at this point. I really feel sorry for the citizens… It's like a giant show where they select the contestants to parade infront of citizens with zero input by citizens in reality.

  8. "You can talk about free education and healthcare, but how are you gonna make that happen?"
    *sigh. What a lame reason.
    People like this go on and vote for candidates who offer them nothing, tells them that things are hard/impossible to achieve, then someone who offers you a vision and pledge to get things done?

  9. Im so tired of the argument of how are we going to make healthcare for all or free state college happen, when the alternative is
    to do nothing wich changes nothing, then wtf are you voting for, a vote for Bernie is a vote to fight the powers that be, a vote for any other canidate is a vote to do nothing but bend over and take it in the u know what from the big money oligarchs who continue to control our government, it is way pass time for a revolution, but many voters are so disillusioned they have no will to fight,


  10. Audio is too low. Computer and video volume is as high as it will go and it's hardly audible. From what I could it sounded interesting.

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