Bernie Sanders Is Fighting to End the Media’s Demonization of Socialism

We had a conversation with Sen. Sanders’ Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray on the right-wing talking points used by mainstream media to discredit Sen. Sanders and the falsehoods about socialism perpetuated by the GOP.

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32 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Is Fighting to End the Media’s Demonization of Socialism

  1. We need to reframe "socialism" with "fiscal policy".
    The FORMULATION OF FISCAL POLICY lies at the dead center of the democratic government. – E. Pendleton Herring, 1938"

    Only properly targeted fiscal policy that takes aim at raising living standards and delivering the public investments in education, technology and infrastructure will deliver real long-term prosperity for all of us, not just the privileged few."

  2. Who will plan economies: Financial managers or democratic governments?
    Bonnie Faulkner: If there were pressures to create a New International Economic Order in the 1970s, what was this new order looking to achieve?

    Michael Hudson: Other countries wanted to do for their economies what the United States has long done for its own economy: to use their governments’ deficit spending to build up their infrastructure, raise living standards, create housing and promote progressive taxation that would prevent a rentier class, a landlord and financial class from taking over economic management. 

    In the financial field, they wanted governments to create their own money, to promote their own development, just like the United States does. The role of neoliberalism was the opposite: it was to promote the financial and real estate sector and monopolies to take economic management away from government.

    So the real question from the 1980s on was about who would be the basic planning center of society. Would it be the financial sector – the banks and bondholders, whose interest is really the One Percent that own most of the banks’ bonds and stocks? 

    Or, is it going to be governments trying to subsidize the economy to help the 99 Percent grow and prosper? That was the social democratic view opposed by Thatcherism and Reaganism.

  3. She calls all these policies "draconian". Why? Is it maybe because they are? LOL. Our media has a stranglehold on our democracy. Their money and their co-mingled special interests have corrupted too much of our government for too long. We need to keep voting in the fresh young blood (and even old like Bernie) who hold to the ideals of our national creeds and our people and who are not beholden to special interests. The DNC leadership has proven they are neither in touch with their constituents nor do they care to be. We need major change.

  4. How about the Framers? They were the first socialists. With public schools, a standing army, the idea of government of the people, We The People was revolutionary. The federal postal system, public libraries, public roads, all are socialism, only they weren't called that then. Greedies now like to coin terms to demonize, then mix them with failed nations which were NOT socialists like USSR and even the National Socialists of Germany (NAZIs).

  5. I can't believe CNN MSNBC are completely blacking out coverage of Bernie Sanders and implementing a bunch of Elizabeth Warren fans who love her platform which she stole from Bernie Sanders. FOX covers Bernie more. DNC would rather lose to Trump then elect Bernie and shake up the power structure

  6. It's also bizarre that they claim that Bernie is not supported by "college educated whites", whatever the hell that means, because I'm what they probably consider an "college educated white" that is 100% behind Bernie Sanders. And also, if I look at the comments sections under Bernie videos, it's the "low educated" Bernie Sanders supporters that are the most intelligent, informed and informative people out there! So the Bernie Sanders supporters are upon the most intelligent people out there! Being intellectual (boom smart) is not in any way a good reflection on intelligence. #Bernie2020

  7. There are no differences between Corporate Dems and Republicans. They both believe in perpetual war and supply side crony capitalism. Identity politics is an election loser. There is no fair way to do reparations. There were white people who lost their lives trying to free slaves prior to the Civil War. How about their descendants? White poverty is not as bad as black poverty. Working class whites will abandon Bernie over reparations.

  8. Sanders? The guy who called Maduro a "tyrant"? The guy who lambasted Cuban and Venezuelan style socialism, while praising welfare state capitalist countries in Scandinavia who participate in the imperial global order? The guy who won't openly criticize the APARTHEID state of Israel? The guy who supports the campaign to oust Assad and destabilize Syria?

    Sanders is a phony socialist. He is Clement Attlee reincarnated. "Socialist" (aka welfare state capitalist) at home, imperialist abroad.

  9. MAKE SURE YOU GO OUT AND VOTE FOR BERNIE…..BUT BE PREPARED FOR MASS PEACEFUL LONGTERM PROTESTS BECAUSE you're just as gullible as the trump supporters if you think we can vote our way out of this disaster we're living in even if Bernie wins in every state In the country the dnc will make sure super delegates and the electoral college force Joe Biden down our throats repeating 2016 and Hillary all over again they would rather have trump for the next 100 years then even 4 years of Bernie because they know once he shows us what a functioning government and democracy looks like theyll never be able to go back to this corruption so they'll never let Bernie or any progressive win the presidency the only way we the people will ever have a representative democracy is if we protest for weeks or even months on end look at how long it took Obama to cave in and put a(temporary)stop on the DAPL even though trump came in and fucked that all up again but after weeks of non stop protests a large enough number of people (a shit load of bad ass veterans) showed up and Obama had to stop the pipeline NOW think about how large the first women's March protests where in every city in the country and think about all those people in every city STAYING AND PEACEFULLY PROTESTING FOR WEEKS ON END we would shut the fucking citys down and force these monsters to listen to the only thing they care about MONEY the only difference between us and the people of Puerto rico is that the people of Puerto rico stayed until they got what they were DEMANDING they didn't protest for 3 hours one day and act like they actually did something but if you still dont think this is possible go look up the documentary "how to start a revolution" or the book that it was based on "from dictatorship to democracy " its a book written by gene sharp with 90 rules to peaceful protest and civil disobedience that has been used in over 3 dozen countries to take peacefully takedown dictatorships and instill democracy through long term peaceful protest

  10. A major change in policing should be the shoot to kill policy when dealing with unarmed people who are running away. That is murder!!! In the UK police know how to use a baton to stop a fleeing criminal. They don't kill them! Why don't they learn how to do that here?

  11. I worked with a friend the Maryland police pulled over for looking at his cell phone searched his car and stole 200 bucks he had just taken out of the bank and put in the ashtray. They even had a dog sniff the car. He was young white but he had dredlocks.

  12. I have a friend I worked with in Maryland a couple of years ago. I asked him how his weekend was on Monday. He told me after taking out 200 dollars from the bank on Friday. He had placed it in his ashtray a police car pulled him over because he looked at his cell phone searched his car for drugs. They even brought in a dog to sniff for drugs found nothing left his a mess and stole his 200 dollars out of the ashtray.

  13. I worked with a guy in Maryland a few years ago and asked him how his weekend had gone He was young white had long hair which he wore in a dreadlock look. He went to a bank to get some cash took out 200 dollars and put it in the ashtray. A police car saw him look at his cell phone and pulled him over. They told him they wanted to search his car he said no no cause. They then tore his car apart looking for drugs brought in a drug-sniffing dog and found nothing. They left his car with the back seat pulled out and stole the 200 bucks.

  14. I worked with a guy in Maryland a few years ago that left a bank with 200 bucks in his ashtray we had direct deposit. The police pulled him over for looking at his cell phone. Against his protests, they called in more officers tore his car apart with a drug-sniffing dog found nothing but stole the 200 bucks from his ashtray. He was white young and had dreadlocks.

  15. The only problem is that Sanders works for Unions, not the people in general. Not everybody is unionized, and the concept fails to address inequalities, as your graph shows. Its been tried already. Union jobs are simply not possible in today's markets, where flexibility is important, and big job makers are getting scarcer. It was a temporary fix in older times, like the 1920s. Guaranteed jobs is a thing of the past as well. His platform is just too old to be realistic and all the money will still go to the richest people, then the unions, then the rest.

  16. If the right dislike socialism so much and think capitalism is so great than why don't they give up their own government dole and go to work for the private sector and pay their fair share of taxes without all the perks and privileges and loopholes and special rules that favor them keeping all their income or profits if they own their own business? Honestly the right love their socialist benefits they award themselves, especially when they endear themselves to.public service. They enter office with a few hundred thousand and end up.leaving office as multi-millionaires. Public service to them is helping themselves to
    all the goods and cutting the people out of any good except for the "trickle down" amount. I vote no confidence in the current scam from either side. Some call it ''fake news', I would call it corporate propaganda..

  17. Fyi If you live in New York you have to register as a Democrat by Oct 15 2019 to be able to vote for Bernie in 2020. Sounds ridiculous but it's true. Cuomo has the opportunity to change that by signing a bill into law that recently passed but is letting the clock run out. I'm pretty sure the fact that it would benefit Biden has nothing to do with it.


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