1. And by the officers token…… why is he doing an inspection? Because a few bad apples? Seems they have thrown the bunch out and expect everybody needs inspecting.

  2. We live in tyranny. I don't do anything wrong, and when I get pulled over for a random dot. Why am I in fear of my life? Because its a tyranicle state we live in. Steal from the poor so the rich can do what they do, steal from the working man. Sorry man, I wouldn't waste my time talking to them. Sad world we live in just to make an honest living. He seemed ok, but ya can't trust anyone with a gun and body armor on, on the side of your truck. Downfall of society.

  3. That’s right get em Ricky!! 👊🏼 they all bad apples homie.. I always say, a cop never got his job because no one else was hiring, and this was the only job they could find to feed their family. NO!! they go there to be law enforcement for a reason, and it damn sure ain’t to protect and serve! Believe dat

  4. Are we supposed to go through life fearing tyranny? Ricky I know you got a lot of time on your hands. If you haven't already, listen to Lysander Spooner and his essay No Treason the Constitution of no Authority. Its breaking some shit down that most people believe. And check out the Corbett Report. May as well exercise your mind while you drone on down the road. Be safe out there man.

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