Australian Cops Love Them Face Diapers

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50 thoughts on “Australian Cops Love Them Face Diapers

  1. And people say that we aren't being rounded up and collected like the Nazis did. Those people are just ignorant and deserve what they have coming to them

  2. Australia was a consolation prize for Britain after American guns revoked Britain's visiting privileges in the late 1700's….anybody that didn't leave got to stay..usually covered with dirt…

  3. Australian cops have gone MAD. It's ridiculous. They've become tyrants. I'll also bet they get some kind of bonus from all the arrests and fines. This is what mandates look like. Disgusting!

  4. Only reason this isn't happening in the USA is because we still have our guns.

    Wish a motherf'er would.

    Didn't survive commie genocide in Bosnia to cucc to The Great Reset Bolcheviks

    Lock & Load.

  5. What in the world? "Watch those girls, WATCH THOSE GIRLS!!" Turns around they are still just standing there calmly while the police abuse their power over the people. Weird right?

  6. Guess who the Victoria police force is being paid by? Thats right! OUR American FED! This is coming to america. Thank goodness we have good Sheriff in my county. able to deputize the people so this shit don't happen here.. God bless our sheriff.

  7. THAT is INSANE! And sadly those police officers are enforcing it with relish. I am fairly certain that is how it all started in Germany, 1932… people feeling completely justified and police feeling like the heavy handed enforcement was a service to the nation.

  8. I've lost so much respect for police, since all this lockdown began. Too many are too willing to violate the constitution, and act like the Gestapo. I've taken down all my thin blue line flags. I cannot get behind this behavior.

    And before you say it, I'm aware this is Australia. But we've had similar enforcement here in America, for close to two years now. It's disgusting!

  9. Liberty comes at the point of a gun and a multitude of bodies in front of it…

    It does not come by the vote or by prayer.

    It is secured by rough, terrible men doing horrible terrible things to tyrants and those who wish to see their will be done…

    Freedom requires blood, both the Patriot's and the Tyrant's.

    This means not being afraid to be monsters against those who would hurt everything and everyone we love.

    Do not be mistaken. Such people will NOT show mercy to you or yours when they have the power to do so. So be ready to not show it back… Be gruesome. Be terrible. Be awful.

    Be ready.

  10. It's just disappointing that Americans want the mask mandates and vaxs mandates and then we have countries like Australia and China that are doing this

  11. “He doesn’t have a reason to be here” it’s a public park. This is terrifying that this isn’t global news that sposed free people could be treated like this.

  12. Until you stop them and show them they aren’t in control they won’t stop. Do what you must to show they are servants of the state not your masters to enforce rules

  13. This man will now have a permanent criminal record because he was not wearing a mask to smoke a cigarette and have a kebab. They probably require a mask to fuck too! Tyranny!

  14. Fuck Australia I will never go back and I’m a retired Leo. This is bullshit communism. Exactly what the Chinese communist government wanted to happen when they released this new military weapon. And if you think this is the last time China will release a new virus your kidding yourself.

  15. If it weren't for the willingness of the police to enact violence on peaceful citizens, politicians would just be crazy people yelling at each other.

  16. Unfortunately the cops here have to enforce the laws and mandates made by political leaders that have no care for the public. It’s unfortunate. I’m a cop, but not from these states where it’s almost tyranny. Makes me sad the public and other cops have to deal with this. All caused by people that don’t have to deal with the fallout of their decisions.

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