ATM Thief Crashes Truck into Hospital | Arkansas State Police

On June 1, 2020, at approximately 11:00 p.m., Arkansas State Police Sergeant Nicholas Brown was sitting stationary at the exit ramp from Interstate 630 West to Martin Luther King Drive, monitoring a protest while blocking traffic from entering the protest area.

At 11:18 p.m., Little Rock Police Department advised that they were in pursuit of a blue Dodge Dakota traveling west on Interstate 630 West at Martin Luther King Drive. Corporal Jarrod Akins, Trooper First Class Mark Blackerby, and a Highway Police unit responded. Approximately one minute later, additional information was provided: the driver of the vehicle had previously stolen an ATM from the Arvest Bank in downtown Little Rock.

With that added information, Sergeant Brown assumed that it would take multiple subjects to load an ATM into a truck, and decided to respond to assist in the apprehension of the suspects.

As the vehicle continued to travel west on I-630 West all units responding were advised that Cpl. Akins attempted to perform a PIT but was unsuccessful. The vehicle continued on I-630 West before taking the Baptist exit ramp. At this point, Sgt. Brown was traveling west on I-630 West at John Barrow.

Upon arrival at the Baptist Hospital, the vehicle was driving through the parking lot of the hospital. Sergeant Brown continued south through the four-way stop towards the main entrance of the Baptist Hospital. While traveling south behind Tfc. Blackerby and approaching the main entrance of the Baptist Hospital, Sergeant Brown observed the vehicle traveling east on a unnamed street designed for access to the parking lot.

“Due to the potential danger of patients and pedestrians I decided to intervene in V1’s ability to continue north or east by placing my unit (V2) beside that of Tfc. Blackerby and partially in the intersection. V1 attempted to travel north and the front left of V1 collided with the front of V2 (my unit). V1 then rolled to a stop a making impact into a concrete garbage can and the corner of the Baptist Hospital.

The suspect fled from the passenger door of V1 and made an attempt to enter the hospital. Due to the doors being locked, the suspect was unable to enter the hospital. I was able to apprehend the suspect without further incident.”





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21 thoughts on “ATM Thief Crashes Truck into Hospital | Arkansas State Police

  1. To all the folks talking about how “ASP shouldn’t do this or that” with regards to PITs or anything else, shut up. First, we don’t have police helicopters in the air all the time to just conveniently call to follow a suspect. Second, (oh my gosh, who would have thought it) people use stolen tags on their vehicles when committing a crime, so getting a tag # is useless.

    We here in Arkansas do not want to put up with the lawlessness that pervades other areas of the country. We could vote for legislators that could pass laws regulating PITs, but we choose not to. In Arkansas, we want people to be fearful of the consequences of running from the police. In the end, it could be argued that having people fearful of consequences actually saves lives as the best way to stop a pursuit is to ..not ..have ..start.

    So miss us with that crap, sit at the cafe drink your latte and watch the shoplifters ride their bikes up into the Walgreens stealing stuff and then dodge the homeless tent cities as they escape with their stolen goods as you and your friends comment about how much more civilized your community is then Arkansas. Later, when you have to contribute to world-wide energy usage to drive 45 minutes to a store because the stores that used to be in your area have closed because they couldn’t afford to stay open and loose thousands of dollars in inventory every day, you can be so glad that you don’t have to worry about the police chasing a mis-understood person who has stolen somebody else’s property that they worked hard to get…the right way (aka legally). Please, stay where you are because we don’t want you here.

    (…And before you start to comment on me being a hillbilly, etc etc, I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Moved to AR as an adult and liked it so much I stayed.)

  2. If you are going to steal an ATM machine make sure you line the bed of your truck with aluminum and then cover the top and then try to wrap the machine as much as you can to build a faraday cage that way the GPS signal gets lost

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