Arkansas State Police Pursuit of Deajon Dobbins @ 130 MPH

On July 8, 2020 Trooper First Class Aaron Morphis was at the Arkansas State Police Troop C headquarters when dispatch sent out an alert that the Poinsett County Sheriff’s Department was in pursuit of a gray Dodge Charger, northbound on Interstate 555. Dispatch advised that the suspect vehicle was traveling at speeds more than 100 mph and that the Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office was requesting ASP assistance. According to what was related, the Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office dispatch had informed ASP dispatch that the pursuit was initiated when a deputy got out with the vehicle for a motorist’s assist on I-555; the vehicle fled from the deputy as he got out with it and almost struck the deputy.

Morphis departed Troop C headquarters toward southbound I-555 in an attempt to intercept the vehicle. When he reached the 37 mile marker on I-555, ASP dispatch advised that the suspect vehicle was exiting off at exit 29. Morphis continued in pursuit until he reached Nestle Road, where he pulled onto the right shoulder to wait for the pursuit to catch up. When that happened, the suspect vehicle was traveling at speeds more than 100 mph and was cutting in and out of traffic, however, traffic was light. As the pursuit approached a construction zone of I-555 started, just north of Commerce Drive, the suspect vehicle had to start slowing down because there was an uninvolved vehicle approximately 15 feet in front of him. At that time, Morphis attempted a PIT maneuver, striking the suspect vehicle with his bumper, however the PIT did not stop the vehicle. But it did encourage the driver to give up ​near the 40 mile marker.

Once the vehicle came to a halt, a felony traffic stop followed.

“At first, the suspect was not complying with our orders, but he finally started complying after one of the Trumann K9 officers advised that he was going to release his K9 if he didn’t comply. We were able to get the suspect out of the vehicle and other officers placed him into custody. There were also two passengers in the vehicle that were also ordered out of the vehicle and detained. We then cleared the rest of the car with a Jonesboro Police Department K9.

Once the vehicle was cleared, it was searched. The vehicle smelled heavily of marijuana, but no marijuana was located. There was an AR-15 rifle that was located in the back driver’s side floorboard along with a pistol in the driver’s side seat pocket in the back. There were also several pistol magazines and rifle magazines that were located. The firearms and magazines were collected by the Poinsett County deputies for evidence.

I spoke with the suspect (driver) and obtained his name and date of birth since he did not have an ID on him. I also obtained the two passenger’s IDs. I ran all three subjects through ACIC/NCIC. The suspect showed to have a suspended driver’s license and also showed to have two warrants. The first warrant was out of the Collin County Sheriff’s Office in Mckinney, TX for theft of property, but they would not extradite. The second warrant was through Prairie County Sheriff’s Office in Arkansas, but they would not extradite either and just left the warrant active. The suspect had criminal history for aggravated assault out of the Jacksonville Police Department from June 27, 2017, but there was no disposition on [the case]. The suspect also advised that the firearms were his and that he had bought them.

The two passengers came back clear through ACIC/NCIC with no warrants or criminal history. The two passengers were released and the suspect was transported to the Poinsett County Detention Center by a Poinsett County deputy. He was charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, carrying a weapon, reckless driving, felony fleeing, and driving on a suspended driver’s license.”

Dobbins was ultimately sentenced to 36 months probation and a 12 month suspended sentence. On 3/16/21 a petition for revocation was filed after Dobbins was arrested for openly carrying a tan handgun at a Walmart store. He had $2,091 cash on his person at the time of his arrest, and had somehow managed to become a convicted felon between the pursuit arrest and the Walmart incident. Dobbins then failed to appear on the date of his own trial.

His case is now set for a status hearing on October 11, 2021.





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  1. I love it when a suspect isn't listening, and an officer says, "We're going to send in the dog", and then the suspect can't do what they're told fast enough! lol. I've seen a few suspects that were real tough guys until a K-9 got ahold of them and they start screaming like a little girl. lol.

  2. @ 25:41 we got cops these days wishing there would have been someone laying down in that car so the dog could have mauled them alive….. What kind of police force is this… @RealWorldPolice. I want to know where this clip came from and I want answers. This is the policing I rebuke!!!! Shameful. This is what is wrong with policing these days!!!!. I'm saving this clip to my computer and demanding answers. So I expect you guys better be reciting answers your Sarg gives you. Fukin POS!!!!

  3. And there it is… one tool to always be in uniform 100%… other trooper isn't wearing his hat… it's ok robocop… you are not dealing with civilians now when you are investigating with other officers… you may take your hat off.

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