Arkansas Police Impersonator: The Body Cam Footage

“Arkansas police impersonator’s arrest recorded by his own body camera” has been viewed seven million times for a cumulative one million hours of watch time. It’s time for more footage and information. The former is up top, the latter follows.

Subsequent his meteoric rise to infamy, Kurck was arrested yet again for impersonating a police officer. In the second incident, Kurck was alleged to have conducted a traffic stop of a teenage girl. He allegedly stole her driver’s license, physically searched her and forced her to take a roadside “breathalyzer.” The girl picked Kurck out of a lineup, and to this day we receive a steady stream of messages from people who are excited to inform us of Kurck’s rearrest.

Kurck’s second arrest was widely reported, and the police obtained a search warrant that covered his entire house — a highly intrusive act that is, of course, warranted at times.

The catch?

Kurck didn’t do it.

On August 12, 2020, prosecution was declined, in part because the alleged victim’s story wasn’t supported by surveillance footage that should have captured at least some of the events. The alleged traffic stop never even happened.

Plenty of people talk about copycat crime, but copycat allegations are a similarly-serious problem. Kurck’s wife filed for divorce in the wake of his second arrest; on July 2, 2021 she was granted temporary exclusive use of what had been their house.

Of course, just because Kurck didn’t do it in that case doesn’t mean he’s lived a life free of impersonation. As this video shows, Officer Kurck exists and has been on patrol.

On April 13, 2020, Kurck’s application for appointment as a civil process server in Saline County, Arkansas, was denied “due to multiple arrests for impersonating an officer.”

On April 6, 2021, Kurck was appointed as a process server in the Arkansas counties of Faulkner, Van Buren, and Searcy.

Two days later, Kurck requested reconsideration from the Saline County judge who had previously denied his application. In his request, Kurck suggested that his second arrest was retaliation for a civil lawsuit he had filed against certain police officers two days before his arrest.

Judge Robert Herzfeld denied Kurck’s request the same day it was received. And he denied it forever:

“The Plaintiff’s Motion for Reconsideration describes certain facts related to several criminal cases in which he was involved and offers explanations and excuses as to why these cases should not prohibit his being granted the right to serve civil process in Saline County.

The Plaintiff fails to acknowledge or even to mention that he was convicted of using Emergency Lights and Sirens without legal authorization.

Given the nature of the conviction compounded by the Plaintiff’s failure to acknowledge the conviction, the Plaintiff’s Motion for Reconsideration is hereby denied.

Further, the Plaintiff is hereby barred from applying to serve civil process in the 22nd Judicial District of Arkansas (Saline County) in the future.”

As for the specific reasons behind the declination of prosecution, Prosecutor Becky Reed McCoy wrote:

“I have reviewed the case file submitted for Jeremy Dale Kurck for the offenses of criminal impersonation, false imprisonment (second degree) and theft of property stemming from an incident which occurred on April 8, 2020. The case cannot be filed for the following reasons:

1. Posts and photographs of Kurck on Facebook discussing his similar conduct and conviction in Lonoke County shortly before April 8th could reasonably [have] tainted the victim’s identification of Kurck.

2. No physical evidence could be located to corroborate the victim’s claims or identification of Kurck, despite searches in Pulaski and White counties.

3. Kurck’s booking photograph taken April 9, 2020, does not match the physical description given by the victim.

4. Video evidence from Valley Baptist Church does not corroborate the victim’s allegations.

I do not believe I can prove the above-listed charges beyond a reasonable doubt; therefore, no criminal charges will be filed absent additional information or evidence.”

We have independently reviewed the church surveillance footage. There was no traffic stop.

Talk about a case full of drama.


00:00 A quick recap
01:33 Police discount
03:00 Traffic stop, police badge
04:30 Sing-along, then backstory
25:56 Mistaken for a cop, lots of talking to himself
29:54 The infamous traffic stop





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44 thoughts on “Arkansas Police Impersonator: The Body Cam Footage

  1. The fake cop at the beginning of the video shows a man whos fantasies about being a tough no nonsense lawman. Protect and serve etc could spiral out of control. He must be a very inadequate man. He probably lights up road kill animals and carry out cavity searches on the rotting rotting carcass and the maggots

  2. I’ll never understand why these guys want to memorialize their crimes. It’s simply because they are narcissistic and truly believe that they are untouchable, that no one would ever catch them because they are far too smart.

  3. All the people he put in danger driving like that and being a fraud why can't he be lock up for 10yrs no parole?

  4. Jeremy's just agreeable to the information that's told to him. He doesn't know anything about how the justice system works. He's trying to fake it so hard while trying to come across as legit. Take the school administrator for example. Jeremey’s “yes, sir. No they cannot do that…” etc.

  5. how can anyone look at this joke and think he’s a real officer? Guy probably has to tie his shoes before he puts em on because he’s too fat to reach his feet. You could speed walk away from his cupcake eatin ass and he’d be out of breath just thinking about catching up XD

  6. I feel this isn’t over gang. Buckle up, this ride is going to be wild and long.
    JD is using his funeral business for misdemeanor traffic violations dressed like LEO. Bothered on an orange/yellow level. Glad he’s going to jail. Good story.
    JK is using his distorted reality to act as an “officer of the court” to get information on random women so he can “really get this one”. And brags he DEFINITELY is LEO preforming LEO traffic stops. I’m alarmed level red/purple.
    JK will be a great case to continue to follow now that JD has lost Metro State. He’s no where near done and is a narcissist. Yeah, this guy won’t be shook by one search warrant and the divorce most likely kicked his predator senses up.

  7. Asking for a discount is so cringe. Also, this is why it only takes one guy to ruin it for the rest of us. If you’re in uniform and get the discount, sweet, if they don’t offer it that time, oh well.

  8. This is scary as fuck!! Knowing that someone can walk around pretending to be law enforcement & arrest people. I hope they lock him up for life

  9. Everyone commenting what an idiot and shit.. did you read the end? All charges was dropped.
    With that said this dude is insane, you hear the way he was talking to himself like "come to the door, dont make me come in" what a physco.

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