Arizona Representative David Cook Arrested for Extreme DUI

David Cook is a Republican politician elected to serve in the Arizona House of Representatives from the 8th Legislative District. He was first elected to the state House in 2016 and represents central & eastern Pinal County and southern Gila County.

On December 19, 2018, Cook was pulled over by an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper in Mesa, Arizona after the officer spotted Cook’s vehicle failing to maintain its lane on Loop 202. When asked to step out of his vehicle, Cook responded “Do you know what you’re doing, son? You’re making a mistake.”

Cook was arrested with a measured blood-alcohol content of .158%, well above the state limit of .08%… and tested well after the time of his initial stop.

When the officer informed Cook that he would lose his driver’s license, Cook responded that he would be fine because his wife works at MVD, Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Division. When the trooper told Cook to watch his head while exiting the rear of his police car, Cook responded “Don’t worry, you’ll get yours.”

Not long after Cook’s arrest a number of news media outlets announced that “body cam” footage from the arrest had been released. It had not.

Arizona DPS does not use body-worn cameras. In fact, AZDPS is one of the few state police agencies to use a fleet of police cars where a significant number of vehicles have no video camera of any kind. What had been released was a single minute of dash camera footage – from the only vehicle that had a camera – along with a one minute audio recording from a separate wireless audio recorder.

As you may have guessed, Cook’s DUI stop took more than a minute. That footage has been held by the state police since Cook’s arrest.

Here it is.

(Curious about the red solo cup in the thumbnail? Read the vehicle inventory at 20:43.)

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49 thoughts on “Arizona Representative David Cook Arrested for Extreme DUI

  1. On March 8, 2019 David Cook accepted a plea deal in North Mesa Justice Court. His case was adjudicated by Justice of the Peace Cecil Ash, a former Republican state legislator. Cook pled guilty to misdemeanor drunken driving, which typically comes with a 10-day jail sentence. Cook's jail time, however, was reduced to 24 hours under the condition that he complete a drug and alcohol treatment program — which he has already done, in the form of a 16-hour web-based DUI course. Cook is required to attend a MADD victim impact panel by May 8, 2019, and will be on probation for five years after his 24 hours jail stint, during which he must not drink alcohol "to excess." Additionally, Cook has been assessed fines and fees totaling $1,834.50.

  2. Standing that way anyone will fail thats way the police tells you to stand like that while they talk to you anyone will lose there balance then you go to jail all the test are setup to fail

  3. This guy has an infamous record in Arizona. He drives 120 in a 60 and says "laws don't apply to me" in public. Brags about it in the bars. I live close to him. I drive that freeway every day.

  4. This is the first I've heard a condition of probation being "must not drink to excess" generally its abstain from drugs and alcohol then again I'm from Massachusetts…. What are they scared his withdrawal will kill him😂

  5. Well, judging by his sentence he was right to throw his weight around. He is actually more important than these "Joe Blows" as proven by the totally impartial justice system.

  6. He's my x-brother in law. Both He, & his brother, and their dad…are abusive, alcoholic Narcisists! They should have at the very least made this dufus go to A.A. or rehab! He has a beautiful home…while his mother in ill health lived in a dilapidated mobile home, in Oklahoma! She was finally diagnosed with 4th stage colon cancer, & passed almost a year ago. My daughter is blind as a result of David enabling his alcoholic brother. Anything you guys want to know, just let me know.

  7. About 15 years ago coming home from work after midnight, I got behind a drunken cop in a plain fleet Impala on a 2-lane highway. He was using ALL of the road coming over hill crests, the kind of drunk that will kill somebody. Fortunately there was nobody else on the road. I called my county's police, gave a lic plate # and while following the vehicle I spoke at length with the dispatcher who revealed she knew the driver's home address and said he wasn't far from his home. Then I ultimately watched them escort the drunken cop safely home.

  8. It's almost like they want to get killed by another drunk driver while busting this one. It doesn't appear that they have their lights going..They are standing in between the vehicles all while being way too close to the lanes. Didn't seem safe at all.

  9. It always amazes me how politicians in both parties somehow think they can wield their influence over the police when they've made a mistake…especially a mistake that could have hurt someone else had this gentleman lost control of his car due to the alcohol in his blood while driving.

  10. I guess he won't be advocating for tougher DUI any time soon. Why not remove their license for 5 years for the 1st offense? If caught driving , 5 years in jail. How is that not law already?

  11. Funny that those cameras cost thousands of dollars and work only part of the time and when they do work they are garbage.

    My $59 Android works 100% of the time and has 100 times better video and audio quality.

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