36 thoughts on “Anyone know where milk comes from?

  1. "Nothing bad will happen. Just let weirdos be weird".
    Newborn baby suckles father. (Whos delusion is so unchecked he wonders why the baby cant get milk). So uh, where is that line again? Once they cross the line then what? Backwards town. They say the hillbillies are dumb lol. Look at this brilliance.

  2. Had to pull over as I almost got into an accident as a guy didn't bother to look as he neglected to stop at a stop sign and decided to come into my lane. I was experiencing road rage, so I thought it best to pull over and calm down.

    I also thought I'd watch something funny on YouTube to help me calm down. Oh look! Mike posted something 33 minutes ago! Perfect! This should be f'ing funny!

    I thought that was a… woman for a second. It wasn't clicking though. Then it was, "Wait, is that two dudes? Trying to breast feed a baby? No… couldn't.".

    Made the mistake of scrolling through the comments and… confirmed. Now I'm even more fucking pissd. Fucking thanks, Mike. Asshole. Where is my f'ing comedy!?

  3. Obviously, these two haven't a clue about basic biology and the fact that only biological women can produce milk. I really hope this baby is getting nourishment elsewhere.

    In the meantime, look up the Aka Pygmy Tribe fathers that let their babies suck on their nipples. It's not done out of a lack of knowledge about feeding babies. The fathers use their nipples like pacifiers when the moms are out doing other things. The mothers and fathers share parenting duties equally in almost every way.

    No, I'm not making excuses for these two.

  4. Male lactation usually is a side effect of certain medications, a sign of liver damage and/or a sign of a brain tumor. Induced male lactation is possible by injecting hormones, but it might lead to male breast cancer.
    But hey, your body your choice. You can be as smart or stupid with it as you want.

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