Another police killing in rural America, another case without accountability

(Content warning: Some images and details in this episode are graphic and disturbing.) The horrifying body camera footage of Chico, California, police killing 31-year-old Tyler Rushing is another troubling example of why police violence is not a problem limited to urban communities. As part of PAR’s continuing coverage, we examine Rushing’s death in the context of the broader phenomena of rural overpolicing and the persistent use of unwarranted violence by law enforcement across the country. Please join journalists Taya Graham and Stephen Janis for this very important episode of the Police Accountability Report!

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21 thoughts on “Another police killing in rural America, another case without accountability

  1. I can only say "thank you" to the viewers and mostly positive comments. Many have been very informational and constructive. The viewers need to know that Ty was killed almost four years ago. I have nearly 5,000 pages of documents related to the killing and lawsuit. I'm sorry but I can't respond to everyone but my legal team, four attorneys, have hired expert witnesses and deposed the officers and guard involved, there were two autopsies, the DA did his exoneration report, the Ninth District Court Judge Morrison C. England dismissed our case and we have appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court United States Court of Appeals for a trial. I argue that a CIVILIAN JURY SHOULD DECIDE if the actions of the killing guard and officers were "objectively reasonable." This is a complicated case and the officers, not the guard, have QUALIFIED IMMUNITY, which automatically protects them and puts up a huge legal obstruction for my attorneys. Nevertheless, I have spoken with many law enforcement professionals over the last 45 months and everyone one of them supports my POV that the officer's use of force was tactically and morally WRONG. If I back off the bad guys, led by the DA of Butte County, CA win. I am not going down without a fight. Is the DA a sadistic martinet? You, the viewers can decide.

  2. I did some time in California prison system, (I didn't do it). I wonder if Butte county was hugely populated or why it seemed so overrepresented. At CRC, it seemed that maybe the dorm was maybe a quarter Butte county folks.
    I became excluded, for same reason I was sent there, and did my time in regular prison.
    Amusing thing, someone put my birthdate as 1975, which would have made me 19 at the time. That kept me in a higher security level than I should have been, for sake that I was fifty, twenty eight years ago.

  3. Tyler rushing, was strung out on drugs. I saw him the day before that kid attacked police officers get your story straight lady. I was informed he had no drugs in his system. Then he was definitely out of his mind hallucinating looking into the air, waving his arms then he snapped. For whatever reason, sad situation for all . I literally saw him at Depot Park. I work around that area constantly.

  4. See it’s real easy, the pigs eff up and then they just fabricate evidence, destroy evidence, make up stories, lies etc !!! Their able to do this because their never held accountable. The people of Chico should hold every pig in that town accountable. If that would happen a few times around the country, it wouldn’t take long and other cops around the country would start abiding by the law cause the peon citizens ain’t gonna tolerate their crap anymore !!!

  5. The court is part of the crime family. Tyler’s family and friends need to arm up and hold the pigs accountable, pigs DONT NEVER hold themselves accountable, they have a gun and a badge, their above the law.

  6. Question so then is everyone saying trsspassing is ok ? What if someone you did not know broke into your house and burglarized your home what would you do

  7. It's another example of law enforcement thuggery.
    If the US police force cannot get there act together they'll have an all out rebellion on there hands.

  8. Seems like guy walkin down the road went to sht behind a bush on the easement area of the property and was opened fire on. As for the pigs, that looks a lot like torture, murder, gross negligence, ugh.

  9. If anyone knows the father of this young man, please pass along my condolences. I lost my son when he was just 2 weeks past his 37th birthday. He had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a cancer of the lymph nodes, when he was 14. 10 months later we were told he was cured. 22 yrs later he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, exactly one year before he dyed. He had been experiencing slight stomach pain and at first thought he had a mild ulcer. The doctors stated that he had a tumor in his pancreas that had most likely been there from the time of the first cancer and the radiation had caused the slow growth of this tumor. So he lived for 22 yrs w/ a tumor in his pancreas… was only experiencing mild discomfort when he went to the doctors… and w/ in 12 months the treatment had ended his life. In my belief he was redrum'ed by the pharmaceutical companies… who have turned all human illnesses into Trillion Dollar money making machines.

    My heart breaks for this wonderful father bc I know what the h3ll it is to lose a beloved son. Please extend my love, from one parent to another, and my heartache for his wonderful son. I know the impotent rage that I feel towards the companies that are legally allowed to poison us. I cannot imagine the pain knowing another citizen, with a badge, chose to commit redrum on purpose. Again, I am so sorry. We have to all stand together and try to save our country… bc the people we elect are as corrupt as the legal criminals with badges and CEO's who despise us all.

  10. Our courts are now as corrupt as the police. The only reason that they treat Wh citizens with less respect is bc they know we will never band together and force change through protest. Where most other communities will stand up for their rights… the Wh community doesn't. Whenever there is the police end someone… regardless of their Rayce, ethnicity, or place of birth is mistreated, beaten, or worse… every citizen should stand together and demand Justice. We must stop allowing the politicians, schools, colleges, and media to divide us… and stand up for each other. We are all Children of God and must stand up for our Rights and Freedoms that our Founders agreed we are born with….

    The only reason that we are being divided by those with power… is so that we turn against each other instead of paying attention to them.

  11. “We sicc’d the dog on him and he kept resisting.”

    Please show me a cop who could sit still and be submissive with a German Shepard chewing on his balls.

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