Agreement to End US Involvement in Afghanistan War, But War Will Continue

The US and the Taliban are about to sign an agreement to withdraw 14,000 US troops from Afghanistan, potentially ending the longest war in US history. However, the Afghans will not see an end to fighting yet, says The Independent’s Patrick Cockburn 

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29 thoughts on “Agreement to End US Involvement in Afghanistan War, But War Will Continue

  1. Sorry but not buying that easy. Who will guard poppy fields? Would Purdue Pharma leave it to the good will of Talibans and try chances with their believes? Or they will organize some private army to guard their sources of opium? We remember last time when it was leaved to the good will and business nerv of Talibans, they destroyed all fields with poppy when someone said that it is not in Quran. All Balkan route collapsed, US allies in Serbia, Albania, Turkey lost power, they must intervene again in Afganistan "because of 9/11" an so. Huge mess.

  2. I'll give this video a like, but only so that I know to have previously listened to it for it's not a good interview, imo. However, this totally and always unjustifiable US-lead/led war on Afghanistan killed 2,400 US soldiers? I guess that's only for KIA, for there've been plenty so PTSD'd after the fact that they ended up committing suicide due to lack of moral, say, support; after leaving the war zone. There were plenty of articles 10+ years ago from different sources reporting that there were more of these deaths than KIA; plenty more. If only counting KIA, then it's a major understatement, rather than fact, full truth. As for contractors of the MIC "services", I really don't care, for they did that "work" as experienced people, but many ordinary soldiers are lied to, deceived, tricked, trumped, suckered, and not expecting …. It's a major problem with the military and politics. Too many people are naive. As for the Afghans killed, it's all bloody murder lead/led by Washington, with its brown-nosing allies. This damn war was NEVER justifiable, and according to plenty of sources, GW Bush had the war plans on his oval office desk the week prior to 9/11; plus, some others reported that a Pakistani or Indian govt official said that GWB had said back in July 2001 that the US would war on Afghanistan no later than October 2001. The US et al officially launched the invasive war on Oct. 7, 2001, and some people who apparently knew what they were talking about is that such war build-up couldn't happen within only the span of 1 month. But, even if some of those people were in any way mistaken, one thing that's unquestionably true is that the damn war was never justifiable; and, on top of that, against the US Constitution. It was both. So, we MUST NOT discount the soldiers dead due to suicide after or during serving in these totally criminal wars.

  3. Afghanistan is destroyed forever thanks to the US backing of the mujahideen in the 1980s. The Taliban wouldn't even exist without US intervention in the 80s, and now they will probably take over. And the US backed government is barely any better than the Taliban. Horrific

  4. it is a charade, the US should get out but knowing them they will leave and then a few years down the line they will come back to take everything that was nailed down. If Trump was smart politically he could use this as a political stunt to claim his negotiations have been successful

  5. taliban not to sign and allow fun kids escapepeacefully they need keep ruining their their health , even few taliban around their doomsday hearts thropping since many always file health disaster to gain day off but taliban still maims them with death death sentence.their tears floods D.C bussiness gone wrong!

  6. What we should have done more than 10 years ago, left the country and let them sort out there own issues. If they want to live in civil war how can we stop them? If they come here then we should just go back…

  7. Why you don't mention the number of US allies killed? Norway lost as many soldiers in Afganistan (per capita) as the USA. It seems to be a US-only focus like "We take the credit for everything". Good for you! Now we know for next time you ask us to waste our blood for you!

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