Activists Demand Public Control of Presidential Debates

Corporate media moderators focus debates on corporate interests and fail to represent public concerns, said protesters outside ABC News. They say control of debates should be returned to the public.

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47 thoughts on “Activists Demand Public Control of Presidential Debates

  1. We need to reformat government and restore power back to the people. Stopping the micromanagement into our lives. you have to ask yourself are we really free?????????????????
    Right now it is the land of the fee and a home of grave.

  2. I don't know why noone gets this, Bloomberg is taking the hit, taking one for the team. He knows he won't win but he will take a percentage of the overall delegates. Making it harder for other candidates (BERNIE) to get the minimum amount to guarantee the nomination. Same for Tom Steyer.

  3. Money is EVERYTHING in the U.S.A. It should be capped for every candidate and lobbyists should be banned. Elections there are a complete circus and farce.

  4. Not only does the corporate media skew questions toward the opinions of the rich, and away from the concerns of the masses, but allowing Bloomberg to buy his way into the debates makes it obvious that the entire process is anything but democratic…

  5. I agree that the public should have very serious control over the Presidential debates but while I'll give this video a Like for this reason, I otherwise don't like it, due to getting NOTHING from the debates, Q&A stuff.

  6. If they want to change the system it would be nice to stop the election . Only election must be called with clean and clear transperant for all to see and know.

  7. Where are all the twitteristas, who've kept insisting (since '15) that 'Bernies not a Democrat'
    NOW, on the fact that Bloomberg REALLY REALLY
    isn't a Democrat?

  8. It's pity no one is talking about nationalizing GM. Democratic socialism is a mirage, the left wing of the right wing.

  9. Dear The Real News Network,
    This is a travesty to our American form of government. Why and how can 350 million people be unawares before the corporate climate mentioned in Ralph Nader and Jim Marrs books. Don't miss reading one! What about installing AI designed software at all levels the world over to find out and correct through the fairness doctrine all unfair decisions! It will be recorded for permanency so colleges and the like can implement studies and understand how not to proceed as we teach in a no cost education, healthcare starting with all herbology fields and a yearly capitalist giveback permanently funding all government programs from the original New Deal to implement programs no matter the name of citizen assistance called in the New Deal II. Thank you.
    Don Suiters
    Clearwater Florida

  10. What would you expect from a Corporation ; they Value Not Democracy or even the USA when it was a Republic .
    We Do Not have Representative Govt ; We have Feudalism .
    Major Press is Controlled via US State Dept Funding and what THEY deem newsworthy ; I grew up in the Press (Gannett) .
    Then the Council on Foreign Relations Controls the US State Dept and Both Major Parties ; these Corporations were previously known as the Council of the Elites and prior to that as the Greenbacks .
    They ARE the Cause of every US Financial Crash to Slowly but Surely Transform America into
    A Corporatist Oligarchy and to be Run eventually as a Full Dictatorship .
    This is Truth and I swear it as Such under my Oath to the Constitution.
    We the People must Do everything We can to dismantle this Graft ;
    it is OUR Collective and Individual Duty as Americans to Stand Up against Tyranny in all its forms esp here at Home .

    #FiatJustiaRuatCaelum =
    Let Justice be done, Lest the Heavens Fall


    Also do consider joining the International Tribunal For Natural Justice
    Learn and be part of Social Justice and What True Law is .
    May God Bless All of America's Many Good Peoples

    The Debates Should Be Run by the Public ; to include All the Questions asked of the Candidates ; is it NOT the People to then be Represented ?!


    There is also a Huge difference between Lawful vs Legal
    Please Learn the Difference
    All American should also Learn this Law exists
    18 US 242 ; merely type that into your search bar .
    It can be invaluable 🤓👍👊🖖✌

  11. League Of Women Voters should be running the Debates! The Corporate Media only cares about Corporate Profits and War! They are War Mongers and Profiteers! They don't care about the American People, they are biased and their questions show that to be true! They also smear Bernie with the Socialist label when he is just trying to help the American People like FDR did in the past!

  12. Fantastic! In addition these parties should not be involved in any aspect of the elections other than them running a candidate in them.
    The debates, the questions, the moderators, the rules and requirements, on C SPAN, should be under our control.
    The primaries, the rules, precinct Capt.'s, AND THE COUNTING, should be our control.
    How we ever gave thre control over to Corporate Powers and Private Corporate Parties is beyond me. Time to wake up. This is not normal.

  13. The debates should be hosted on and by public television/ radio, even primaries… why the hell do we allow corporate media to dictate the debates and which questions are asked? I'm surprised ABC mentioned climate change, be it under pressure… from there, all media should be able to use the content as it airs and insert their spin if they want.

  14. One can feel the grip of Israel, AIPAC, and Sheldon Adelson on these debates from behind the scenes, and the death grip they have on most members of Congress. Go Bernie go!!!

  15. All humans can "PRINT MONEY", but not you public guy's!!!
    You public guys are going to sit down and shut up and play to pay buy or by my "RULE or RULES!!!
    Or I'm taking my Global Ball home and tell lies on you!!!

    David Muir if a Military strike was called in to assassinate you, would you let it happen ???
    David Muir answer; he said yes, he would take the death because he's American???
    And that's the story of the spoiled rich kid on the play ground..
    Great broadcast Real News…

  16. Zephaniah 3:8; and Joel 2:11 reveal, when, how, God Almighty will make the World a "level playing field"; Romans 2:11– God is without' partiality, and He will save humanity from themselves some future moment – Isaiah 35:*4-7-10. And teach through Christ His Son, the same lesson; to be without√partiality in life's affairs.Gal.6:10.

  17. Everyone acting as a moderator is paid big bucks, is part of the establishment, and is not interested in change. Their network is not interested in change. The salaries these people make are absolutely absurd. These so called moderators are pushing an agenda, the agenda of the 1%, so why bother to watch..

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