20 thoughts on “A wildcat strike in 1970 solved the last crisis at USPS

  1. He said that black workers comprise 21% of the postal service and if privatized it would be devastating for the Black community.
    But I guess that it wouldn't be a problem for the 79 % of the other affected employees?
    Make that make sense.
    Whenever a business shuts down and the lights are shut off for the last time. Everyone that worked there is the same color.

  2. NIce Marvin Gaye Picture behind you! Mercy mercy me what's goin' on?! Excellent segment as always… Defent the Postal Service! Postal Banking 2020!!! These unpatriotic bastards are taking a giant dump on Benjamin Franklin's grave!

  3. Any one know why last episode of real News on Spotify is on 4th of august? In New Zealand if that is relevant. I used to listen it there.

  4. A mass strike is when you realize the military is not on your side. The regime will always call them in as strike busters. Murder a few people and the rest get the message.

  5. i wish these excellent ideas for growing our postal service- and WHY it is being choked down- was being blasted into the mainstream. go back to offering basic banking (why do people think they still do money orders? a last vestige of postal banking). who demolished that extremely valuable public service? as he says, look to the vultures of the check cashing and payday loan industry.

    the rich, always cheating and stealing from the poor and modest means folks. my god, aren't we all bled as dry as we can be by now?

  6. That was prior to the USA becoming a fascist society in the 80s and union-busting.
    Unions have next to no power any more unless it's some murderous, far-right-wing union like the police unions.

  7. Anytime there is time and space between you and your ballot it's rife for corruption . This has nothing to do with enabling a vote if it's a mail in ballot..

  8. Not surprisingly, the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act passed the Senate by unanimous consent; providing cover for those who would not have voted for it if there had been a recorded vote.
    As I recall the Democrats controlled the Senate at the time so it is somewhat disingenuous – if not deliberately misleading – to downplay their role in this blatant attempt to privatize USPS.
    If and when USPS is privatized, what do you suppose will happen to that bloated pension fund? Will USPS workers see a dime of it?

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