21 thoughts on “A surprising message from an officer! Routine traffic stop zero action, warning written

  1. We are entering into the era of tactical-appreciation*. LE have known about auditors forever. LE was convinced they could make auditing go away. LE has come to the conclusion that they are losing the fight for unaccountability. This new ‘I appreciate what you’re doing’ approach is rapidly catching on amongst the LE community. They are LYING. They ABSOLUTELY DO NOT appreciate being held accountable. This *tactical-appreciation is just another hit-or-miss attempt to circumvent audits & accountability. The danger in this is that they are forced to hide their disgust & anger, creating a sort of pressure cooker effect. Wait for it. Soon, the pressure cookers will begin to blow their tops and so will begin a search for the next new *tactical-dodge*. LE may never surrender their ability to Lie, Intimidate, Threaten, and Arrest because of auditor cameras, but auditors likewise, will NEVER surrender the pursuit of accountability. Stay safe JMA

  2. Honestly some officers are smarter they ham it up for the camera you know play good cop. I won't say anything negative about this officer he didn't show a bad side was professional. There are good officers. But I would never say one way or another. Some people put on a act some just show you exactly who they are. So yes this officers did a Great job. But without his history and knowing his previous complaints if any. I hope he's what he seems to be.

  3. https://youtu.be/MdLR2sP5Wp8 update to this story. I called the adair police department to inquire about this video…I inquired what happened to this officer Carlos Adolfo.. what disciplinary action was taken.. Basic info and was verry polite in my questions. I was sent to town hall. I then called town hall and they informed me of all the info I needed. I then thanked them for there transparancy and effort to take action on this officer.. I hung up.. About an hour latter I got a call from Carlos Adolfo he called my PERSONAL CELL PHONE NUMBER. I don't even live in Oklahoma and this officer called my PERSONAL NUMBER to intimidate and harrass me… How is this OK. I RECORDED THIS CALL.. How did he get my phone number????

  4. Must have caught him on a good day. If he's behind on his monthly performance "review"/quota, I doubt he would appreciate being filmed at a traffic stop.

  5. Still got their names, id's everything. Straight into the "persons of interest" category- free season pray from here on out. Sizing up and labling the population for the masters.

  6. Thank you. Not all stops will be bad…yet we should "Always, Film the Police!" It may save someone from having their lives ruined or maybe even save their very lives.

  7. I have an insurmountable amount of respect for the professionalism you conduct yourself with. So many auditors provoke the police, then wonder why they are hated so much! Keep up the great work.

    Last year I was targeted by two corrupt police officers in my hometown after an incident the night before (where I invoked my rights). I was subsequently arrested for three misdemeanor traffic infractions when they performed an illegal traffic stop. I simply let them dig their own graves and didn't resist or run my mouth! The following morning I was released on a P.R. bond, and eventually got all three citations dismissed. Both officers were later relieved of their duty after I filed a formal complaint and later filed a lawsuit against the City. The suit was quickly settled out of court . . . I was running a dash cam along with a secondary camera when the traffic stop took place because a neighbor had called and given me a heads-up! It was the video footage that saved my bacon and resulted in the City quickly settling out of court!

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