A Know-Nothing President Steps Into a Turkish/Kurdish Minefield

The U.S. is deeply involved in the region surrounding Syria. Its actions helped lay the groundwork for the current struggle faced by the Kurds.

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50 thoughts on “A Know-Nothing President Steps Into a Turkish/Kurdish Minefield

  1. This has been a playground for the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) since WWII. Clearly MIC (& Israel) wants the US presence in Syria to increase, and all the corporate politicians are being critical of Trump’s move (especially the GOP). When the reality is, the US should to leaving the entire area. But we first have to go Green in order to do that. Included in that is the need to de-couple the dollar from oil sales.

  2. The Kurds were treated well in Syria. Unfortunately the present boundaries in the Middle East are the result of the old Colonialists.
    Tough but the Kurds have to live with them like everybody else in the Middle East.
    Too late now to redraw borders.
    ISIS would never have taken over in Syria if it were not for the USA and the Gulf States trying to depose Assad using every Terrorist they could attract into Syria. Including ISIS.
    Just remember it was the USA under Obama that pretended to be fighting ISIS in East Syria for 14 months until Russia exposed the Obama Admin was only pretending to fight ISIS. Too good an ally to have to help destroy Syria and remove Assad.
    Also remember it was the USA that stopped the Syrian Military going into East Syria to fight ISIS. The USA actively bombed the Syrian Military every time they tried to cross the the Euphraties to fight ISIS.
    We all guessed it. Under Obama the USA was all about partitioning Syria after Russia destroyed there failed attempt to take over Syria using Terrorists including ISIS.
    Most of East Syria has not been Kurdish Territory anyway for a long time. What about the plight of the others who have lived there for hundreds of years. They have a right to return also.
    The Kurds are no angels. Good fighters for there cause. So are all the other Arabs that fought for the USA against ISIS. Were they fighting for a Kurdish State. No!
    Syria is Syria and it should remain so. One of the most successful States in the ME until the USA and its mates decided to destroy it.
    The Kurds are welcome to be part of Syria. Assad has stated that many times. A very Multi Ethnic nation and relatively prosperous until the USA and its primitive Gulf State mates tried to destroy it.
    Syrian Kurds have a home, Syria.
    USA Media as usual trying to distort and deny there part in the original Crime.
    Syria is Syria. Go home Yank! You have overall caused all the problems there.
    Obama, Kerry, Hillary and Biden were the main problem in there normal two faced way.
    Add morons like McCain and his mates in the Repubs and the disaster overall has been caused by the USA.
    Face the truth you Two Faced retards in the USA.
    Trump is correct to get out before the USA is kicked out by Turkey, Iran, Syria and even Iraq. There can never be a separate State of East Syria controlled by the Kurds.
    All the above would sooner or later kick you out and rightly so.
    Got 500,000 Troops to defend the place?

  3. Turkey is an ally of the US, not the kurds, in my humble opinion the kurds deserve whatever Ankara throws their way because they chose to side with american imperialists against a Government that for decades have treated them equally and fairly, but no, noecons promised them things that they have been promised before…as the saying goes "those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it

  4. The Kurds didn't Helped the US to Land a man on the Moon (assuming they did of course)… The Kurds didn't Helped to rebuild 9/11 site… wow… What the F.. the US is doing in the middle East in the first place????

  5. There is always a section of the society who is unsatisfied with the status quo, regardless of the geography. However, the "west" has taken upon itself, for it's own financial gains – oligarchs, military congressional industrial complex, etc – to put gasoline in the fire, where ever the opportunity arises. Examples are ample, and beyond the scope of this little note. And, unfortunately the big players in the east, China and Russia, can't see or don't want to see what is happening, intentionally or otherwise They will be next on the agenda.

  6. Edit: For future reference – The guest's name is Khury Petersen-Smith, and as mentioned in the video he works with the Institute for Policy Studies.


    I love the reporting of the Real News. I have been a fan since your first years on Youtube, and I realize you operate on a shoestring budget, but can you please add the names of your guests to the video description? I notice that you do not do this for most of your videos and I think it would be helpful.

    I can find out the informatiom by searching through the video but having the guests names and contact or website information in the description would be awesome.

    Thank you for all your good work. You really are a beacon in these dark and confused times.

  7. You should think twice when you're of the same opinion of the bi-partisan duopoly US establishment, and Israel, and the likes of Graham & Haley. Huge red flag, folks. Take some time to do more research on the whole Kurdish thing.

  8. It is not complex it is just straight forward the Kurds have been spread in all the region for so long like the Beduins they occupied different parts of Iraq, Iran, and Syria before the supper powers intervened in that region the Kurds were (are) part of those countries. Once the United States started interfering and messing around they used the Kurds as separatists and proxies against Sadam Hussein in Iraq and then in Syria. the United States (with ISRAEL in the back)promised them "freedom" and independence. What happened in Iraq when the Kurds believed in the U.S. and they revolved against the Iraqi government? they were slaughtered. Now in Syra, the Kurds again believe in the U.S promises of independence these people (Kurds) allied with the invader forces of their country to help the Americans to seized oil fields and killed their fellow Syrian citizens. Even more, the Kurds were ethnic cleansing the Syrians from their towns and now YOU said that the situation is COMPLEX! talk is easier when you DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON THERE! THE BEST THING FOR THE UNITED STATES IS TO GO HOME! REMEMBER U.S. TROOPS ARE THERE ILLEGALLY

  9. The Kurds are not like the Palestinians they more accurately mirror the Zionists. That said there is no more America can do to end this conflict its beyond our control.

  10. The elephant in the room is the PKK and its relationship to the SDF. The SDF is the de facto present government of the Kurds in this region. "The PKK is the Turkish branch of the KCK. The PYD/YPG is the Syrian branch of the KCK. The PYD is the political party and the YPG military wing. The YPG is the largest militia in the SDF." Basic algebra discloses that the SDK = PKK. So what has the PKK been up to lately in Turkey? 2016: PKK terrorists attack the traffic-filled, central Kizilay square using a bomb-laden car. 36 people are killed and 125 others injured. That's why to this day the US and the EU identify the PKK as a terrorist organization. Question to all here bemoaning the Turkish Army operation: What would America do if Al Queda controlled 32 km of Mexican territory at our border? Invite them for tea?

    The Kurds were, are and will always be paid guns for hire used to advance American policy, and never to establish an independent Kurdish state. Lachrymose talk of "brothers-in-arms" and fondness for top Kurdish "generals" in no way justifies continuing our illegal and expensive and fruitless occupation of Syria where the war against Assad has long ago ended, as should our continuing presence be now.

  11. I like how this dipshit "journalist" talks about how we destabilized syria but implies that we should continue to illegally occupy Syria to defend the kurds(who we have no deal or treaty with) against our NATO allies, Turkey. The Kurds were already fighting ISIS and turkey. We armed, trained, and funded them. We NEVER made any promises to stay in syria indefinitely for the Kurds. Gtfoh with this ignorant bullshit. Fucking neocon talking points wrapped in progressive language. The Real News us SHIT!

  12. This would not be happening if President Gold Club's predecessor had not carried out a regime change operation against Syria in the first place. Nothing wrong with U.S. troops being taking out of a country where they are unwanted invaders, engaged in a regime change operation. Long term peace cannot be guaranteed if Washington is going to insist on creating a little sectarian ethno state within Syria. The humane thing to do would be for the U.S. to ante up and help pay the costs of this regime change operation by taking in all the refugees in Turkey who want to come to this country. Of course, Trump being who he is, is not going to do this. Neither would any other U.S. politician do this. Washington is really good at helping create humanitarian disasters, but no so good at helping clean up the mess it creates.

  13. TheIdiot Supreme is making good on his promise/debt to Putin! Why isn’t anyone saying this? I expect some major retaliation from isis on amerikkkant soil soon!

  14. The Surreal absurdity of our countries instability is linked to the destructs of our media. Monopolies (who are against freedom) refuse to allow the people the right to know the truth and hence, the inability of the people to criticize our leaders. Now are leaders can keep making the same mistakes over and over. Their down fall will be the result of their preventing the media and yet, they saw the media as a threat to the hegemony.

  15. Yes, cut all military aid to Turkey, then Israel, subsidies to Big Oil and Big Ag…and spend those billions of saved billions of dollars on the Green New Deal.

  16. Israel is the problem. Ever since biblical times, they given the creator a hard time, and are a very bad stubborn people, and have been abusing Americans up to this day. We as Americans must completely divorce Israel. God gave up on them a long time ago.

  17. The U.S, EU and Israel aim to destroy and control the Islamic countries period. Established Israel and now supporting the establishment of a Kurds State, both is ethnic cleansing. The U.S media shows the Kurds with woman fightets and talk about liberation and equal and modern society, at the same time totaly covering the killing, torturing and ethnic cleansing of the indiginous Syrian/Iraqis to establish a Kurddistan. The U.S, EU and Israel should be held accountable for all the war crimes committed, they are the access of EVIL.

  18. A know nothing president talking to a know nothing U.S population. The play goes on in the israel theater while thousands innocents are killed behind the curtains.

  19. Why USA and EU should withdraw support for Turkish while USA and EU are responsible for making 3 millions refugees to trouble Turkey?? Why and how USA can support enemies of Nato alliance? Kurds are separatis who want to snatch Turkish land to build Kurdistan. How would USA and any European countries behave to such separatists if they would fight to grab USA/European land to build an independent country?!!
    On the other hand, Erdogan has been doing so much development for Kurdish people in Turkey to make them loyal to their country and take part in developing their own future and the United Turkey.
    I think USA should make Kurds motivated to give up destructive war and be happy to be in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran peacefully.
    But USA will never do that just because their warmonger military industrialists need war to flourish weapons business.!!

  20. No one has pointed out that “the Kurdish forces” aren’t even majority Kurdish. They’re not Kurdish Nationalists like the KRG in Iraq they’re Leftist Revolutionaries. They have no intention of building a “Nation State” they have explicitly said they wish to build a Federation of municipal Conferderations founded on the Commune.

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