700,000 Displaced as Syria and Turkey Descend into War

Syria and Turkey are fighting each other in the rebel-controlled Idlib region, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee for their lives as the bombings intensify.

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43 thoughts on “700,000 Displaced as Syria and Turkey Descend into War

  1. when they create the descalation zone on idlib two years back the Russians knows quite well that Assad will after two years they will attack idlib but what can the Russians do to stop him he can't stop Assad that the real truth of this war with humanitarian catastrophic never seen in the world

  2. Say what you will about President Trump, but…
    If Killary was in office, we'd be fighting fullfleged back to back wars in Syria, Iran Venezuela, N.Korea, and possibly Mexico-using the cartels as an excuse.
    Unless there's another 9/11 style attack in the U.S
    President Trump won't be dragging the country to war anytime soon.

  3. The real victims is the kurds.. become human shield for US troops if anything goes south.. and dont get any money from the oil field because its all goes to the US upper echelons..

    reminds me of timor leste.. they were once told if they got help from tge aussie to be independence from indonesia they will get the gas field in the timor straits.. the reality rightnow all the gasses goes to aussie and the timor leste economy still depend largely on indonesia..

  4. You can thank USA and Turkey for protecting and arming Al Qaeda in Idlib. They are responsible for this. I'm a little concerned that Russia is trying to play both sides right now. Unless Putin takes a hard line w/ Erdogan, this is going to get even uglier.

  5. All of this conflict is the fault of England in drawing the boundaries of the Middle East after the fall of the Ottomans. If they had given the Kurds their own country instead of dividing them amongst three, they would not be the center of a lot of these conflicts.

  6. Absolute silence on Western capitals as two million people just wait to be “liberated” by Assad forces in Idlib.

    The US media don’t spare even half of the coverage it did for Turkey’s Syria incursion last fall.
    Maybe because there is no fetish women fighters to fantasize on .

  7. I'm a syrian refugee in germany and I can tell you that this guy is correct and very knowledgeable of the syrian situation. Nato members, israel and nearly all gulf countries are supporting and defending terrorists to topple the government in syria and turn it to another Libya and Iraq so they can do whatever they please with the resources and strategic location that syria has. Look up operation timber sycamore and the gas pipelines that qatar wanted to pass underneath syria so it can compete with russia in the european gas market. Syria refused qatar's offer and instead agreed to a similar pipeline that stems from Iran and goes through iraq and syria straight to europe. This situation led to iraq, Iran, Syria and Russia becoming very dependent on one another and them fighting alongside each other against pretty much the whole western imperialist governments, criminal regime of erdogan, terrorist gulf countries and the apartheid state known as israel.

  8. I was watching this vid i was like alright finally usa isnt at fault cause we not there.

    And here we are TRN bringing up the usa for no reason. Thank god the other guy was like yeah the usa left last year this is all them.


  9. As long as the rhetoric is the major weapon in this ongoing expulsion of people from IDLIB, the goals of both sides will be met. Turkey has to be seen as upholding the western desires for the creation of a 'new country' from Syria's north, and Russia has to be seen abiding by western qualifiers as to its pursuit of a whole Syria.
    I believe the end will be seen as achieving both those goals. Mr Bush's most famous quotable comment: ONLY THE APPEARANCE MATTERS.

  10. Wilpert's last question regarding US machinations went unanswered, and I'd have liked to have heard Karaagac's view on that. This is a complex situation, to state the literally bleeding obvious, and this segment shouldn't have ended on such an incomplete note.

  11. I am sure the entire region owes a huge debt of gratitude to the USA, right? The same wonderful nation that despises all humans not in their oligarchy, especially including actual Americans. I assume "we" Americans are still there "guarding" the oil if we haven't taken it already. Is that correct?

  12. You know nothing about history. So your comments and thinks are in false side. Is Turkish foreing policy failure in Libya? WTF. Turkey blocked the Hafter and set a military base in Trablus. And they made an agreement with libya in mediterrian sea for hiydro carbon gas. Because of this they sent more than 30 ships to the area. This is a game and Turkey plays well. They use their military power. They changed tha balance in the middle east and also they can occupy some lands, When did Turkey lose ? Please tell me?

  13. a 100 years from now when history is written about the Syrian war, president Assad will be a hero thanks to other players that are more of a criminal than he is.

  14. It would be incredibly simple for Erdogan to halt the killing of his soldiers.All he needs to do is leave Syria and the whole region would be better off

    Is this a CNN propaganda piece for StateDept or what? Even Pentagon generals have admitted that Idlib is Al-Qaeda/clone-controlled. And now Turkey is engaging in yet another round of its war of aggression on Syria to support the terrorists. I wonder why TRNN does not say that "rebels" have attacked Twin Towers in 2001?

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