$4500 FINE for low air pressure in your tires – Charlotte county Florida tyrants


This is what the people let happen with government

4500 for low air pressure low in his truck. Forty five hundred dollars
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43 thoughts on “$4500 FINE for low air pressure in your tires – Charlotte county Florida tyrants

  1. Only in America you can pay taxes on a piece of property and still have a f**** ordinance that's up your ass about this or that.. where I'm from us it's called mind your own goddamn business when you pay my taxes and you pay my mortgage then you can tell me what the f*** to do until then by golly you can go f*** yourself…

  2. What kind of arrogant asshole do you have to be to go through that much trouble to try to fine somebody thousands of dollars just because you can. This loser probably didn’t make it through the police academy so he resorted to some other position where he could have some resemblance of authority.

  3. I regret that I have only one thumbs up to give! 👍👍👍👍👍
    It is a seldom seen result that fuels my optimism!
    Even if it was flat, so what??? Is there a time statute that where you have 'X' number of days to fix a tire??? (squirt a can of fix-a-flat in there and kiss my brown eye!) $4500 says this asshole is a county revenue agent! Get a real job you frick´n leach!

  4. Such a petty country we've turned ourselves into………… one giant land of karens………….don't do this don't do that can't you read the sign? Carlin said it best!

  5. Both these officers that are out there investigating bull crap they better be lucky to be able to walk you’re going to Walk easy because one day you’re going to fall in a hole that you ain’t gonna be able to get out of

  6. So flat tire cost you $4500 are you serious that makes me think I sure the hell don’t wanna live in Charlotte North Carolina because you know what they’re all criminals down there trying to rob somebody of $4500 for a flat tire that’s completely ridiculous

  7. to start with it's your personal property/household goods, no one can tell you what to do with it, they can't even force you to have a contract/tags plates (unless it's used as a motor vehicle for a commercial purpose) with any entity, because if they do force that as an issue it then becomes involuntary servitude. none of them want that liability. if they insist then time to demand they pay to have it repaired and insured and brought up to code as the law states, flip the script on them. you pay the user fee's for the so called property the state claims control over. more then one way to skin a cat. cant hurt to try it got to be gutsy 🙂

  8. How does the fine make sense. To replace a tire costs $100~ yet the fine is 4500. If a person couldn't afford to replace the tire there's no way he can pay the fine.

    Punishment doesn't match. Government has way too much power

  9. Is that salvagio???

    Did they have a warrant to enter private property in an effort to attempt to enforce code enforcement while violating the 4th amendment's protections of the victim they were preying upon against their oath??

    Hell, mine don't have air in them on purpose- no authority for them to use public safety excuses in the first place; protest your government or it's supporters at will- PUT THE WRITING BACK UP!!! I threatened them with a yacht sunk into my front yard with the word 'bullshit' spraypainted all over it 🤣

  10. The words "choke on $hit and die!!!" just popped into my head. I really don't like that reaction but this official trying to screw a guy out of thousands of dollars over a low tire is a different universe of inhumanity to his fellow man.

  11. $4,500 for a flat tire. So $9,000 for two flats? $20,000 if a vehicle is up on blocks for a week? People like these public employees that have even the least shred of authority are despicable to try to extort money like this from normal citizens.

  12. A better question is "who decided a flat tire makes a vehicle inoperable?" By that reasoning, not having the key in the switch or having a manual transmission is inoperable to same idiots. A nearby town just requested 12K in budget to convert the truck at sewage treatment plant to automatic trans. Their reasoning is they are unable to hire someone that can operate manual transmission.🙃Fire the manager, hire a manager that can operate all equipment and properly train employees. Nothing is wrong with the truck……

  13. This truck is in his driveway! Does he live in a gated community? Some cops are looking for anyway they can to generate money for there county and there pockets. This cop needs a talking to,while he's off duty. I don't advocate violence. Just a man to man talk

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