2018 Deputy Cano and Deputy Ibarra OIS

The case is:
alvaro jimenez v. county of los angeles et al

There is actually a lot more to this story, i just explained a tiny bit.

I dont think Mr Jimenez pointed anything at Cano. I think Mr Jimenez pulled the rifle out of his pants to throw it, and he did…I think he threw it b4 the first time Cano shot at him, and had nothing in his hands when Cano shot at him the second time.
I think its disturbing that Cano was backed fully by LASD, and Cano is not the only deputy that acts as he does….but he is able to go on and beat Christopher Bailey and now has 2 active use of force cases against him….
and we cant do anything about it…he is a protected deputy sheriff, and its only time before he takes a life….
just my opinion

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33 thoughts on “2018 Deputy Cano and Deputy Ibarra OIS

  1. Perhaps Cano needs to be questioned as to when it will be that he will finally take a life. He seems to be trying very hard to accomplish that goal.

  2. So in other words, Cano saw a guy running with an informant told Cano about a felon carrying a rifle, and Cano started chasing him and shooting at him. Because, why would even the stupidest criminal stop in the middle of being chased, and point an unloaded rifle at a COP? TWICE!

  3. It makes me sick that these deputies are still on duty!! These incidents that are being exposed are probably just a few that we are aware of …I am certain that there are dozens more of these incidents with all the other POS brown gang out there. Thank you Laura for this great video exposing them yet again!! 👍👍❤️❤️ Great job!!

  4. You are a very good at communicating what was in the police report. Your illustrations are top notch. I especially like the badges you gave the deputies. Your videos will prove be an important documentary of these corrupt departments. Be safe Laura and I hope you all are doing well. Cheers

  5. Great job like always, because of articles like this one you are the voice of the people just like your friend TOM ZEBRA the work that you guys do is amazing and a window to what is going on in the streets of LA, keep the good job and watch your back always.

  6. Love your outro!
    Don’t mess with Laura Shark.
    This Cano cop was also involved with covering up a child sex ring? Correct me if I’m wrong.
    He’s a thug with a badge. My guess is he has dirt on higher ups and that’s why he still out there.

  7. Trust me I KNOW Cano IS a tyrant but I’m kinda torn on this particular incident and maybe it’s because I don’t know all the facts but all I know is if anyone ever pulls a gun and points it at me loaded or not they are getting dropped. So since a jury sided against that I’m going to say Cano LIED like the tyrant he is.

  8. @LaurasharkCW – 👍💪

    Same thing different year… sigh. People need to get involved in their local governments. Those boring city council meetings? That is where you hold your government accountable. Right now, only the people who don't care about the "riffraff" being killed go to those meetings. We need to out number those few and hold OUR government accountable. That city council hires your Law Enforcement. That city council can fire them and each other if you make sure they hear you. Our government is broken. Only we can fix it. There is no one else that can🤷


  9. Guns are not for show and tell. I don't know about California but the State of Texas uses the same federal definition for firearms which do not classify shotguns, some rifles used for sporting or collections, and black powder guns made before 1896 or 98 or replicas of those black powder guns. (See 18 USCS 921 a for definitions)

  10. He has figured out a way to feed his depravity without going to jail. Just like a true predator he singled one out away from the rest of the people and eyes.

  11. From what you’ve described of Cano over the years, he’s a bad cop.

    In regards to this shooting, I don’t think he was in the wrong for the shooting. No one can tell if the rifle is loaded or unloaded by visual alone. Felon in possession is bad juju.

    Makes no difference whether left or right handed, semi automatic pistols discharge spent cartridges to the right and rear unless it’s a Desert Eagle, then the fired brass ends up down your shirt.

  12. I doubt if it is "…just my opinion…". I'd say a substantial number of others, including the jury, agree with your opinion.

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