144 MPH Pursuit of Blacked-Out Dodge Charger

PULASKI COUNTY, ARKANSAS — From the report of Corporal Cleyton McDonald, lightly edited for clarity: “On October 3, 2019, at 10:41 p.m., I advised dispatch that I was in pursuit of a black Dodge Charger on Interstate 430 northbound at Rodney Parham. The Charger had been speeding, and made a sudden lane change from lane one across to lane three. I tried to read the vehicle’s license plate but, never got close enough to see it.

I continue to pursue the vehicle traveling westbound on Highway 10. The operator of the Charger was driving erratically, swerving between lanes,, and had turned its headlights off.

The Charger continued to drive in that manner, running several red lights. At 10:44 p.m., I advised Pulaski County and Little Rock Police Department units in the area that I had lost sight of the vehicle at Highway 10 and Taylor Loop. No ASP vehicles were damaged in the pursuit.”



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41 thoughts on “144 MPH Pursuit of Blacked-Out Dodge Charger

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  2. Thank you all for all the positive feedback… they haven't found me yet… this was just another day of practice.. but why does everyone always assume that I'm a "he"???? 🤔…. we all know women always do it better 😁♀️💪💨

  3. Massachusetts State Police and Boston Police, just to name 2 agencies, would never do 100 MPH + on city streets. That was incredibly dangerous! Just remember kids, you might outrun a state trooper, but you can NEVER outrun Motorola. 😅😂🤣

  4. Reminds me of the early 1980's before it was a felony to "run'' but back then in Grant Co Ark, we would simply hit some old gravel road, ditch the lights, and drive like hell, and usually the Deputy would end the pursuit right then over eating dust and crashing out, PLUS they knew who we were and would just show up at your parents house with a handful of tickets, and even turn around when your dad punched ya in the side of the head for being a dumbass, so they would not witness an adult assaulting a minor

  5. This is a TEXTBOOK case on how a gun-ho police officer put the ubic in just as much danger as the person in the Charger. Both of them were driving reckless as he!!. All that for speeding? This is why a great number of departments have disengage the pursuit policies.

  6. Hard to tell but hopefully the officer got close enough before he lite him up to get the plate number which is one of the first things you are taught.

  7. Arkansas Troopers were supposed to revise and improve their pursuit and PIT policy after trooper Dunn PIT and flipped Janice Harper for speeding when she was 2 months pregnant.
    They settled out of court but it included better pursuit policy.
    I see this guy was just as reckless he didn’t slow up to clear those intersections w red lights. He just blew right through them. Had someone been going through one of the, and they made contact it’d be a helluva mess.
    He should have terminated the pursuit when he got off the highway because there was no way he could have caught the guy on those roads. Extremely dangerous w

  8. I have a feeling he's done this before. You can't just switch off your driving lights anymore. He wired something up to kill his taillights.

  9. He should have gotten closer so he could get the plate THEN activated his lights. He sprung on his prey from too far away.

  10. NO civilian vehicle should ever be able to outrun a cop car.With the technology they have available today, they can make that happen.

  11. This chase was over before it started. When a capable car and driver get the jump, any cop with inherently divided attention is done. I don’t speak from experience.

  12. WOW, this trooper responded to a driver putting lives at risk by doing the exact same thing, making the danger at least twice as high- these videos coming out of Arkansas are eventually gonna catch up to them when something HORRIBLE happens- because they still police like its The Dukes of Hazard!

  13. Reckless cop. Call off the pursuit. This isnt pokemon. You dont have to catch them all. Putting all those other drivers at risk just for his adrenaline addiction and ego.

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