You Cant film but you can! Security guard hates my camera at Volusia County Bus depot

Today was an unintentional audit that occurred when I went to the votran (bus) station to get some footage of the bus depot that will accompany a drone video of a bus being hijacked.

On January 22nd a subject on a bus hijacked, and took control of the bus. No one was hurt, he was arrested. bomb.

The security guard pictured was not happy me at all videotaping her however I wasn’t. She became a focus of my attention once she interrupted my activity by asking a votran employee to tell me she doesn’t want to be on camera. She never was until that. 🙂

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


34 thoughts on “You Cant film but you can! Security guard hates my camera at Volusia County Bus depot

  1. I think when in public and being approached, it would be advisable to inform that person that you are exercising your 1st amendment right. In my opinion, this would also give them a chance to open dialog with you. Very few people, it seems, know there rights. You are very well informed. I am still amazed at how many public officials are not aware of our rights. I enjoy your videos. Thanks for your continued mission of educating the ignorant. That's my opinion for what it's worth.

  2. Its entirely likely they use the video obtained by those 2 cameras on the buses as well as others to ID EVERYONE indiscriminately. They run the video through facial recognition software provided by companies like CLEARVIEW AI. It is a problem if they are doing it without a crime and without consent. If they are paying CLEARVIEW AI with taxpayer funds it should be open public record in their tax returns or accounting books. If they are, its a violation of constit. rights. cops do it ALL the time. especially to those who are legally entitled to withhold their identity. That's why they go so crazy to get your ID legally. They need a legal reason to submit your photo to CLEARVIEW AI. Often they will lie on the submission form. They don't care. They still ID'd you even if the fake charges were dropped(ie. trespassing, obstruction, failure to ID, etc,etc).

    Thanks for another great video!

  3. If it is public transit getting money from the county to operate then why does it have to cost the public money to use. If we could use the public bus we help pay for already maybe more people would use it and cut down on pollution! If my taxes help out and then I have to pay $.00+ every time you get on one it adds up to cheaper to drive and pay to park. I think I should look into this taxi service in my state. Its has the name of my county in its name so I should look into if its county owned or because they operate in this county only.

  4. Thanks James,
    For what you dooo so well.
    Definitive proof. Before us that they are starting to catching on. That there's No expectation of privacy in public.
    I remember all the nonsense You and other Auditors have already gone through to get here. The smell of Freedom is sweet.
    That girls sense of entitlement. She can't appreciate that Freedom is never free.
    Yea that footage should be available from the bus. What if someone had a complaint about the qualifications of a driver? Or an altercation with a passenger. It's being archived for the public.
    * Peace Out *

  5. Contracted Security Guards might be the most ignorant, self-entitled arbiters of the law and interpretation of regulations of filming what is considered “public domain.” Yet they are hired indiscriminately to “protect and serve” as if they are actual Law Enforcement.
    It would behoove these Contract Security companies to train their guards a little bit before giving them a paycheck.

  6. 02:48

    Maybe a weird question because im from the EU, NL but we have clear rules what you may attach to a vehicle and where it can be placed.
    In this case, in the EU its allowed to attach the bike carrier at the back of your vehicle.
    Main reason, safety reasons, in case you hit a pedestrian, global rules i believe, how to keep pedestrians safe in case of an accident.
    BTW, here we dont transport bikes here like you do on public busses.
    So, why is that allowed to transport bikes that way ?
    I really believe if you do attach a bike carrier in front of your own car, a thin blue line will start talking to you verry fast, haha.

  7. Dude, you're not gonna develop a following with the pro-"auditor" community. You're actually reporting on an incident involving public transit. Didn't you get the memo? You're supposed to be an arrogant piece of shit who's only filming so that when you're asked to stop, you can tell people to go fuck themselves, "kick rocks", "you're dismissed".

    Civility isn't going to win points with the bottom feeders that follow Mexican Padilla and Bao.

    ps. "Votran" sounds like an Anime/Manga about transsexuals.

  8. The videographer in this case should have adjusted his meds before taping because he is completely unintelligible. Sorry, I generally like the content but this is one is just worthless.

  9. They are worried you’re trying to build a liability claim against them . That’s probably why they won’t release it . They want to make you go through the courts to get it .

  10. Man I do not want to be on your camera so you know what I am going to do? I am going to walk up to said camera and make sure I am in front of it and tell him so.

  11. Curious about the 1 edit (I saw) right when you were approached by pocket protector guy. IMO these audits need full content, not doing that only raises questions and can be misconstrued. Subbed👍

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