What Cops Think About Private Investigators


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What do private investigators really do? Do cops think private investigators are impersonating or wannabes?

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23 thoughts on “What Cops Think About Private Investigators

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  2. The way I see it is, you either want to do FBI, PI, COs, Police, Sheriff, Military, Swat, Task Force, homicide detective, child protective service etc.. each are all personality and skill based careers. I'm a low key person and I wouldnt want to have to draw a weapon everyday, also as a PI, I feel that you're still doing "police" work but just in the background. EVERY role is essentially needed.

    Furthermore every job has something "boring". If I were a PI, I'd be bored following a cheating spouse. If I were a police officer, I'd be bored doing traffic duty.

    By the year 2021, PI career is expected to grow by 3,041. This means that the PI careers are expanding into other fields.

    I wish someone would really talk about PI day to day so other people can decide if this is the right career for them. I have yet found a video.

  3. Don't do 'Bail Enforcement" anymore (and yes…that's the proper name). It's a young mans game, but glad to know guys in your dept don't like actually going out and catching bad guys as part of a warrant squad or ROP. Writing tickets is much more important. Glad I left PD when I did.Talk about some lazy just do enough for a pension dudes. You ain't the Marines. EDIT: Cops do love PI's when their wives or Common Law live in side piece is about to take them to the cleaner in their divorce cases.

  4. What a JOKE! I'm NOT a PI but you just explained how utterly STUPID you are. Anytime you would 've required to do an insurance or any white collar crime, citizens have to HIRE SOMEONE WITH AN IQ CAPABLE OF SOLVING A CRIME😂😂😂Please, show your policing skills and go bust a 5 dollar crack rock or find a stolen car. Folks this guy couldn't be more spot on if he TRIED.

  5. yes sir!! I'm a retired licensed p.i. and I keeps tabs on everyone around my community. yes i am fortunate to have 2 cousins in law enforcement and have asked me to provide evidence of drug dealers. turned over my footage to em and were able to eliminate most of the dealers within my apt.complex!👍👍👍🇺🇸

  6. I have to laugh.. really. Cops are cops, Private Investigators are Private Investigators….or…. They are well trained operatives who contract themselves to government agencies and have training far and beyond a police academy………

  7. i wanted to become a detective with the police force, but found out you needed 20/20 vision to become a cop. i wear glasses, and i COULD wear contact lenses if needed. i am considering private investigator because my dream career has been shattered 🙁

  8. I have 1 year and 6 months as a security guard and 9 months so far (currently) as a private investigator. I have a case for a triple lawsuit on Monday and I’m supposed to follow and video anyone who leaves my subject’s house 😓. Most likely it’ll end up going to trial. I hate that process and tbh I hate working security as well. I just want to become a police officer already but the civil service test for my county doesn’t open up until this spring. If I continue with being a private investigator, do you think that I’ll have a better chance at getting accepted due to my work experience?

  9. Question: If I am looking for a PI, should I go through an attorney or is it safe to find a reputable one with a google search?

  10. Anyone ever tell you that you look like Ben Bailey? Every time I watch one of your videos, I hear cash cab. You really need the lights on the headliner

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  12. The feds have used private investigators. A famous case is what became Ruby Ridge. A BATF informant, a private investigator, enticed Randy Weaver into cutting off the shotgun barrels shorter than 18 inches. The feds were using private investigators to infiltrate Aryan Nations and other groups.

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