16 thoughts on “Violent Protest Continue In Minneapolis After Death Of George Floyd

  1. When peaceful protests are ignored, we must riot. Most white people believe that black lives matter, but not Trump. The 4 Cops who murdered George Floyd belong in prison.

  2. there is absolutely no question this is a murder !!! ….. there are 4 policeofficers who murdered a person in custody on video ….. any pretending and twisting of words something else happened is a lie …… if that is what america is all about now …. it should burn …..

  3. Here's how the investigation go:

    FBI: (talking to the officers) "Tell me what happen?"
    Officers: "Did you want the video?"
    FBI: "Yes"
    Officers: "Then why you ask?"

  4. What is there to investigate? Sound to me like the AG and FBI are just trying buy time to pull a cover-up. Lock'em up then you can take all the time you need to investigate. The protest will keep going and growing until you do

  5. No no no no no no no no more talking vote these thugs out for good…….if anyone else gets killed it’s the people’s fault …..create a safer system for civilians…..ENOUGH

  6. There’s a big difference between a protest and a riot. Riots over a mans death so rioters can loot stores, steal stuff to benefit themself then arson the structures shows the mentality of those partaking in such activity.

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