39 thoughts on “Unarmed Black Man Shot, Killed During Struggle With New Jersey State Trooper

  1. I've watched this video numerous times on the full release. Mr. Gordon was pulled over 3 other times before leading up to this last stop. He had ran out of gas. I think the Trooper that pulled him over previously in Stafford should of recognized a red flag. The Trooper asked him where he was going. Mr. Gordon said "To get to the end of the video game". There should of been more in depth investigation for mental or possible medication issue. Anyway, slowing this clip down with Sgt. Wentzel you can see Mr. Gordon reach for the Trooper Leg gun and the Trooper fought back for his own life and unfortunately had to kill Mr. Gordon. The reason he was shot 6x is because you are taught to empty your weapon in these situations. I am sorry for both sides and there are no winners or losers here. I believe Sgt. Wentzel was justified in his actions as a Law Enforcement Officer. RIP Mr. Gordon.

  2. Dude stop hyping black folks up for views cause this cop has a gun on him so by this dude fighting him the gun is to be protected by the officer and the officer has a right to protect his self an shooting him was the outcome of protecting his weapon an person so this cop did the right thing stop hyping ppl up and dividing the ppl

  3. He tried to steal that officers car and then went for his gun during the struggle. This was the 4th time he had been helped that night and early morning by police, he was driving at speeds of 100-110 because he said he was possessed ir being chased by a demon. The officers were unaware that a call had been put into police about him, they had 4 interactions with him that night where they helped him to go on his way. Stop demonizing the police in this case,

  4. MsM are trying to start a Civil War >> this man was drugged out of his mind & got stopped 2 times going over 100mph on wet,
    slick roads w/ rain & foggy conditions. When asked by Cop #1 about his reason for speeding; he says something of video game
    type answer which sounded like he was loaded on something? The cop let him go & really it's lucky he didn't kill a family.
    News Channel is Fake NEWS !! They are spinning this into a Race War….. Don't listen to them. Evaluate the thing for yourself
    b/c they are trying to cause Civil Unrest. Don't buy into their narrative

  5. It doesn't Trooper's or the black guy's fault. It's system's fault. Troops and polices must be trained professionally. It could be avoided easily. Police can use electric guns or at least shoot the legs or hands. Even police could let him go and based on his info try to arrest him later at home or somewhere else. Dosen't need to kill him. In US polices are looking for an opportunity to use their guns. Sorry for bad English

  6. I am Jamaican and this is not as clear cut as one may want to think. To me, it seem like the trooper didn't have much choice. Why did he get out of the car and physically confront the trooper? Because he didn't have a gun dosen't mean he wasn't a threat.

  7. Seeing the state Gordon was in officer should have cuffed him. Apart from not putting on cuffs, both officers were professional they treated Gordon with respect. Based on what i see in the video had Gordon stayed in the car and not try to drive away the police car or tackle the police he would still be alive. That is on Gordon not the police.

  8. He obviously had mental issues, the trooper did a good job up until the subject came out 9f the vehicle. Could have talked him down because he was trying to get away. You don't want to try and detaine a mental person by yourself. Should have waited for back up and catch him later. Cops need more mental health training.

  9. Here we go again: pigs fatally shot yet another unarmed black man but will use the stock police lie that he had reached for their guns.

    Naturally, no video will be made public, if one was even recorded.

  10. The trooper will not be charged whatsoever… I've seen other videos- This guy was on something and was charging at the officer a few times… 6 shots is kinda excessive but It was a justified shooting 😢😢…

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