Toronto Uber Drivers First in Canada to Hold Union Vote

After Uber refused to hear their concerns about income and conditions, Uber drivers held a union certification vote. If allowed, the move could be a watershed moment for Canadian gig economy workers.

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23 thoughts on “Toronto Uber Drivers First in Canada to Hold Union Vote

  1. How can Uber workers unionize or have collective agreement when Uber literally has unlimited access to new contract workers at a moments notice to replace them.
    The problem is the law does not protect workers

  2. They are independent contractors and not employees. Taxicab drivers also independent contractors and wait for fares. Now the drivers will also have to fight with the unions.

    As employees, drivers cannot turn down a fare no matter the distance, the location… No matter the number of fares, the same hourly wages (minimum) will be paid and fewer tips. Drivers cannot choose the hours they work. Those will be set by the company. Usually employers set four and eight hour shifts and only hire the number if employees actually needed.

  3. The Uber model is what businesses are lobbying for……. for all workers, esp in the service industry.
    Workers must unionize or become the working poor.

  4. 1. Design your own app.
    2. Keep the gross earnings and get what would go to Uber to pay for your retirement and fees to sustain the app.
    3. Cut off UBER out of Toronto.

  5. There are too many Uber drivers that is why drivers have long waits.

    UFCW is shit, I know because my mother's company had.

    The union bitch would come and tell the Chinese how to vote and since their vote won.

    The voted to get less than half their annual raise for $1000 upfront.

    35¢ a year raise when you do 12hr rotating shifts and if you want overtime you STAY THAT DAY.

    So upto 18hrs, 5hrs between afternoon break.

    Voting to skip last break so you can leave half hour early KNOWING the employees would statistically work that half hour when they already worked over half a day.

    Christmas bonus an 80lb industrial size laundry detergent!

    I can keep going but I do not have a couple of hours.

    Unions are scum, it is the politicians that make unions possible that are the problem!

  6. This is happening all across the Canadian work force!!! Uber has one purpose and it isn't to provide jobs. It's to challenge municipalities on their taxi laws and laugh all the way to the bank while doing it. It would be more effective to march on Queen's Park, dragged the Liberal & Tory MPs out of the building and onto the lawn and kick their asses for allowing Uber into the province in the first place. Better still, start a worker owned cooperative "Uber" and put these bastards out of business permanently. If you read about Uber's numbers, they're on their way into the trash bin anyway. BOYCOTT UBER & LYFT!

  7. I wish these drivers success in this struggle caused by ABUSIVE corporate bs, but here's something else Uber users evidently need to know: " Uber To Audio Record EVERY RIDE & TRIP LOCATION! You Won’t Believe How ORWELLIAN This Is Getting!!! " (8:25), Press For Truth, 20 Nov 2019. Hopefully the Uber drivers in Canada fighting to obtain justice won't comply with this audio recording bs.

  8. If you have a issue with the platform then start your own business plain and simple. You're not a employee of the company you just use their platform to get connected to some money. Uber haven't been profitable in years and yet you folks want them to bend over more and expect them to stay afloat. Unions are needed but they can ask for some fairy tale requests like getting paid if you don't get any rides… lmao take yo ass home or get a part time job. I'm getting tired of people in low skilled industries crying for more benefits. I got over that bs. This is America. Run that shit up and stop blaming somebody else for yo personal problems. That's like a barber that don't have any clients really wantting a set pay smh. Remember Uber and lyft can always get more drivers… easily lol

  9. Uber is just a brand! They do not want to take responsibility. They want to make the rules. They want to be the overlord. Yes, set up a union, people deserve a decent living.

  10. How can you unionize if you're a independent contractor per your contract with them. The issues you're dealing with are the same one's other business owners have. The problem is that drivers aren't expanding their driving opportunities which would give the flexibility they're desiring.

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