25 thoughts on “Tomb Of Unknown Soldier Of The American Revolution Vandalized

  1. Disgusting and disrespectful and the sad part is it was probably a dreamer who could care less about the history of America. Because they are still stuck on the fact we took California from them. Well you can have California back, but you have to take Rosie O, and the cast of the view.

  2. This is an act of war against the United States. Every leftist is now officially a traitor. And there's only one way to deal with traitors.

  3. It's amazing how dumb rioters can be. To deface military monuments of soldiers who laid down their lives for this great Nation. These men followed the orders of their commanding officers. They preformed them in a true fashion. To deface their sacrifice is to tarnish the history.put aside your hate, reach out to your fellow man or woman. Work together to heal this great Nation. Violence will get nothing but bad feelings from the people you want to hurt.

  4. Those protesters should be made to clean up the mess they made then hung till dead on national tv for the world to see. They are a complete discrase and have no respect of anyone. I think that the tomb guard should have shot their ass on spot for that. It's time we take our country back from these stupid people, these violent protesters. My whatever means of force is necessary to permanently remove them from the problem. Peaceful protesters don't deface property or loote, steal, burn things or hurt people. Only criminals and domestic terrorist. 90% of the mainstream media are domestic terrorist and try to keep this violence going. If you shut them down, lime cnn and throw these democratic governors and mayors out of office. They are the problem.

  5. Surprise surprise, hardly anyone is reporting this.
    No doubt because they know full well this kind of shit is winning the election for Trump.

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