‘This Is Not a War Story’ explores the emotional wounds of war veterans | The Chris Hedges Report

Content warning: suicide is a topic in this episode.

War in film is a staple genre in a tremendously lucrative industry. Hollywood inundates our culture with glamorous depictions of wars, both fictional and real. Yet the truth of America’s forever wars, both for the countries invaded and veterans who return home, are rarely explored in depth in popular culture. This Is Not a War Story explores one part of the human toll of US wars through the lens of veterans who return with physical and mental wounds. Writer-director and star Talia Lugacy and actor Eli Wright join The Chris Hedges Report to discuss the film. This is Not a War Story is available to stream and purchase on DVD.

Talia Lugacy is an independent film director, writer, and producer.

Eli Wright is a former Army combat medic who served in the Iraq War. He is now an artist who makes paper from military uniforms.

Production: Adam Coley, Cameron Granadino, David Hebden, Darian Jones
Post-Production: Adam Coley, Kayla Rivara
Audio Post-Production: Tommy Harron

Stream THIS IS NOT A WAR STORY on HBOMax: https://play.hbomax.com/page/urn:hbo:page:GYWTf4giNOqPDwgEAAACb:type:feature

Purchase the DVD of THIS IS NOT A WAR STORY: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BB13XX7L/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_7?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1

For further reading and background on THIS IS NOT A WAR STORY: http://www.acousticpictures.org

For the film’s Soundtrack: http://www.acousticpictures.org/music-from-the-film

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49 thoughts on “‘This Is Not a War Story’ explores the emotional wounds of war veterans | The Chris Hedges Report

  1. The Vietnam veteran’s poem hit a nerve. I yearn for help for my friend A., a vet. Although I am not a veteran, this be been through a lot of trauma and can relate to daily suicidal ideation, nightmares, chronic depression and isolation. I pray for some kind of healing

  2. Chris hedges your agility to clarify the confusion, the deliberate confusion the so-called ruling class' create, is an extremely important skill you hav & are using to help us work out our lives & how our lives hav become a train wreck! Thankyou Chris!

  3. I just watch him interviewing MARIANNE. Excellent!!!!
    She knows what she’s saying! He is not interrupting her, he let’s her explain what she means!!!!!!
    I’m very impressed by both of them!!!!!

  4. Excellent interviews, and I wish these people, plus other soldiers as well as sailors (US Navy) who are actively serving well, except for the insanely murderous, rapist, … kind. It is very sad, how badly they can suffer after service in US-fabricated wars, so the rest of the society should well respect and assist these people, how ever way or ways we can. With that said, this film, "This is Not a War Story" is a war story. After all, it is about US military veterans after returning home with sad and/or tragic conditions caused by having served in US-fabricated/fomented wars. Damn govt; led by heartless, psychopathic, … politicians, likely most of whom have never served in war.

  5. Don't let this Ashkenazi do your homework work about the expose of military industrial complex genocide on Americans and,United nations LOLOL BANKING TOTALITARIAN enslavement of the world.
    Israel was and is behind-the-scenes of 911 of 2001 , and continue to work on your central intelligentsia ,supposedly to improve your security Ahahahahahahabahahahahahahahahahahah Ahahahahahahabahahahahahahahahahahah

  6. The uniform of the global cult of sovereign banks is monopoly currency.

    They profit from militarily enforced Exclusive Economic Zones, monopoly currency and Apartheid concentration camps full of brown people with black hair.

    To change your uniform publish MONOPOLY on so-called sovereign money.

  7. My god,that veteran's song at the beginning… So powerful and soaring with the intent of pure irony. I just want to listen to it over and over

  8. Who cares??? These pricks signed up to kill, literally. I couldn't care less about their feelings (or wounds, or anything else).

  9. "Kayla Denker speaks out against death threats, transphobic backlash" comments turned off. LOL. At least you know in advance even your lefty audience hates that garbage.

  10. It's a HUMAN SACRIFICE. A cultural Death Ritual. The recruiters prey upon the poor and oppressed. How long will people keep believing the national hypocritical propaganda.

  11. Yet another useful and incisive film that will be seen by only a handful of the already-convinced. If the makers want its message to be heard, make it freely available here on YouTube. Otherwise, like all the other 'important documentaries', it will be ignored and forgotten within a week or two. It's up to you, film-makers.

  12. First mistakes that clearly prove the directors and writers are misappropriating and mishandling information is right at the beginning: an obvious outwardly aggressive and misplaced song that continually throws the 'F*cking' word before the word hero. There is absolutely no good or justifiable reason to use coarse cuss words, especially in this manner, which only proves the thought patterns of those making the song. Second, the song again tries to mock true Christianity by coupling it with the duality and wrong interpretation of "democracy". I would both walk out of, and fully reject the movie, and anything else connected to it at this stage, right at the beginning. Trust me, many of us, including President Donald J Trump, fully denounced and rejected the Iraq/Afghanistan war under rino Bush. Finally, you do still need a military, but a military that is devoid of all woke, socialist/communist/marxist teaching and ideology. Unfortunately, when you get indoctrination into the public school system and various government agencies, and there are little checks and balances, you have the results you see under stolen elections, connected to the Bidens, Clintons and Obamas. Jesus Christ, and true Christianity never authorized or pushed for the lies and evil of those in high places and totalitarian immoral dictatorships. I know many vets. Many. Some get all that I am saying. And the few who don't seem to fall into the same misguided and misled traps many of you sadly and heartbreakingly fall into. Please seek God's peace, love, hope and healing restoration. None of the enemies in our world want you to be truly free in the right way I am speaking of, and that's the point. Pass on your film. Think about what I said. All my love to you.

  13. It must be emotionally damaging to have soldiers go to these wars, expect such horrible things, and then to not really have a good explanation for why. The realization that the guys selling the weapons are always the winners…When history reviews this period, how will they be seen? Loyalists ? Or tools to that profit machine. I can imagine that these topics are sensitive and important to deal with. I blame government ,instead of those serving

  14. I listened to Chris speak with another soldier of the effects of PTSD. I have had PTSD ever since I can remember. For me, it is about faith. I do not mean religion. Faith knowing that no matter who you see anywhere, someone loves that person. They have someone they love. We must educate the community. We belong to our children.

  15. The exact words from Lord Jesus himself to the Roman soldiers during His crucifixion, "please forgive them that they did not know what they're doing"

  16. Stop forcing my Jewish brothers and sisters and Israel to join the new world order military industrial complex dark Empire or be forced to go to jail if they don't.

  17. mans inhumanity to man is on full display when governments force us into war situations that we have strong feelings about. You will never be right after this. Even a lifetime of therapy will not be enough in many cases.

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