The Year in Latin America: The Right Continues to Advance, but so do Popular Movements

2019 presented a complicated and mixed legacy for Latin America. Right-wing governments continued to make electoral in-roads, but popular uprisings against neoliberalism also left their mark on the region, says TRNN’s Greg Wilpert.

Director: Taylor Hebden
Audio Engineer: Adam Coley
Camera Operator: Cameron Granadino
Will Arenas

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25 thoughts on “The Year in Latin America: The Right Continues to Advance, but so do Popular Movements

  1. Not taking a very hard line against the right when you had power was wrong. Now that they are in power they are killing the left like dogs. Politics is war take no prisoners. Next time you have control bring it to them with a million pound hammer.

  2. American sanctions, embargos, coups and trade wars are preparing South America for the fascists who will be moving to South America when climate chaos leaves America uninhabital.
    The greedo rich want to live in South America and turn the locals into slaves until they replace them with robots and people from other countries they import to serve them so that the locals don't kill them for ruining their country.

  3. I don't care for politicians (I hope) but the Maduro government is not stumbling. I've yet to see it get credit for surfing this year of all out assault by the Trump Administration.

  4. Although Wilpert mentions Us interventionism, he certainly downplays the impact of it.
    The US´s "backyard" will continue suffering the US oppressive and murderous hegemony until Wash. collapses under the wt. of its internal and external criminality.

  5. love your coverage on latin america. but hate your coverage of climate change. on the one you question and are honest and on the other you buy the elites lies about co2 which is another neo lib plan to tax and enslave people. its bizarre.

  6. I am baffled by the political stability of the US in face of the extreme inequality promulgated by a neoliberal establishment that flagrantly disregards the total dismantling of the middle class. I can't imagine this level of passivity in Argentina for example.

  7. Great work on this episode on Latin America. Many of us are certain that 2020 will be a year of more DC involvement in attempts for regime change in 3 specific countries, but the fall of neoliberalism in a couple countries will be interesting. Costa Rica some how continues on a great track record.

  8. The only issue here is that in the case of Bolivia especially, the only middle classes are the police and the Army What middle class can exist on Credits Card, alone. Impossible to call a movement out of this.

  9. Another perspective is to find concrete examples of what can be achieved in societies that use their surplus wealth and productivity to certain goals, such as Costa Rica, becoming entirely carbon-free. Poverty, disease, food insecurity, family development, education, health are problematic under Laissé Faire societies but are positive and constructive goals for the power of productivity to solve. These are social problems evidentally governments and militaries cannot fix despite the surplus wealth and productivity at their disposal. This is a definite sign of a poverty of mind and policy.

  10. So they turn to the Far Right because they think that magically they will care about Austerity? Have you ever seen a Right Wing government give to the working class? Damn, people are stupid!

  11. Venezuela is a social country as was Bolivia. Venezuelas economy is dew to years of USA sanctions, and the USA doesn't like social countries because if WE THE PEOPLE really know what a social party is we would want that. That is why Bernie Sanders was cheated by DNC in 2016. So the USA is trying a coup in Venezuela but the majority of the people elected Maduro.

    In Brazil, Balsonero was elected for the only reason that Lula de Silva was sent to prison in trumpet up charges by Bolsonero, Supreme court judge, and prosecutor. So really Brazil hasn't turned right wing, their just wasn't a left wing candidate.

    Boliva clearly was a coup and the criminals running the country are violating human rights, killing indigenous people. Are privetazing the countries resources such as the lithium to USA companies. Their is recordings about Cruz, and Rubio sending weapons to Bolivia before the coup happened. To me it seems like a coup in Bolivia from the USA.

    Chile, Nicaragua, and Colombia are right wing now and the up rise is from the left. In this cases the majority of the people are left wing supporters, unlike in Bolivia, and Venezuela where the right wing protesters a small percentage.

    Latin America is progressive and want the governments to do for us the people, and not for the Elite. We want economic justice, this corporations have exploted all of us enough, and that is what you are seen in Latin America.


  12. It shows that in those countries that a coup happened, the USA has its puppets in place that is why they keep electing right wing politicians. Even us in the USA have two right wing parties, and you see now a progressive movement. In reality it's a movement to have a democratic party.

  13. It really does not matter who is in charge in South American countries because the problem is CORRUPTION!
    There is corruption everywhere at all levels, including some presidencies and all legislatives.
    The greed for power and money is rampant.
    But I see that happening in the USA more often now, and being hypocritical about it on top.

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