29 thoughts on “Tensions Remain High Over Christopher Columbus Statue At Marconi Plaza

  1. This is a simple question – imagine a person called Colin killing all of your family, taking everything you own, will ever own (including your history) and enslaving you and your friends… would you call Colin a hero or a villain? (Advice – you may have an advanced or simple brain, I suggest clearing it before answering). Basic scum and wannabe mafia should lose every time and not be celebrated through twisted history and statues.

  2. Why can't you understand that defending Columbus puts you in the exact same sick camp as the Holocaust deniers? I feel especially bad for the Italian Americans, but all Americans were sold this fiction of Columbus to celebrate for all this time. However, real men "face the music", they don't deny hideous truths just to defend convenient lies. Given the actual record, Columbus's genocide involved the regular butchery, rape and torture of nearly every man, woman and child in Hispaniola . . . an estimated 3 million people murdered in a far more brutal fashion than Hitler and Pol Pot combined . . . even the Catholic Priests account of it at the time was one of "shocking and sickening brutality", so there's no hiding the reality of the "Happy Columbus Day" that you're so unwilling to let go of!

  3. Columbus landed in Hispaniola currently the Dominican Republic/Hatti.
    He did NOT agree with the cruel treatment of the Taino's and was imprisoned in Spain during the supposed genocide.

  4. Lets bring down MLK statues. I tired of hearing how wonderful he was. He was a fake didn't even won't the job, his lies has led to the losses of BILLIONS of dollars of HARD EARNED money. Pappy always said telling that pup to stop peeing in the floor won't help you have to CORRECT him!

  5. wtf why are italians are claiming discovery of america lmao, first of all Spanish organized and funded discovery of america and because of that reason it was Spanish/Portuguese in america empire not italian and second of all Columbus was Genoan not italian becasue there was no italy as country back in that time.

  6. Wrong! the vigilantes are doing the right thing since the police seems intimidated by punks that are trying to destroy property. Since there seems to be bias or fear to arrest this punks the citizens have to protect what the police is not enforcing. If there is a punk he should go to jail immediately.

  7. Why wasn't the punk who push the senior citizen that tried to protect the Colombus statue put in jail? I wish the police should not have protected the punk and instead take him to jail. NO justice in this case.

  8. another Soros funded DA Krasner …All Americans who love this country we the people are currently having to take this country back!!!! No one else will period . Speak up !!!ALWAYS!!! TAKE ACTION oFTEN PRINICPLED PRAYFUL PROTECTIVE ACTION FOR THIS GREAT COUNTRY AND ITS CITIZENS!!!!!!

  9. John vasco. Wow….just wow. “Youre doing what columbus did. Come into our neighborhood and destroy our heritage”. So he understands what columbus did was bad yet hes standing guard protecting a pile of chiseled rock…of columbus. Then calls the “vandals” hypocrites. Projection 101 folks

  10. Italians here should stand for what it's right. Christopher Columbus was a murderer. Native Americans are standing for the right cause here. Their land was stolen and their ancestors were brutally killed. Replace Christopher Columbus' statue with Philip Mazzei's statue. It gives more decor to the Italian American cause.

  11. Good job! Good F@$king job Italian, by taking matter in your own hands and putting your foot down on this bullshit. America, let’s learn from these great Americans, and stand up now!

  12. violence begets violence. I being a taxpaying citizen give police full authority to start beating rioters, looters, arsons, and vandals. Arrest them, jail them, convict them and sentence them.

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