Taylor Swift Says President Trump Is ‘Stoking The Fires Of White Supremacy’ With Shooting Looters Tw


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Reading native and singer Taylor Swift is blasting President Donald Trump for a tweet where he threatened to shut down looters in Minnesota with “shooting.” Katie Johnston reports.

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40 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Says President Trump Is ‘Stoking The Fires Of White Supremacy’ With Shooting Looters Tw

  1. Taylor Swift must be watching CNN and MSNBC, who constantly take Trump’s statements out of context and repeat statements form fascist on the left who call anyone who disagrees with them racist. Trump has condemned racism on numerous occasion but the leftist media/Washington power broker propagandist do everything they can to bring Trump down. Lying is their biggest tool. Someone needs to show Taylor the truth. Even the BBC has a video of Trump condemning racism posted on you tube. It is not hard to find the truth if you look for it. Why are these entertainers and actors so out of touch with the real world? Perhaps, she thinks that the people who buy her music want to hear this and she will say whatever is need to sell her recordings?

  2. Trump is threatening violence? Why doesnt she point out the rioters actually commiting violence? She is siding with the looters.

  3. Taylor swift your out of my life! Just cause you have no small businesses why dont you put your money where your mouth is and help the poor you fake hypocrite, mainstream media follower

  4. There it is; Taylor Swift, another white elite type spouting of on what she knows little about, many have lost their business because of the Antifa Thugs, burning and looting, all in the name, George Floyd Protest! These are not protest's that is going on, these are riots, with the goal of burning, theft, and destroying everything in their path. I like many others, do not condone what those cops did, and they will get what's to them. As for you Katie Johnson! Why don't you try doing some real reporting instead of drinking from the trough of the Orange Man Bad, Hollywood Elite.

  5. The irony, a Poster Child of White Privilege and corporate media sell out of her Democratically elected President now sides with the radical flag burners and lawless riotors destroying entire suburbs. Kanya was right? maybe she didn't deserve that award? but she took it anyway, the public supported her THEN!
    I know my children won't be buying another shifty swift album again. For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction! She can't sing or entertain anyway. Filled with the poison and opiates of the Hollywood elite, I'm surprised that she can speak coherently at all.

  6. Not a Trump fan but have never seen any evidence of him being a racist. Just being loud, obnoxious, and politically incorrect doesn't make you a racist.

  7. Her music in the dumps singing about old boyfriends and coming out gay. Who cares swift optinion. Im sick of you MK Ultra programing music. I`ve been red pilled.

  8. Uhhh Taylor Swift you need to keep your comments to your click, HOLLYWEIRD AND THE REST OF YOUR CLOWNS IN THE DEMONIC MUSIC INDUSTRY! AND NOPE NOT TODAY, MY PRESIDENT WILL BE BACK NOVEMBER!!!TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA…. go crawl under your expensive ROCK NOW!! Cuz WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! ….#MAGA #TRUMP#USA!!! Oh by the way! Jesus Christ loves you, though you worship Satan!!!….🙏🏼😇

  9. You elected a racist dumb dangerous so called celebrity to be your President yet Taylor Swift cannot voice her opinion!Dear celebrities please please keep at it & help the world get rid of this demonic being before it's to late..

  10. You're out of line, Taylor Swift. Not because you're expressing your opinion, but because you're attempting to influence your fans on political matters. WHEN are celebrities going to understand that they DO NOT represent the average American citizen? YOU are not our mouthpiece. The days of celebrity worship in this country are coming to an end. We don't need YOU to calibrate our moral compass. It's egregiously wrong for celebrities to manipulate their fanbase this way. Sit down, Taylor. You are not qualified to advise your fans on this issue. You DO NOT REPRESENT THE AVERAGE AMERICAN. Stop trying to be relevant in this context: you are NOT.

  11. Yes!! All "morall" and "decent" American people (true Republicans, Democrats, Independents) unite and VOTE Trump out in November! Let's do this and show Trump he has no power over us anymore; we no longer believe in his lies and promises anymore! Our lives are getting worse and the only people winning are his rich friends on Wallstreet. That's it! We the people of the United States of America will not accept his behavior any longer! Enough is enough!!

  12. Corporate Establishment Mainstream Media (CEMM) would rather cover themselves & a wealthy white woman trying to sell music than interview a single witness to the murder, a protester or an up & coming community organizer who’s ready to lead. Media is using specialized tactics in manufacturing consent to control the narrative.

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