Story time with Sheriff Judd | be armed – don’t break into people’s homes.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is discussing a fatal shooting on Ellie Rd in unincorporated Auburndale. The homeowner shot a man who was breaking into her house, and he is deceased. The investigation is ongoing. (August 22, 2020)

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34 thoughts on “Story time with Sheriff Judd | be armed – don’t break into people’s homes.

  1. Here let me educate some people on this garbage pos Sheriff: He is a high ranking Satanic Freemason just like 100% of all Sheriff's are. They have to be in order to be elected as Sheriff. All Sheriff voting is rigged by the deep state. It's a secret society that fully owns the fraternal order of police. This is why they are not transparent and wear pentagrams on their chest. Since the very beginning of time the 5 & 6 pointed star has been used to conjure spirits and spiritual forces in diverse forms of occult magic. All mainstream media news is fake, truth mixed with lies or propaganda. If you believe one single word that comes out of his mouth you are a dumb-down fool.

  2. So in a county where their Sheriff encourages gun ownership and for everyone to have loaded guns in their homes a drunken domestic among acquaintances (that would be dealt with by a police call out in most other countries) ends in a fatality by gunshot. And the moron of a sheriff evidently thinks this a good outcome? lol only in America.

  3. Then what are the police good for then? Why didn’t she call the police initially. It’s hard to call it a B&E when she knew the guy. Could this man sound any less sad that alcohol and a domestic dispute resulted in an avoidable death. Not the best example of police work in my opinion.

  4. I'm confused in the beginning of the video he said that the house belonged to the guy who got shot and not the woman so I don't see how it would be illegal to break into your own house

  5. What did that idiot ask was they asleep? If someone was out side your window screaming open the door would you be asleep? I love stupid people that ask stupid questions lmao lol lol

  6. It was basically a suicide at someone's else's hand. The world is a better place because of it. I hope he likes it hot because I believe he is now in hell.

  7. This is more like a public service announcement. This may help people to understand that you don’t have to bring a gun to break and enter to get shot; this may help them.

  8. This is a lot better than sheriffs telling people they’re not allowed to defend themselves. Don’t know much about the guy at least he sounds good on this front.

  9. . Sounds like the jury (who will never hear anything but what the Attorneys bring up) won't be tainted in any way…will come up with a decision. DUMBASH Sheriff!

  10. Why is he narrating a story he admits he's not sure about? What's the hurry to be so specific? Don't police typically refrain from doing that? I wonder what his angle is.

  11. Grady made sure all his deputies come here and say he is an upstanding guy. What a bunch of bootlicking sycophants.

  12. "You can't break into people's homes. You can't take a tire iron and do a forceable felony." What if it's cops breaking in? Huh? What's that? We either get shot or arrested for felony assault on a police officer if we defend ourselves? Oh, I see. You can do what you want and then say oops and not be held accountable. All righty then.

  13. Many states have long invoked “the castle doctrine,” allowing people to use deadly force to defend themselves in their own homes. Florida changed that in 2005, so that even outside a home, a person has no duty to retreat and can “stand his or her ground” anywhere they are legally allowed to be.
    Justified Homicide the home owner protected her self and property . The US Supreme Court has ruled police have no Constitutional Duty to protect a person from HARM . Without the 2nd Amendment, We would lose the rest of our Constitutional Rights. Learn how to properly carry and use a Firearm.
    Always carry to protect yourself , family and property. In most States with Castle Doctrine is extended to you Vehicle's.

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