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It’s the end of WW2 in Europe. But how to get on with victims and perpetrators?

On April 16, 1945, a few days after the liberation of the concentration camp “Buchenwald” by US soldiers, people from nearby Weimar visited the concentration camp after WW2. The German population has to take responsibility, after WW2. It’s one of the biggest crimes ever committed: A mass murder of six million Jews. But it’s like a national hymn: everybody says that they didn’t know about it.

1945 is the year of Germany’s total defeat in WW2. Not only the fact that the Germans lost WWII, but also the moral defeat is perhaps the greatest defeat. In the spring of 1945, after WW2, the Allies face a difficult task. What should be done with the Germans?

In WW2, 65 million have died. Who should be punished now? Watch the full documentary.

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  1. Little Jew Bitches ! rang out in the 60s in a mall at me, a Catholic and my contemporaries from my predominantly Jewish suburb. I was staggered. Later thinking it was a phrase, were it a nation.

  2. The british empire is the most evil empire the world has ever produced, taking numbers and scope of genocide and human atrocities into account. There are only 5 nations on the planet that the british have never invaded. Now don't pretend you don't know! Take responsibility for your crimes against humanity, england!

  3. What’s with all the blurs? Why bother even posting this? Ridiculous. What are we? Too immature to face the truth? I cannot upvote due to this. 😔

  4. Anna, the historian, made it a point to say nobody deserves to be shot. I beg to differ. Some crimes deserve immediate justice. I think it’s the wrong approach to judge history by non war standards.

  5. Israel is a democracy for Jews but its not a Democracy for those millions of Muslims and Christians living under their military occupation. Its not a Democracy if you're an Arab Israeli because if you belong to, support or want to vote for a political party which challenges the essence of the state, you're not allowed to & the Israeli Arab political leaders are scattered around the globe now in exile which is a testament to that. There's also nothing very Democratic about being the biggest international law breaker in the world. Israel is in defiance of more United Natiins Security Council resolutions than all the other countries in the entire world put together. Nuclear weapons, occupying other peoples countries, refusing to leave them, building illegal settlements in occupied territory, transferring population in occupied territory. Its in the HUNDREDS of international laws which Israel has been convicted of breaking. The conviction was prevented by the veto of the United States in the Security Council. So nothing very Democratic about that. That's not to say there's no Democracy in Israel, there is, I'm not Denying there is more freedom for Jews in Israel than there is for Muslims in most of the surrounding Arab countries. Israel supported dictatorships of Jordan & Egypt until the last moment that's why the Israeli embassy was the first to be sacked after the victory of the Egyptian revolution because the Israeli security services in Egypt were very close to and advising the dictatorship of Mubarak. Supporting a dictatorship only brings about stability for a time & when the dictator falls, the instability that will follow will be much greater than if you'd left the people to decide their own future. Israel doesn't wish Dictatorship to come to an end except in Syria where the weapons passing the border are being sent via a nexus in which the US & Israel are vital & involved with their allies Saudi Arabia & Qatar, which is the most vile of all dictatorships in the Muslim world, so I'm in favour of the Arab revolution of palestine against the Zionists.

  6. Great vid. I don't think I'm alone when I state this – I've seen many vids that "show" what happened exactly the way it was with NO Blurring out.
    Lately though, I notice the "blur out" seems to be part of YT making sure sure we DON'T SEE actual events. I don't like being treated like a child. Why not show it the way it is! Friggin annoying!

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