13 thoughts on “Slugfest At Democratic Presidential Debate In Las Vegas

  1. If these Dangerous Anti-America Left Wing Maniacs get Power in 2020 or Beyond…These Lunatics Will Enact California and New York Policies on All Of America…among all of these cities it would be rare to find one or more led by republican officials. what excuses do the democrats offer for these consistent failures? they control the school systems, law enforcement, city government, public services and local tax rates. the only thing they don’t control is the weather. at what point do the citizens of these cities realize that continuing to elect liberal democrats will lead to more failures? electing democrats proves einstein’s theory that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. poverty, crime, lawlessness, homelessness, rats, diseases, garbage, & human feces, is it just a coincidence that many of the greatest cities in america became poverty-infested hellholes once the democrats took charge of things?  detroit, baltimore, chicago, nyc, st. louis, san francisco, philadelphia, los angeles, oakland and memphis ect…. were all once great cities.  but after an extended period of control by the democratic party each one of them has become a festering crisis that never seems to end. if we could just convince liberal democrats and the rino republicans to self-deport. i suspect that our crime rates, poverty, homelessness, rats, diseases, garbage, & human feces would significantly decrease in an evening or two…. one can only dream.

  2. I don't see Trump losing to these people. As much as I'd like to see a good, intelligent person in the White House. The establishment already killed Andrew Yang's campaign.

  3. Yep, they all dunked on Bloomberg, I love it. He's the worst, the only candidate I couldn't vote for even against Trump, thank god he has no chance to win the nomination, our democracy might survive yet.

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