Sleeping Cop Video 2 State Police refuse to Investigate Troop C Keene NH Call and complain


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24 thoughts on “Sleeping Cop Video 2 State Police refuse to Investigate Troop C Keene NH Call and complain

  1. Ok Mr Attorney read NH RSA 106 B12 and then make your knowledge of the law. Traffic laws are covered under 106 B15, then u [erhaps wont make your stupid ass comments.

  2. Cop Chasers JP did you follow through and speak with his superiors or pursue this any further? was there any accountability at all?
    I am guessing not because 2 weeks later in your vid he assaulted an 8-year-old. this guy should not be a cop!

    How can a State Police dispatcher say they have no jurisdiction in a city within the State? mind-boggling.
    really curious to know the status of this guys employment?

    btw it's good to see you back out making vids I'm just catching up on some I apparently missed.

  3. You s sound absolutely sure that the cop was drunk. You did not give him a field sobriety test. You did not take urine samples, or blood samples. You did not state in the video you smelled alcohol, or visually saw any type of open container, or paraphernalia in the car. I did not hear slurred speech as you suggested. Yet, you seem one hundred percent positive that he was intoxicated? I bet if the police took the same exact steps that you took, you would call foul. Sleeping on the job was absolutely wrong. But that does not mean that he was intoxicated. You claim that you know more about the law then the law enforcement officers? The department has polices and procedures. They don't just void polices and procedures and do what you ask, and what you deem to be the right steps to take.

  4. i came across one at a gas stasion late at night im yelling at him cusing him out so on just acting a fool around his car never once move or even open his eyes ether he wad passed out from drugs or licor but in a dead sleep i even had ether people cheching him out

  5. Yes , there was an administrative hearing with the comic dion of training and standards . JP was in fact right . When an officer is allegedly doing a criminal act the State police do have jurisdiction , and Dean was put on unpaid leave . He was also involved in an assault on a 8 yr old boy jp has the last part of that look on the channel I think irs called Police assaults boy ..

  6. Total bull they have jurisdiction in the entire state! Plus I've seen a recent video where a cop was drunk hit someone and they were pissed bc she had already called and told someone what happened and he was so drunk he had vomited on his shirt and everything, that guy sounded drunk and if not drunk he was under the influence of a narcotic or something, why else would you run off bc falling asleep can be understandable in many everyday life situations for example new fathers and maybe he's been having a lot of stress.

  7. P Burns… FYI….. TITLE VII
    THE STATE POLICESection 106-B:15    106-B:15 Jurisdiction of Police Employees. –
        I. Police employees have primary jurisdiction on all turnpikes, toll roads, limited access highways, and interstate highways and nothing in this section shall be construed to limit the authority of local police officers.
        II. A police employee shall not act within the limits of a town having a population of more than 3,000 or of any city, except when he or she is enforcing the motor vehicle laws or the regulations relative to the transportation of hazardous materials, witnesses a crime, is in pursuit of a law violator or suspected violator, is in search of a person wanted for a crime committed outside its limits, is in search of a witness of such crime, is faced with public safety exigent circumstances, or when acting as an agent of the director of motor vehicles enforcing rules pertaining to driver licenses, registrations and the inspection of motor vehicles, or when requested to act by an official of another law enforcement agency, or when ordered by the governor.  Notwithstanding paragraph I, nothing in this section shall be construed to limit the primary jurisdiction of the local police agency in a town having a population of more than 3,000 or any city. Source.  1937, 134:16.  RL 145:15.  RSA 106:16.  1961, 166:4.  1963, 123:1.  1979, 344:9, eff. Aug. 21, 1979.  2017, 199:3, eff. Sept. 3, 2017.

  8. wow of course you have to go through Winchester. of course. good thing you didn't go there right away. they would have tried to confiscate your tapes. but buddy try to be a little less abrasive to these fucks cause once you get like that (I'm pretty sure I know the law better than you, etc.), they shut down on you and are dick heads. we all know you know more than any of the fucks.

  9. Shocking amazing the lack of concern once they learned he took off, Took about 10 mins before the cover up and spin began,,,, Send this to local and National news one may have a set and investigate.

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